Sunday, November 27, 2011

coach outlet

  • Question:-Coach outlet?
    I was wondering about the prices at coach outlets.How much of a a difference is there between outlet prices and normal prices? For wristlets? For small purses? Big purses? do they sell shoes there?scarves?

    Any information will help.

    Thank you.

    (and if you are wondering, yes i have asked this question before)
    What is the cheapest thing you can get there and for how much?

    Answer:-There is a bit of a difference in the price. you can find all those items there even clothing. I bought a small purse for $99. I dont think i would have been able to get that price any where else. they carring sun glasses scarves jackets brief cases and everything. Good Luck girl! :)
  • Question:-How much are Coach purses at an Outlet mall?
    Theres a Coach outlet near where I live, but how much of a discount do you get at these stores? Is there really some little detail wrong with them that makes them cheaper? How much do they generally start at at an Outlet?

    Answer:-I love the coach outlet stores. There is also one near my house. The bags will range from $40-350. They are authentic bags if you buy them from the Coach outlet store. They cost less because companies often make too many bags every season and they need to get rid of their overstock. They don't want to keep out of season bags at their regular stores next to the brand new designs. As long as you shop at the companies store, authenticity should be guaranteed. Hope that clears it up for you!
  • Question:-Does anyone know if the Coach outlet stores carry shoes or other items besides purses ?
    I'm planning to go on vacation this summer and I know there is an outlet center there with a Coach store ,but I can't remember if most of the stores carry the shoes and other accesories . If anyone is aware I'd love to know . Thanks ! :)

    Answer:-it all depends on the outlet some carry the entire coach line others just the bags-get the phone #from 411 and call ahead to find out if the one you're going to does-happy vacationing!
  • Question:-How Much Are Coach Purses at an Outlet?
    I am going to a outlet mall with a Coach outlet soon. I wonder how much to bring to the outlet for a purse. So how much are they usually?

    Answer:-i just got a new coach bag. mine was $358.75, and it was about the same as the others, so about 350 dollars
  • Question:-If you work at a full price Coach store in a mall can you still recieve the 50% off discount at a Coach Outlet?
    I work at a full price Coach store. I want to know if I can go to one of their Factory Outlets and I can still get my employee discount? I know they even have more sales at the outlets, can I get 50% off that too? Also, does anyone know if the sale prices online at the outlet site is the same as in store? Sorry alot of questions I know! Thanks!

    Answer:-No you cannot, the outlet is not in conjunction with the store. You can get discounts at all Coach stores but not Coach Outlets because you don't work at an outlet.
    Atleast where I'm from you can't.
  • Question:-How early do I need to be at a coach outlet on black friday?
    I'm driving 5 hours to Cabazon. I noticed the outlet is having midnight madness. First, I didn't see the Coach was participating in that. But, in all, because of the line, how early should we get there??? Thx!

  • Question:-Can you get Coach handbags for cheaper at outlet stores?
    I was just wondering if you can get a Coach handbag cheaper at one of those outlet malls? Like at a Coach outlet.

    Answer:-At Coach outlets the purses are about 150.00 and they always give every customer a 30% off coupon or as much as 50% off(:
  • Question:-Why are the purses cheaper at a Coach outlet?
    I got a new bag from a Coach Outlet and it was originally $320 or so. I got it for somewhere around $150 + tax. Not bad...

    But i'm wondering why the purses at a Coach Factory outlet are cheaper than in regular Coach stores. Is it because they're out of season or older? Are they still REAL and not fake?

    Answer:-Yes, they are authentic, otherwise it would be illegal. Coach Factory outlets always sell authentic items. They are cheaper because they are from last season and the stores need to clear out inventory to make room for new season items so they send them to the outlet. They also send them to the oultet if there is something wrong with it like wrong sticthing or tagging but its usually not noticeable.
  • Question:-Can you return a purse bought at a Coach Outlet at a regular Coach store?
    I got something from a coach outlet for christmas that i didn't like and I wasn't sure if i was even able to return it because it came from the coach outlet and i don't live close to one.

    Answer:-Yes you can. My sister works at Coach and I know this as a fact!
  • Question:-Has anyone used a Coach gift certificate at the Coach Outlet?
    I have a Coach Credit for a damaged bag that Coach could not repair. Does anyone know if the credit can be used at a Coach Outlet store also?

    Answer:-i dont think u can i tried the same thing but at an old navy outlet

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