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  • Question:-kohls????????????????????
    me and my bff liz are 14 but will be turning 15 soon we wanted to know 1st what stores we could work at and 2nd if we could work at kohls or maurices plz help many thanks
    i have a working permit already
    i already have the okay from the rents

    what about small botiques

    Answer:-Kohl's doesn't hire anyone under 17. I worked there for two years and I couldn't start until after my 17th birthday.
    Your best bet is at a restaurant being a hostess or a fast food place.
    Retailers are looking for people a little older than you guys.
    I hope that helped! Good luck getting jobs =)
  • Question:-Kohls! (; .....?!?
    Kohl's sells foundation, blush, and eyeshadow right??
    Lol i totally forgot..HELP!

    please&thank you<3

    Answer:-Yes, Kohl's sells cosmetic products.
  • Question:-How do you receive Kohls cash without buying anything or signing up for anything?
    My sister keeps receiving the Kohls cash in the mail and she hasn't signed up for anything. Does anyone know how this is done? I would love to be able to receive these seeing Kohls is my favorite clothing store and I have never any extra money to spend.

    Answer:-Those $10 Gifts are sent to selected bankcard holders and those who have applied for a Kohl's Charge.
  • Question:-How would I find what brand of picture frames Kohls would have carried around Dec '06?
    I found these glass frames lined in a matte stainless steel trim near Christmas time of 2006 at Kohls. I did not buy them at the time and now can not find anything like them! I've tried to search the brands of frames currently at Kohls, but still no luck. I"m wondering if its a brand they no longer carry?

    Answer:-Go to the store and ask to speak with the buyer for that department. If the buyer is not available, ask for the department manager. Smile a lot and explain your problem. :-)

    One possibility (maybe even the most likely one, unfortunately) is that Kohl's carries the same brand as they did in 2006, but the manufacturer no longer makes the same model frame. If that happens, you are probably out of luck. But it doesn't hurt to ask, and the buyer would know for sure.

    Good luck!!
  • Question:-Do all Kohls swimsuits get really big when you swim in them?
    I've bought around 3 bikini's from Kohls. They are different styles and different brands. I make them super tight, like difficult to breathe tight. But when I go swimming in them (pretty hardcore goofing off) they get huge! LIke the tops which normally stick to my skin, become saggy and almost show my breasts.

    All are of their suits like this? Should I look somewhere else?

    Answer:-if that keeps happening i would definately look somewhere else.

    to be honest, i have a few bathing suits from walmart and they are so cute and cheap and they fit great and dont get big. :]
  • Question:-What are the different jobs available at Kohls?
    I applied at Kohls and got an interview and was told I would start out as a (forgot name of the position, but I would be working evenings putting up sale signs and changing the prices to fit the sales) while I am still in school, then get trained into a department after graduation. I tried looking up the different positions but their website was extremely unhelpful for specifics. Could someone please give me some different job positions there? Thanks!

    Answer:-Let's see, from what your describing

    Ad Set Associate: Normally works evenings/overnight. Entails changing hundreds to a couple thousand sale signs and toppers for a sale. Sales change a couple times a week.

    Department Associate: Responsible for keeping department stocked, clean, folded, and getting returns from Customer Service. Also responds to additional cashier calls when appropriate.

    Department Supervisor Associate: All of above + responsible for doing set up within department and making price changes and other things I cannot remember.

    POS: cashier, responsible for checking out customers accurately and timely. Deals with various tenders. sometimes also titled as credit greeter or line monitor, but only around holiday season.

    POS Supervisor: in charge of making sure all registers run smoothly and all have change. Calls for additional cashiers when lines get too long. Sometimes is backup for Customer Service.

    Customer Service Associate: Responsible for returns and answering main phone lines. Also deals with media from POS.

    Overnight Associate: Gets locked in from closing till early morning. Involves moving merchandise from stockroom/dock to floor, unpacking, and stocking fixtures/tables with stock.

    Truck Unload: Works early mornings, unload trucks from distribution centers.

    Replenishment: works early mornings, flows stock to floor when needed.
  • Question:-How long does a background check at Kohls take to come back ?
    I had an interview at Kohls today, it went well although I was super nervous. It started off a group interview with 13 people and 6 got hired I was one of them. I also did a background check , its clean I know but i don't have work history , and I lied about some will that effect my chances of getting the job ?:(
    Call back sorry !

    Answer:-Hi, I have a "group interview" at Kohls in a couple days, I am superrrr nervous! What kinds of questions did they ask? Was it laid back? If you could let me know what it was like that would be great, thanks
  • Question:-I had an interview with kohls and they havent contacted me in 2 weeks?
    I had a group interview and I signed all the background check paper work and I haven't heard from them in 2 weeks. I called on saturday and they said they are still waiting on my background check. I called again today and they said the same thing. Should I just move on or wait for kohls? Anyone experience this same issue?

    Answer:-Keep calling.. I am not sure how long a background check takes to process, but appearing interested for the job is important when applying. Call about two times a week, perhaps Monday and Friday. Also ask the manager how long this process usually takes ("I'm really eager to start, how long might this take on average?"). Then, depending on his/her answer, wait another week or two, and if things haven't changed, being looking for another job. If you hear back from a different job and know you can start there before Kohl's can finish a background check, go for the other job.

    Good luck!
  • Question:-What is the male dress code for employees at Kohls?
    I recently got hired at a Kohls, and i have orientation tomorrow. I don't remember exactly what they told me during the interview the dress code was, and I dont want to make a bad first impression on my first day. Does any one know what the dresscode is for male employees at Kohls? I'm working as a part-time sales associate.

    Answer:-slacks or khakis, and some sort of polo or button shirt.
    no sneakers, dressy casual shoes.

    in my store, part timers rarely wear ties.
  • Question:-What is the best electric razor kohls has to offer?
    I have always wanted to try an electric razor, but don't want to get a crappy one. Can anyone suggest a good one from kohls. Thanks

    Answer:-I can only tell you the best ones of Braun
    Their new series 3
    Great shaving;very clean and smooth
    Plus:you get a :"not good"your money back guarantee

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