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best buy

  • Question:-Best Buy???
    Okay guys, so here's the situation I'm in. I'm a sophomore in college and a political science major, I recently got a job at City Hall that pays extremely well and gives me experience in my field of study. But the problem is I'm currently working for Best Buy, and even though they have their issues I still love it and the people I work with and don't wish to leave, part of the reason why I respect Best Buy is because they get involved in their community by volunteering to do things every so often. Not wishing to show off, but I am extremely good at getting MasterCard's and PRP's. So what I was thinking of doing is asking my general manager if they could stop putting me on the weekly schedule and only schedule me for the Sunday meetings in which I will be more than happy to run arons (basically being there *****) for example: bringing doughnuts, and training people to help get MasterCard's and PRPs etc. in exchange I would want to be in charge of the volunteer community events group at Best Buy. And keeping the discount if they wish, but not a big priority. PS. Also community events would help make my political resume look better. That's why I'm eager to stay. So I guess my question is, will he go for it? Or tell me to go screw off! LOL

    Answer:-The only way you'll ever know is to ask! My only suggestion is that you look at it from Best Buy's vantage point: how will it benefit Best Buy? Try coming up with a pitch from that angle.

    Good luck! I hope it works out for you. :-)
  • Question:-best buy...............?
    i got a 60 dollor gift card to best buy
    what should i buy

    Answer:-what ever you fancy. go to the store (or website) and browse till you find $60 worth of stuff you want.
  • Question:-Best buy????
    Got a 100 dollar gift card to best buy what should I spend it on?

    Answer:-External back up hard drive!
    I want one, haven't got around to it yet....
  • Question:-How much would Best Buy charge to install a car stereo I purchased online from them?
    I recently purchased a Sony CD Stereo from Best Buy online. I also purchased the dash mount kit and wiring harness from Amazon. If I took that all in to my local Best Buy, how much would they charge me for the install? Would they still honor the free install they normally offer with stereo purchase and use the items I bought from Amazon to cover the extra costs usually needed?

    Answer:-if they offered a free install like you say they will do the job and the more parts you bring the less money you will have to pay for parts for the install,did they offer this when you bought the head unit if so bring proof of purchase from the site you bought it from, there sight..and you are going to need an Adaptor plug in that matches the car your driving.go to wall mart and tell them the type of ride you have yr make and model and they will sell you the right one .its about10 bucks this attaches to your new head unit and plugs into your stock radio harness 2 plugs one for speakers and the other for power. the wiring diagram comes with it so you can't go wrong.
  • Question:-Can best buy look up my old purchases from my credit card?
    My mom stole my computer when i was 16 when i moved out. My grandparents bought it for me at Best Buy in 2007 with there credit card. I am planning on suing her for my computer cost when im 18 in a few months. If i call/ go to best buy can they look up the past purchase of the computer because my grandparents did use there credit card to buy it?? I would think they would have it on file they do allot of business there.

    Answer:-Unfortunately when you live with your mom and you are under age, she owns everything that is yours, even if it was given to you as a gift, and even if you move out. You don't have a lawsuit.

    Best Buy may have it on file, but the only way they would have to produce it to your grandparents is if they get a court order from a judge asking for it. A judge isn't going to request this. It is your responsibility as well as your grandparent's to have record of purchases.
  • Question:-Will my best buy warranty work on a different camera?
    I bought a camera (TL220) for $300 bucks at best buy. I bought the replacement warranty.

    My purse was stolen and my camera was inside of it. Someone is selling a broken TL200, exact color and model as my camera, on eBay for $60. If I buy this camera and take it to best buy, will they know the difference?

    Answer:-Yes, they will. It will have a different serial number.

    Check with your warranty .. it may also cover lost and stolen cameras too.

    What you are proposing in front of thousands of people is called fraud. You may want to think about these things before you ask similar questions in the future.

    PS. How on earth is ANY broken camera worth $60? .. more like $5 or nothing.
  • Question:-How does best buy accidental damage warranty work with computers?
    I bought my macbook through best buy. It broke a few days ago, but it is covered under my accidental damage warranty. Will they give me the amount of money i paid for my computer in store credits? Or will they just give me a macbook that was similar to my last one?

    Answer:-They will try to repair the one you have!
  • Question:-How long does it take Best Buy to take money out of my account if I used a debit card?
    I bought a camera at Best Buy in the middle of march. It is now April 5th and the money has not been taken out of my account and my statement didn't show any activity from best buy. Does it usually take this long?

    Answer:-you can find it in tools on this website
  • Question:-What is the best store to buy electronics?
    I'm looking for a good Sony flat panel tv. I want quality over price but yet want the price to be fair (I'm not worrying about budget right now, I'll worry about that later lol)

    Which is the best electronics store to buy tv's and any other types of electronics? (ie: best buy, circuit city, sears, etc) and WHY?

    Answer:-First you should go to a store like Best Buy, Circuit City, or even Costco to see what TV you like best for the prices they're offering. Watch the TVs (they should all have the same programming on) and see which picture you like best. Ask the sales people questions about the different specs you see listed (resolution, progressive or interlaced scanning, 60 or 120-Hz video refresh rate, contrast ratio, etc.) and ask why some models are more expensive than others. That way you'll know why the TVs are priced the way they are and which features are important to you (would you want to spend an extra $300 on a TV because it has a feature that you wouldn't use or don't notice in the picture?). Write down the model numbers of the ones you like.

    Then check prices on the internet. I recommend buying on-line, because not only can you sometimes get a better price, but you might avoid sales tax and shipping.

    You can use whatever shopping bot you want to search on the item and see which on-line stores offer the item at what price. But, when you see the prices and the stores offering them for a certain model, go to and enter the name of the store in the upper right corner of the page to get a list of consumer ratings for that store. This site only has ratings from actual customers. They don't let stores enter their own bogus positive ratings (if you try to rate a company, they require an invoice number and contact info for the store, so they can verify that you're actually a customer).

    If the store doesn't come up as part of the search, it hasn't been rated yet and may not be worth the risk of going through them. But, if the searched store does come up, you'll get a bunch of customer reviews - positive and negative - that will help you decide if you should take the risk with this on-line store.

    I bought a 42" Sony LCD HDTV a couple years ago and the lowest price at the time was about $1650. When I looked up the store selling it at that price, most of the reviews told about how they pressure you to get the $300 - $500 extended warranty. And, when you don't get that, they charge your credit card, but tell you that your item is on backorder. Most people said they just cancelled the order after 3 months or whatever, because of being in backorder limbo for months.

    I did find a store selling the TV for $1850. It was at, which is a very reputable on-line store. They charged me California sales tax, because the TV was coming from a warehouse in Los Angeles. But, shipping was free. And, the TV arrived safe and sound within 2 days.
  • Question:-What's the difference between buying a phone at Best Buy or AT&T?
    I want to buy the new BlackBerry Torch and AT&T is selling it for $99 and Best Buy is selling it for $49. Of course I'd rather get the one from Best Buy, but what's the difference between buying it from Best Buy or AT&T? Any disadvantages from buying at Best Buy (phone insurance)?

    Answer:-Pros buying from best buy-Cheaper
    Cons- You are signing a contract not only with att but best buy which limits you to the changes that can be made to your accoutn such as plan minutes. Att wont let you change them if your contract at best said you cant. say if you relize you dont need unlimited min and want to go to say 500 min a month and its cheaper. you may not be able to.

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