Wednesday, November 30, 2011

billy graham

  • Question:-Billy Graham?
    Mom said that she heard today that Billy Graham was going to be on T. V. with expresidents. Does anyone know what channel and time.

    Answer:-10:00Pm Est on 20/ 20. That is on ABC .
  • Question:-What exactly did Billy Graham do to persuade the apartheid government of SA to hold an integrated crusade?
    I have read a couple of biographies about Billy Graham and unfortunately, both of them gave scant attention to one of the more compelling things he did: get the hard headed apartheid government to break their own apartheid rules and hold an integrated crusade. What exactly did he do? Anyone have any details?

    Answer:-About all I can find is:

    During the Apartheid era, Graham consistently refused to visit South Africa until its government finally allowed attending audiences to sit desegregated. His first crusade there was in 1973, during which he openly denounced apartheid.
  • Question:-Now that Billy Graham is in the last stages of Parkinson's disease, will he become a Quaker?
    Also, what's the funniest question you ever mailed to "Ask Billy Graham"? Was it published?

    Answer:-Sorry, it's hard for me to have a sense of humor about a disease that debilitates so many people and destroys so many lives. Maybe if you'd known a few people with Parkinson's you wouldn't find it funny either. So, what other kinds of disabilities amuse you?
  • Question:-What are you feeling about the remarks Superstar Billy Graham said about the WWE?
    After the Benoit incident Billy Graham just popped up out of no where, and he made remarks during several interviews that the WWE was like a circus and that the wrestlers were like animals. What are your thoughts?

    Answer:-Well, in terms of Billy Graham, he was part of an era that was more of a circus...

    ..And not to mention that he still blames himself for the popularity of steoid use in Professional Wrestling, I don't know if his word is always the most trustworthy or if his analogy is even close. If WWE was like a circus and the wrestlers were like animals, I'm sure the Government would've found a way to end it. The wrestlers mostly do things on their own free will, not by force.
  • Question:-Will it be an ominous sign if Billy Graham dies right before May 21st?
    Billy Graham is in the hospital. :(
    Google is your friend, Winning. It allows you to live up to your name, and participate in the conversation with the Big Donkeys.

    Answer:-No, just the end to a wonderful, fulfilling, well spent life on this earth for Rev. Graham. One of the greatest religious leaders that ever lived and he has earned his eternal peace in Heaven if anyone has. God Bless and keep him.
  • Question:-Why McCain meet Billy Graham instead of denounce him?
    Billy graham believe the AIDS is judjment of God and, he did any scientific explanation about the disease? Dark Age in the Baptist Church?

    Answer:-Religious people in general are highly deluded and primitive people, but don't hold that against McCain. I can think of lots of other reasons why he's not as qualified to be President as Obama is.
  • Question:-Does anyone knows the connection between Rev. Billy Graham and the Vatican ?
    I have been reading and visiting Jack Chick's website, and he presented a connection between Rev. Billy Graham and the Catholic Church. I wondered what is the connection between Rev. Graham and the Vatican.

    Answer:-Christianity is probably the greatest connection.

    I'm sorry but I cannot take anything that Chick Publications says seriously.

    If we were to believe all that Chick Publications claim then we would believe the the Catholic Church:
    • Started Islam
    • Instigated the American Civil War
    • Assassinated Abraham Lincoln
    • Formed the Ku Klux Klan
    • Was responsible for the Inquisition known as the WWII Jewish Holocaust
    • Keeps every Christian's name in a computer in order to make persecution easier

    Here is a detailed rebuttal to Chick's tracks:

    With love in Christ.
  • Question:-I was shocked when I found out that people are comparing Billy Graham to God ?
    I mean, God is good but is he as anywhere near as good as Billy Graham ?

    Answer:-It must be in the deep south, anything is possible down there.
  • Question:-billy graham?
    how old was he when he first started his misions work?

    hwhat made him devoted his life to missions

    Answer:-I don't know how old....but God put a call on his life and he said yes. His life has been directed and subject to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • Question:-Looking for interviews about Billy Graham that talk about how he changed the Christian World.?
    Also, if they could address how his teachings affected them personally
    that would be cool.
    *I'm looking for one that is not an interview with Billy Graham, but someone that knows him personally, and talks about the changes he made.

    Answer:-I dare to think that anyone who knows him personally would say that he did not make any changes, rather was a willing instrument through which Jesus Christ brought about change. Sorry, I cannot offer any source for that which you are seeking. God bless.

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