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mars rover

  • Question:-Mars Rover is still running and we drive to work using a century old combustion engine, WHY?
    Given, the Mars Rover is still running on solar panels, giving off 0 emissions, a technological marvel and is 36 million miles away. The primary form of transportation on earth is the century old combustion engine, spewing off emissions. Regardless as to whether the earth or humanity will succumb to the effects of our dirty habits, why do we allow this to happen?
    Did you know that we get enough energy from the sun in about 2 hours to provide all of the worlds energy needs?
    The point is, we have the technology, Mars Rover, Nuclear powered subs, Cern, but we cruise around in vehicles with combustion engines.

    Answer:-I brought up the same question at work, the rover has been going for a long time and I'm not sure but I don't think there are any gas stations on mars!
    People need to stop using gas and force a change, as long as the oil companies make billions per quarter they will continue to pay everyone off so they can continue to use gas.

    Check out the movie, who killed the electric car. it's an eye opening experience.
  • Question:-Why is Mars rover Opprotunity making fast progress toward a destination of its own?
    Why is it that mars rover spirit has reached a safe sit for the martian winter, while its twin, opportunity, is making fast progress toward a destination of is own?

    Answer:-Spirit has been mired in a sand trap for six months and may be stuck for good:

    Opportunity is continuing it's two-year drive to Endeavour crater.
  • Question:-Can you download the Mars Rover pictures made public in bulk?
    Is there any place that you can download all the mars land rover pictures that were made public in bulk? Perhaps a torrent or otherwise from the Nasa archives?

    Answer:-You could wait for a random response from some millions of users who may or may not know or even see your question or you could ask the webmaster for the NASA site. Which one do you think is going to get you the best and quickest answer?
  • Question:-How do we recieve a signals from a rover on Mars?
    I assume the Mars rover has a small antenna with a low power transmitter. If this is the case how does that signal get reicieved all the way on earth? Is there some sort of satellite relay system? It seems to me that it would be difficult to discern the signal from all the random noise. Maybe some sort of special encoding is used on the signal. I don't know....does anyone know the answer?

    Answer:-As far as i know both Rovers do only have a UHF transmitter making them incapable sending something directly to earth.

    Instead they relay(ed) data through Mars Odyssey, Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Express and possibly the new Reconaissance Orbiter.

    if Transmitter Power is limited it needs large antennas to even receive signals from the satellites around mars, due to the fact that it could be on the other side of the sun, from time to time.
    Distance and lack of power causing effects of course. So therefore they switch to lower transmission speeds, and use algorithms to be able to reconstruct lost bits in the stream.

    This was all considered on planning, so it was decided not to have the rovers transmit directly.
    Instead having redundant orbiters to relay which have no problems with sand on their solar-panels.
  • Question:-mars rover?

    Answer:-Maybe this is what you need:


  • Question:-When will be the mars rover sent to the mars?
    Do we know exact date of rover to mars?
    Edward, if there are rovers on the mars' surface, then why are there no videos of good quality of mars inside the atmosphere? I really wish to see how mars looks inside with a good quality video which is colored, not black and white...

    Answer:-Mars already has two rovers, "Spirit" and "Opportunity". They have been operating on Mars' surface for about seven years, although Spirit may have recently gotten stuck in a cold location and poorly exposed to the Sun, and, subsequently, didn't get enough solar power to survive the last Martian winter.

    The next Mars rover, named "Curiosity", is scheduled for launch November 25, 2011.
  • Question:-Will it be a lot more expensive (than the price of the mars rover) for NASA to send a rover?
    (like the mars rover)
    to Planet Jupiter's moon Europa to do some preliminary testing for possible life on Europa?

    Answer:-Yes, a Jovian Rover would have to be much tougher due to Jupiter's huge gravity and turbulent atmosphere. It would have to avoid being sucked into its atmosphere, on approach to Europa and would require lots of fuel. Then there is the electronic magnetic interpherence as most radioactive particles are drawn toward toward it so any electronic equipment would have to be well shielded.
  • Question:-How did the Mars Rover get to Mars?
    Im just curious on how the Mars Rover got to Mars after it left Earth and how it knew which direction to go exactly for the 7 month period it was in space, cause outer space is a big place. Lol
    And how did it get to Mars since there is no control in space and you cant really move anywhere since theres no gravity, did it just float to Mars or was it powered by a rocket the entire time?

  • Question:-The Mars rover was deployed on the surface of Mars in July 1997.?
    The Mars rover was deployed on the surface of Mars in July 1997. At one point during its subsequent mission, radio signals took about 18 min to travel from Earth to the rover. How far was Mars from the from Earth at that time?

    Answer:-18 light minutes. (Just enter it into google for the conversion of units you want. I'll give you a hint, it's more than 300million KM (16 light minutes would be that... double the distance to the Sun).
  • Question:-How was the mars rover balloon lander thing able to right itself after it deflates?
    i watched nasa sim of it and after the balloons deflate the rover comes out and voild --its right side up.

    sposed to say --"voila!"
    injanier --i didnt see the uprighting part in wiki --thanks!

    Answer:-The capsule that held the rover was a tetrahedron - four triangular sides, one of which was the base. A sensor on the lander figured out which face was down. If it wasn't the base, it opened the side that was facing down, which would flip the lander onto its base. Then the other sides open up and the rover can roll out.

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