Friday, November 25, 2011

kohls coupons

  • Question:-Where do you get kohls coupons from? the newspaper? ?
    I work at Kohls and always see people using coupons for $10 off 20 or 30 and $10 free gift coupons. Where do they get them from? And please don't say eBay because I don't want 20 of them... I just want one. If it is the newspaper, which one? And where?


    Answer:-If you're looking to purchase online, go to for the promo codes available. I've gone through them so many times I've lost track of how much I have saved. It's clean, organized, and doesn't require a membership or fee.
  • Question:-Where can i find good kohls coupons?
    where can i find mothers day kohls coupons?

    Answer:-You can find best kohls coupons at
  • Question:-Need Kohls Coupons for Black Friday 2011?
    I am looking for Kohls Coupons for Black Friday 2011. Can someone tell me about it?

  • Question:-I need kohls coupons codes free shipping 2011?
    Can some one help me in finding kohls coupons free shipping codes?
    Thank you

    Answer:-go to , They usually have them
  • Question:-I am in search for Kohls coupons. Suggest the site which helps me alot to save some Dollars.?
    Hello all. I want to shop at online Kohl's store. I want to select some apparels collection for the upcoming Easter festival. Presently i am busy with my office schedules. So i want to go for online shopping. I prefer Kohls. So i need Kohls coupons

    Answer:-Try at
  • Question:-how do i get kohls coupons?
    How can I get Kohl's "$10 off $10 purchase" coupons sent to me? I see many people have them for sale on ebay. They never come to my house. How can I get them legit?

    Answer:-Sign up for a credit card there, you get tons of discounts. Like 30% off clothes. If you sign up for their email you get some too. I've gotten a $5 dollar one. Go to sites like to get coupon codes when your shopping online.
  • Question:-what is a good up to date website to get printable coupons for kohls?
    i need htem to be available for use on 7/4/09 (this friday). ur helping me out alot. thank u

  • Question:-kohls coupons!! 10 PIONTS!!?
    Hey yahoo, I got 70 5 dollar coupons to Kohls that i bought only to find out i can only use one at a time big bummer well im having a slumber party thing with boys and girls and i was wondering if you guys have any ideas on like a game i could do with them? Any ideas would be great thanks!!!
    well theres 70 coupons so im willing to give them to every one n theres going to be like 10 people

    Answer:-depending on how many ppl you invite, and If you are going to have food, you can tape a few to the bottom of some plates and whoever gets the plates gets the coupon.
  • Question:-has anyone used more than one of the $5 off coupons from Kohls?
    I was thinking of buying a couple items, and then having the cashier ring up each item as a seperate transaction so I could use multiple $5 off coupons.....anyone else done this and it worked?

    Answer:-I am a cashier at Kohls. You're really not supposed to do that. Even if they're separate purchases, it says on the more recent coupons only one coupon per household.

    We've had customers try to use one for each item they have (most someone tried was 11). People buy them in bulk on eBay for pennies.
  • Question:-Where do i get coupons for kohls?
    I went to kohls the other day and another customer gave me a coupon. it looked like a coupon printed off the internet. It saved me alot and i was wondering where i can find them?The person that gave them to me didnt know where to get them either because someone else gave her the coupon. I tired and it didnt have anything

    Answer:-go to , They usually have them

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