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kristin cavallari

  • Question:-Kristin Cavallari??
    Where Is The Best Place To Get Pictures Of Kristin Cavallari? Besides PhotoBucker/Google Image/Yahoo Images.

    maybe her myspace page?
    anyways...I LOVE HER
    shes so cool!
  • Question:-kristin cavallari?
    if you see pictures of her hair its like long now because they are like extensions but does anyone know how she makes it look so amazingly pretty when its curled? STEP BY STEP:)

    Answer:-i found this:
    and this hairstyle is for the 10th picture (the one w/ her wearing a strapless pink/orange top)
    for medium thick hair
    1. apply a mousse
    2. use a large radial brush
    3. blow dry the back under
    4. then blow dry the sides under
    5. part to the left
    6. blow dry bangs forward and to the right
    7. use a large curling iron
    8. use a curling iron to curl the back
    9. then use the curling iron for the front and sides
    10. piece the ends using moulding cream
    11. apply lacquer
    hope you like it! you can also look at the other styles and click on view hairstyle and on the side it says how to do it!
  • Question:-what is up between Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari?
    I just saw speidi's wedding and I have no clue as to why they made such a big deal about Kristin Cavallari can anyone tell me?

    Answer:-Back in the old "Laguna Beach" days of Lauren Conrads life...
    Lauren Conrad dated Stephen Colletti in High School. Well, it just so happened that Stephen was also dating Kristin.
    When Lauren found out about this she made Stephen choose between the two of them and he chose Kristin. Thus making Lauren not like Kristin for stealing her boyfriend.
    And then Lauren having to be in the same room with Kristin was probably very uncomfortable for everyone. Especially since Heidi and Holly were the only ones to know that she was invited.
    There is also the whole thing of Kristin taking over Laurens spot on the Hills. =[
    It won't be the same without Lauren.

    [I think the weirdest part of the wedding was that Stacy came...If only Heidi had seen here there...What kind of drama would have unfolded.?]
  • Question:-What kind of phone does Kristin Cavallari have?
    What kind of phone does Kristin Cavallari have?

    Answer:-what kind of question is this,idk,maybe an i phone or lg.
  • Question:-How To Get a Body Like Kristin Cavallari?
    I'm 14 and i'm not an average weight for my age. I want a body like Kristin Cavallari, what excercises? diets? etc.


    Answer:-Since you're 14, you're bodies going to be changing a lot. And you really shouldn't be dieting/cutting calories. But I doubt your mind will change, so I will suggest:
    1. Try not to eat to much sugar, white flour, white rice, etc. Eat things with lots of colour. If the label on the package lists sugar as one of the first ingredients, try not to eat too much of it.
    2. Lots of fruits and veggies. Keep up your proteins (chicken is a good, healthy source.)
    3. Cardio workouts are great. Running, biking, etc. anything that gets you active and gets your heart rate up!
    4. If you want a bit of toning, try sit-ups/crunches.
    And don't worry if you gain weight at first, muscle weighs more than fat. Plus, I'll say it again, you're 14, so you're body is still changing drastically on it's own. For now, just try to focus on staying active and eating healthy!
  • Question:-How much do you think Kristin Cavallari weighs?
    Yea, I know it is none of my business...but I am dying to know because she has a perfect body!
    How much do you think she weighs?She is 5' 2". I just want her body and I want to set a goal to lose as much weight as possible to like that. Thank you.

    Answer:-I think she looks about 110lb-115lb with around 20% body fat. She has a very athletic physique, so just dropping down to this weight won't necessarily put you as low as 20% body fat unless you do a lot of strength training and eat a high protein diet.

    But I agree, she has a fantastic body!
  • Question:-Who makes the sunglasses Kristin Cavallari wears on Laguna Beach?
    I have fallen in love with Kristin's black sunglasses with the square lens frame. Only problem is, I don't know who makes them! Does anyone know where I can get them?

    Thanks guys!
    I found out that D&G makes them but I cannot find them anywhere!

    Answer:-I have no idea who makes them. But here's 2 pictures of Kristin with different sunglasses.

    Since you mentioned about D&G, maybe you can find it here:
  • Question:-What do you think about Kristin Cavallari joining the hills?
    I think it should be interesting with Kristin but im going to miss lauren because she held the show together casey from laguna beach is joining as well what do you think of all this?

    Answer:-I think they are just milking that show as much as they can. Why not just give it up now. It was a good show, but now the main character that it was based around has left, why conutine? But, I guess it will still maybe be juicy. I haven't really kept up with the show for a couple of months now, but I'll check it out.
  • Question:-Is it true that Kristin Cavallari is going to be on the 4th season of The Hills?
    It was bad enough that Stephen got to be there (just to hurt LC again) but I heard now that they're going to put Kristin there? Can anyone let me know if they have more info on this?

    Answer:-Kristin commented in an issue of People Magazine that she will not appear on the Hills season 4!!
  • Question:-What Sunglasses is Kristin Cavallari wearing in hills episode "put on a happy face"?
    They are black aviator style with a gold logo on the side of the ear piece thing. Its the episode where all the girls go to Miami and its the next morning when she is all tired and such. Please does anyone know!?!?! I must have those sunglasses!

    Answer:-Juicy or Gucci

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