Monday, November 28, 2011


  • Question:-Target????
    For school we are looking into places that could give us fundraising oppurtunities and I was curious to know if Target offered anything such as bagging items etc.. and if not what are some good fundraising activities?

    Answer:-No i'm sorry. Target has all of their employees bag for them :)

    one fundraising idea is a car wash
  • Question:-@ target.....?????
    i applied for a job at target and i have an interview with them coming up. it's my first job and i'm nervous. what kind of questions would i expect them to ask? what would be the best thing wear to the interview? pant suit? can i wear jeans?

    Answer:-When I applied at Target a month ago, they gave me an interview right after I applied and it caught me completely off guard, I was in flip flops, shorts, a t-shirt, and I had just woke up. They hired me on the spot.

    However, your situation is different, you know you have an interview coming up, so look nice. Don't wear jeans. Go in nice khakis and a button-down, or something with a collar, you don't have to show up in a full suit.

    They'll ask all kinds of questions, ranging from questions about your background to other things such as "if we called one of your references, what would they say about you?" or "give an example of where you had to work together in a group and you disagreed with a teammate" and just stuff like that. Try to be thoughtful, and straight up. And be friendly.

    As long as you don't act too much like an idiot, make yourself presentable, and act pleasantly, you will have a good chance of getting hired. Good luck!
  • Question:-when does target start carrying Alexander McQueen's clothes line at stores?
    I heard that Target chose Alexander McQueen, and it is available in March....

    I have not seen them either at stores or online.

    Does anyone know when Target start selling his clothes at stores?

    Answer:-I am ALSO SO EXCITED ABOUT McQueen being at Target his line will be available

    March 1 through April 11, 2009.

    If your local target hasn't gotten it in yet, don't worry it will be there by AT LEAST March 15th!
  • Question:-What is the difference between Target and Super Target?
    I want to buy something on the internet, but I can't. So have to get it at Target, but the nearest one is far! The nearest one is Super Target. What is the difference?

    Answer:-Super Target has a supermarket (with fresh food, like vegetables and fruits) inside of it (like a Super Walmart), and therefore is larger than the regular Targets that don't have supermarkets.
  • Question:-Will target contact you to let you know if you failed a pre-employment drug test?
    I was just recently hired at Target and had to take a drug test for them, its been a couple days and I've haven't received a call back. Does anyone contact you to let you know if you passed or failed?

    Answer:-Rather than asking, consider going in and personally thanking the person(s) who interviewed you and ask them what the next steps are. Sometimes it takes a little longer for employees to get processed. Your enthusiasm will reflect well on the management.

    Whatever you do, don't ask them about the results. There should be no question on what the results were.
  • Question:-What do you think the next target for a terrorist attack is?
    We all know Al Qadea has the power to attack.
    In your opinion what do you think their next target will be?
    It may well have become more difficult for terrorists to get into the country, but, as thousands demonstrate each day, it is far from impossible.
    We may never know what time they will hit, but maybe we can figure out what there next target will be.
    It's been five years since 9/11 as you all know.
    Yet we had bombs go off at the "World Trade Center," since 1993; when a bomb went off and killed 6 people but injuring 1,040 others.
    In 1995 April 19, Oklahoma City: A car bomb exploded outside a federal office building, collapsing walls and floors. 168 people were killed, thats including 19 children and 1 person who died in rescue effort.
    Where will it be next?
    We all know it will happen its just matter of time before we face another attack, but what is the next target in your opinion?

    Answer:-I think it will be the Sears Tower.
  • Question:-What types of target media should a press release be sent to for a new book?
    A friend of mine has a new book coming out and she is supposed to make a list of target media for the publisher to send out her press release. We were wondering what types of target media should we include besides TV, Radio, Newspaper? Should we include bookstores, magazines? Any info would be helpful.

    Answer:-major newspapers that have book reviews and bestseller lists (NY Times, Boston Globe)
    maybe Time or People, but probably literary- or library-oriented magazines
  • Question:-What kind of target should I get for arhcery?
    I want one with one circle with several rings. I don't want a target with 9 different bulls-eyes or anything. I would like a target that has the official FITA target print on it or something similar to it.
    BASICALLY MY QUESTION IS: Where can I get a target with the official FITA target face on it, that stops arrows from piercing through them and won't mess up the arrows sharp tip?

    Answer:-Tape an official target to a regular 6pack target cube?
  • Question:-What is the probability of hitting the target?
    The probability that Jane hits the target is 2/5 and the probability that Mack hits the target is 3/8. If they each have one try, what is the probability that Jane hit the target but Mack missed it?

    How do I figure this out?

    Answer:-If the probability that Mack hits the target is 3/8, then the probability that he misses it is (1 - 3/8) = 5/8.

    Assuming that the two events are independent, the probability that Jane hits the target and Mack misses it is the product of the individual events, that is, (2/5)(5/8), which reduces to 1/4.
  • Question:-How far above the target should the arrow be aimed to strike the target?
    An arrow is fired at a target. The distance to the target is 50 meters. The horiztonal speed of an arrow is 100 meters per second. How far above the target should the arrow be aimed to strike the target?


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