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mike leach

  • Question:-What was the biggest reason for Mike Leach's firing from Texas Tech?
    I'm curious as to what the Yahoo community thinks. Was it his (alleged) treatment of Adam James coupled with his family's complaints? Or was it the fact that Mike Leach was due a hefty $800,000 bonus this past Friday? Do you know of another reason? 10 pts for the most thought provoking, grammatically correct answer.

    Answer:-The biggest reason is that he stuck to his guns and refused to apologize when they offered him a way out. He refused to back off and allow the school to give something to the media/accusers/etc.

    The $800K was a tiny part EXCEPT in how quickly they made the decision. It represents an insignificant (6.7%) part of his nearly $13M contract.

    The stage had been set with many incidents over the past year. The shed incident gave them a focal point and his stubbornness pulled the trigger.
  • Question:-Question concerning concussions and the allegations against Mike Leach?
    I am aware of the situation concerning Mike Leach and his treatment of injured WR Adam James. However, I am not fully aware of the effects that isolation in an electrical closet or dark room has on a concussed individual. So what makes this treatment so bad that he deserves to get fired? Please help me understand.

    Answer:-Sensory Deprivation can be helpful for a concussion. This would be done maybe at home in a dark room in a comfortable chair or in an SD chamber. The stories Leach is putting out now are called "Lawyering Up".

    Their purpose is to divert attention from the fact that he was planning on punishing a kid he (Justified or not) didn't like. Perhaps the kid was a goof-off. But, Leach is now trying to protect himself from a lawsuit that his actions have qualified him for quite well.

    Coupled with SEVERAL earlier actions that he got away with, this latest action that (while not likely to be dangerous to the kids health) could easily be grounds for criminal prosecution from the articles I have read.
  • Question:-Will Texas Tech regret their idiotic decision to fire Mike Leach?
    Seriously, this kid Adam James is a spoiled brat. Leach only got fired cuz of Adam's daddy. Espn is a bunch of crap. They have FAILED to properly cover this story. SAVE MIKE LEACH!

    Answer:-Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. You ever met the jerk? I did when he was OC at Oklahoma. Anything bad that happens to Leach is okay by me.
  • Question:-Does anyone find the firing of Mike Leach a bit ironic?
    The school that hired Bobby Knight as a head basketball coach, fires Mike Leach? Double standard?

    Answer:-Yeah, I hadn't really thought about that, but it's true. Knight was a coach that made a career out of mistreating others and Texas Tech welcomed him with open arms. It sure seems like there is a double standard in play.
  • Question:-Has Mike Leach ever been a position coach?
    Everywhere i've looked their has been no mention of whether Mike Leach was ever a position coach. But that doesn't make any sense to me, so has did he start out like most coaches coaching a position?

    Answer:-Yes he was the OL coach and OC at Iowa Weslyan and was QB coach at Valdosta St while serving as OC, and I think he was QB coach at KY as well. Most all coordinators will also coach a position.

    He got a masters from US Sports Academy after leaving BYU then went on to Pepperdine Law School, his first coaching job was at Cal Poly in San Louis Obispo in 1987, then one year at College of the Desert as an assistant, then went to Euro League, then got his first OC job at Iowa Weslyn.
  • Question:-what happened with Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach?
    I guess I just missed it or didn't care, but I completely missed what happened to get Mike Leach fired.

    Answer:-On December 28, 2009, Leach was suspended indefinitely by Texas Tech pending investigation of alleged inappropriate treatment of Adam James, son of former SMU and New England Patriots running back (and current ESPN college football analyst) Craig James. On December 16, James suffered a concussion in practice. He was examined the next day, and told not to practice that afternoon due to the concussion and an abnormally high heart rate. According to a James family source, Leach ordered him to stand in a dark shed near the Raiders' practice facility. Leach also threatened to kick James off the team if he left the shed.[ According to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Leach thought that James was faking the injury. School officials gave Leach an ultimatum--apologize to James in writing by December 28 or Leach would be suspended. Leach refused to do so; his attorney, Ted Liggett, said his client didn't dispute the facts, but didn't think he'd done anything wrong.

    Read more at the link below...
  • Question:-On ESPN radio 12/29 Doug Gottlieb compared the Mike Leach case with a famous broadcaster. Anyone know who?
    He said the broadcaster also had a contentious contract negotiations with his network and so when the next contract was being negotiated, the network dropped him and they said this is similar to what Texas Tech is doing to Mike Leach. Anyone know who the broadcaster is? I remember the situation, but can't remember the broadcaster. Thanks.

    Answer:-Marv Albert?
  • Question:-Who else is glad that fool Mike Leach got told to take a hike?
    That fatass abuses his players and should be thrown in jail. Who the hell locks their own player in an electrical closet? I hope Leach never has kids.

    Answer:-I've had two concussions in my life. Both times my doctor told me to spend as much time as possible the first couple of days "in a dark room". If it weren't for James' last name, Leach would still have a job. Back to the bottom of the Big 12 South.

    Bring on the Tide!
  • Question:-Mike Leach is a moron and needs to be fired immediatley?
    What kind of a coach locks his own player in an electrical closet when he has a concussion? I hope Leach never has kids.

    Answer:-No, Leach freaking rocks and is the greatest.
  • Question:-Do you think Mike Leach Deserves to be fired as head coach of Texas Tech?
    I dont think he should have been fired. Adam James and his father are both BIG babies. Seems to me like Adam James has been a brat this whole year. I dont blame Mike at all. What do YOU think?

    Answer:-Let me pose a question to you guys that have played football..

    What was Adam James doing with his cell phone at practice? If I'm not mistaken, the video in question was shot using his cell.

    IF James had concussion like symptoms then sticking his butt in a dark room, out of the bright light, is the right thing to do. Why? With concussion type symptoms, people are more susceptible to the light and could possibly make the issue worse.

    IMO, Craig James used his media contacts to try and "influence" Mike Leach into playing his son more. When Leach refused, this is when this whole drama filled story came out.

    Again, IMO Tech football just took 3 giant steps backwards. Leach should not have been fired, the school was looking for a way out of the contract they gave him. Enter Adam James...

    You can bet your ass that Leach will get a gig somewhere and every time he plays Tech, he won't "call off the dogs" and handily spank Tech.

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