Friday, November 25, 2011

nebraska football

  • Question:-Nebraska Football?
    Will Nebraska beat Oklahoma in the Big 12 National Championship? Nebraska Could have easily been a one loss team up there with Arkansas and Flordia and especialy Michigan. Doesnt anyone remember the Alamo bowl last year.... HAHAHAHAHA we won. The game with Texas we lost because of a bad call. The game against Oklahoma State we lost because we just stopted trying the second half. So you tell me who would win... By the way i want to know from all the Husker fans out there. RESTORE THE ORDER
    Good comment why would Tom Osborne Be the difference in winning or loseing. Nebraska had really good players... Thats how they won games.. Osborne just pumped them up and played the right plays

    Answer:-If they can rattle Paul Thompson and stuff the run,they'll have a great chance. If UNL can get off to one of them famous fast starts it will be like in 2003 when OU played for the Big 12 title. They lost to Kansas State 35-7.It was probably snyder's last great game.

    Let's Get Em' Blackshirts!!!Throw up them Crossbones and make this game like it used to be!!

    My prediction Nebraska wins 21-16 in a Hard Fought Ball Game.
  • Question:-Information on the players from the 1966 Nebraska football team?
    Where would I find a listing of players from the 1966 Nebraska football team and what they are now doing?

    Answer:-If you go to this website you can find the team roster for any season back to 1890, however it does not say where they are today it just gives you a team picture and the player's names, positions, and home towns.
  • Question:-Nebraska football?
    What would need to happen for the huskers to lose big 12 north title?

    Answer:-Nebraska would have to lose its last two games and Missouri and/or Kansas St. would have to win both its games.
  • Question:-Would you play Nebraska football or is it to boring?
    I like the Nebraska football program, but i heard alot about the state being boring and nothing to do so that's preventing me from going there. Should i play at the u of m gophers instead?

    Answer:-If you have a chance to play for Nebraska and you're considering Minnesota instead, you're nuts.
  • Question:-nebraska football?

    Answer:-Only cause there's nothing else to do in Nebraska...
  • Question:-NEBRASKA FOOTBALL!!!?
    Alright, in my opinion I think that it is safe to say, that the Blackshirts are back. A few questions still seemed to be answered, but do you think we have a shot against Oklahoma? It is in Memorial Stadium, and it's still up in the air if Bradford or Landry Jones will play?
    What do you think? Thoughts?

    Answer:-Nebraska needs to think about and play one game at a time. The OU Neb game will get here. Neb will have home field advantage but OU's offense is still very good, with or without Bradford. And OUs defense is getting a lot of hype also. Should be a good game, OSU fan here but I'll stick with my state. OU by 14.
  • Question:-Does anyone have Nebraska Cornhusker football tickets I could buy?
    I live in Iowa, but my family and I are HUGE Nebraska football fans. We want to go to the Iowa vs Nebraska football game on November 25, 2011. But we are having trouble finding tickets. We need 4 tickets not in the in zone. If you have season tickets and are willing to sell them for that game, that would be appreciated, or if you have tickets to this game and no longer want them, give me a price as well also. Please help me out!!

    Answer:-If I had any, I'd pay you to take them!
  • Question:-How good will Nebraska Cornhuskers football team be this year and in years to come?
    I am just wondering what everyone thinks the future of the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team looks like and how well they are expected to do this year?

    Answer:-I think they will be well on their way with Bo there,as well as Osbourne back.It's gonna take time to repair the damage caused by that other idiot, but I really do think as early as next year they could make a run at the Big 12 north.
  • Question:-After the Nebraska Football coaching staff gets fired after the colorado game, who will be the replacements?
    I really believe that Calahan, Cosgrove, and others will see their way out the door at seasons end. But what coaches can bring Big Red football back to its glory days?

    Answer:-They need to get Bo Pellini back. they shouldn't have let him go to LSU in the first place. It might be Turner Gill though.
  • Question:-How good is the Nebraska Football team to be this upcoming season?
    What will their record be?, What bowl game will they go to?, How bout the Missouri Football team as well?, What will the Mizzou Tigers record be?, What bowl game will the tigers go to?

    Answer:-They will battle Kansas for North superiority. They will go to a good Bowl game, but short of a BCS game.

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