Sunday, November 27, 2011


  • Question:-Costco.................?
    Do you get a discount if your a business member of Costco?

    Answer:-No more discount than if you are a regular member.
  • Question:-costco ...............................................?
    bought a tv a year and a half ago and now it has dead pixels....whats the return policy on stuff like this? would they give store credit or an exchange for equal price?

    Answer:-Costco has a 90 day refund or exchange policy for their electronics. I think you can only get store credit if you return it.
  • Question:-How to save Costco cd picture to my computer?
    I got some pictures from my camera done at Costco and put on a cd. Well I uploaded them to my comp but Costco has their own Costco picture center and I cannot figure out how to save it to my own My Pictures files to upload later. Anyone know how I can do this? Thanks in advance.

    Answer:-When the Costco cd opens on the computer, click it closed.

    Then, open "my computer" and "explore" the cd. You should be able to find the images as jpg files. Just copy them to any folder you have or create on your computer.
  • Question:-What kind of otis spunkemeyer cookies does costco carry?
    Last year I had the red white and blue kind of cookies from otis spunkemeyer and I want to buy them...I hear that costco sales them but I don't know what kinds that they sale...I want to know does costco sale the red white and blue or strawberry shortcake flavored cookies and if they don't then where can I buy them?

    Answer:-I've never seen 'em at Costco. However, there are regional buyers for Costco's regions.

  • Question:-How does COSTCO work and should I start shopping there?
    Some of my coworkers swear by COSTCO, and what great deals they get, etc.
    I live with my husband in a two bedroom apartment with two cats... should we be shopping at COSTCO? Or is that more for families with kids they need to buy things for, etc?
    And how does it work?

    Answer:-Costco is a warehouse store that sells products in bulk.

    You get products and services cheap there for 2 reasons:

    1.) you buy in bulk

    2.) you pay a membership fee

    Being just for you and your husband, it may or may not be beneficial for you to join depending on how much you guys consume. It may turn out that you just break even by shopping there.

    Go there with a friend or coworker one day to get a better picture of how much you'll save, if anything at all.
  • Question:-How is it possible to shop at Costco instead of Walmart if there is no Costco in your town?
    I've seen people here say that if someone doesn't like the way Walmart does business, he should shop at Costco. I would love to shop at Costco, but there isn't one in my town. Instead, I usually shop at Target or Kroger. I really want to see what Costco has to offer, though, and I want to see Walmart have more competition in my city, so what can be done?

    Answer:-Go online to and order through the Internet!
  • Question:-How do you redeem the costco vouchers for the king tut exhibit at the de young museum?
    Have been to the website for the exhibit and and have seen no directions on how/where to redeem the costco vouchers for this exhibit! I followed the instructions on the voucher which has a redemption code on it so how do I redeem it?

    Answer:-For goodness' sake, just contact them and ask!

    Click on "contact." Try calling or emailing.
  • Question:-How long does Costco keep computers on shelves for purchase?
    Back in August 2008 Costco had this really great $1500 dollar computer out for purchase. I was wondering if anyone knew how long Costco generally keeps a computer on the shelf, for purchase.

    Answer:-Costco usually keeps computers in stock until

    (1) they are sold

    (2) an updated model becomes available

    Also, a lot of times you will not see the same product come back in because Costco is constantly getting updated products.
  • Question:-Has anyone ate the RotisserieChicken from Costco? How do i cook a similar chicken?
    Has anyone ate the RotisserieChicken from Costco? How do i cook a similar chicken?

    Answer:-I have one of those expensive, but useful, steamer/microwave dishes from Tupperware. It is the one that stacks so you can cook a complete meal in on microwave session.

    Anyway, if you get a chicken and season it to your liking and place it on the steamer rack and add the dripping bowl under and the lid on top you can cook a whole chicken (15 minutes a pound) and it turns out juicy and just as tasty as the one you pay much more for already cooked.

    It is a good investment. I use it often.
  • Question:-Does costco deliver their beds and set it up for me?
    I'm ordering a queen mattress with costco online but was wondering how is their delivery system. I've heard they'll deliver it and put it on your front door but would not set it up and remove the old mattress for this true?

    Thanks in advance.
    So they'll take my old mattress and set up the new one if I tip them? How much should I tip each person? Thanks!


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