Friday, November 25, 2011

old navy

  • Question:-Old navy!!!?
    Hey, so my friend in California has a job at Old Navy with the pay of $8.00 an hour and i live in Utah!
    I was wondering if the pay would be the same here as there, because thats fantastic pay!!!!

    Answer:-No, I work at Old Navy in Indiana and get $7.25 an hour. It depends on the minumum wage in your state and work experience.
  • Question:-Old Navy.......................?
    Does anyone have a coupon code or printable coupon for Old Navy that expires 2/27/11 or later?

    Answer:-Assuming you have an Old Navy, Gap or Banana Republic card you can use the code
    to get 10% off every Tuesday
  • Question:-old navy....?
    who sings the song in the old navy commercials?? i luv it!

    Answer:-Lights-"February Air"
  • Question:-What time does Old Navy open for the after Thanksgiving sale?
    Does anyone know when Old Navy opens for the after Thanksgiving sale? I live in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Any responses would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
    Darcy, Old Navy and it's affiliates don't advertise their after holiday sales but thanks anyways. Not that I couldn't have figured that one out on my own.

  • Question:-What is involved in an old navy orientation?
    I just got hired at old navy and on tuesday i have orientation what should i expect and bring to be prepared? Also, is this the last step in the hiring process?

    Answer:-Orientation means that you got hired (don't worry about it--I was confused about it a couple of weeks ago when I had shaws orientation) The orientation may be a couple of hours long, incluiding safety videos, papers to go over, what you should expect from working there, etc. They may teach you basics and how to work the cash register and maybe even put you on live...aka let you ring an order up or just watch.

    Good luck and have fun! How old are you? I am thinking of trying to get a second job there!
  • Question:-What to wear first day working at old navy?
    So I have been hired at old navy and tomorrow I have "orientation" and I have no clue what to wear I was thinking chinos, a short sleeved linen shirt and boat shoes but would that be okay? And what exactly is orientation?

    Answer:-Anything what you feel comfortable and confident with.
  • Question:-Anyone have an Old Navy Magical Mystery Offer discount code they are willing to give up?
    I've got a shopping cart with a few things and I can't find a discount code I'm happy with :( I'd appreciate any codes you are willing to share if you're not planning on online shopping today. It would have shown up in your inbox this morning if you get emails from Old Navy. Thank you so much.
  • Question:-What's the difference between Old Navy and Gap?
    I've heard many people say that they won't shop at The Gap because it's "dorky" or whatever their reason may be, but they have no problem shopping at Old Navy. It seems to me that both stores sell almost the same merchandise, after all, Old Navy IS owned by Gap. I don't shop at either of these stores, but I'm just curious, why is Old Navy so much better than Gap?

    Answer:-Old Navy, The Gap, and Banana Republic are all part of the same company. Old Navy is the cheapest then Gap then BR. It also has to do with age generally younger people shop at Old Navy and then as they get older they progress to the Gap and then to BR. It is all about appealing to people as they grow and mature, wher you shop depends what stage of life you are in.
  • Question:-Can you check your work schedule for Old Navy at a different store than the one you work in?
    I forgot to check my schedule, but I work at the Old Navy in the next town. Could I check my schedule at the Old Navy in my town? Or should I call and ask for my schedule? (Yesterday was my first day, not sure what to do). Thanks!

    Answer:-I'm a bit confused by your question, because I work at Old Navy and I get my schedule emailed to me every week. I'm assuming you get your schedule at work though? If so, I doubt that the old navy that you don't work at would have your schedule.
  • Question:-How can i get old navy promo code or coupons for my shopping at OLD NAVY?
    Who can offer me some old navy promo code or coupons ?I am badly in need of them.Thank you!

    Answer:-thats gonna be hard to get.... try looking online .i go ta code give you $10 bucks off of a $50 dollar purchase from it .they send you coupons and discounts if you give them your email address.
    Hope that helps!

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