Monday, November 28, 2011

kourtney and kim take new york

  • Question:-What was the song on Kourtney & Kim Take New York?
    Its on their first episode when Kourtney and Kim first go check out the space to open up their store. It goes "Its alright its alright" i went looking online f. I know i heard the voice before but i cant remember its on the tip of my tongue but i cant remember who's voice it is. Please and Thank You

    Answer:-Lol, I watched the whole episode just to find that song. Its called
    Cee Lo Green – Bright Lights Bigger City
    it seems right since its the only song that says "its alright".
  • Question:-What is the song in the new Kourtney and Kim take new York commercial?
    The new one that just aired yesterday. I love the song. Forget them Kardashians.

  • Question:-"you dont have to be alone" song from kourtney and kim take new york episode?
    It was the most recent Kourtney and Kim take New York, Kim and shaneco are waling into the pool hall i believe when the song comes on...i dont know what it is called but you hear "you dont have to be alone" it sounds like it could b akon or someone like that, if anyone knows what i am talkin about will u please help with what the song is called?

    Answer:-yeah.. that was a nice song
  • Question:-Does anyone know the song played with Kourtney and Kim take new york?
    if you've ever seen the commercials for Kourtney and Kim take new york, theres always this jammin' music playing in the background, i wanna know if its a remix or whatever to download it !! this is the song/music piece plzz help :)

    Answer:-I think it's the instrumental piece of the theme, "I'm In New York, trick" by LMFAO...which is a lyrically-only altered version of "I'm in Miami, trick" used in Kourtney and Khloe take Miami...
    The original version released is "I'm in Miami, B*tch"
  • Question:-does anyone knw where to watch kourtney and kim take new york?
    does anyone knw where to watch kourtney and kim take new york?
    can someone get on e and send be the website b cuz i tried and i could not find it plz

  • Question:-what song plays in the new Kim and kourtney take new york commercial?
    it has scott and kris in it too. theyre stepping out of a helicopter.
    thanks !

    Answer:-I believe it's sabi- wild heart
  • Question:-Kourtney and kim take new york?
    When does kourtney and kim take new york come on? What day of the week and what time?

    Answer:-In the U.S. it comes on E! and it comes on 10:00 Eastern time and 9:00 central and it cones on every Sunday but I'm not sure if it comes on this Sunday because of Superbowl.?? But it does every other week.

    **¥£~~**- Let's go Steelers!!
  • Question:-Song played on Kourtney & Kim take New York BEST ANSWER?
    On the show Kourtney & Kim take New York, there is a song that is played while Scott is buying a walking cane from a store. It is a rap song & I've tried soooo hard to try and find it buy searching the lyrics, but i can't find it anywhere :/

    Does anybody know the song?
    Here are some of the lyrics I caught:
    "more money new whips state champ blue chips you dont want no problems more money more money"

    Thank You(:
    Best Answer

    Answer:-If I Ruled The World - Nas
  • Question:-What happend to baby Mason on Kourtney and Kim Take New York?
    On the new show they haven't mentioned Kourtney and Scott's baby Mason. I'm super confused, what happend to Mason??

    Answer:-He's still there, but Kourtney decided it would be better for him if he wasn't on TV and surrounded by cameras all the time. He still exists!
  • Question:-What peachy color lipgloss does kim kardashian wear on kourtney and kim take new york?
    p.s. Ya I know they're annoying as hell and I really dont watch the show

    Answer:-She also wears MAC Angel Lipstick and Florabundance Lipglass..its kind of similar to Turkish delight but more nude

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