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indiana jones and the last crusade

  • Question:-What shoes was the woman in indiana jones the last crusade wearing?
    At the beginning of the movie whenever indiana first meets the austrian/nazi woman she is wearing her little blue suit and these small little heels that i automatically love but i have no idea where i could find them at because i dont know the names of them or anything. They are the little heels with the flaps at the top. If anyone knew where i could find the name or the shoes i would appreciate it. Thanks :)

    Answer:-fly london shoes are the best shoes
  • Question:-Who plays the knight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?
    Does anyone know who plays the knight who gaurds the holy grails and its imitations in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

    Answer:-Robert Eddison
  • Question:-Set of Indiana Jones Last Crusade?
    In the beginning part where it's the young Indiana and he's with his scout group, where was that scene shot? With the huge orange rocks, and mountains in the background... It says it's Utah in the movie. Is it Utah? If not, where is it filmed?

    Answer:-according to IMDB some scenes were shot at Arches National Park, Moab, Utah, USA
  • Question:-Has anyone seen Indiana Jones The Last Crusade?
    If you have, what would be a good topic to write an essay about it? It needs to be like Indiana and his struggle with faith, or him and his dads relationship, or idk what else. But it needs to be good enough to where i can write 8 paragraphs on it. And i need to be able to write a thesis for it. Please help!

    Answer:-I say write it on Indiana and his dad's relationship, and how he could feel that his dad thinks artifacts and things are more important than him.
  • Question:-On Indiana Jones & the last crusade, what is that temple in the desert called?
    You know the one where he has to go to get the magic cup? That place is real! Anyone know what it's called and what it was originally built for?

    Answer:-the location that they were at was canyon of the Crescent Moon. the temple where grail was held was not named as far as i know but i'm pretty sure it tied into templar knights. I vaguely remember the old knight and a red cross on him, which because of angels and demons, and the da vinci code everyone knows is a mark of templars.
  • Question:-why did nothing happen to indiana jones in last crusade?
    in the last crusade at the end indiana jones drinks from the holy grail. and so does his father. they said drinking from the holy grail makes you immortal or everlasting life or something like that.
    so why did nothing happen to him?
    the knight only said the grail itself cannot pass beyond the great seal.

    Answer:-Why should something have happened?? It was only if you drank from the wrong cup that you would die as evidenced by the Nazi who "chose poorly". No blast of wind etc was needed. Just not dying was the way to win.

    The real question you should be asking is WHY Indiana said his father DIED in that horrible sequel that came out!!! That made no sense at all!!! Unless they come back and claim it was a ruse to throw off people looking for him.... but I digress.

    Also the grail didn't make you immortal it just granted you long life. The knight had 2 brothers who lived something like 200 years before they were killed, yet he was still alive 1000 years. Maybe you had to occasionally have refreshers of everlasting life?

    It wasn't Indy that wasn't allowed to cross the Great Seal. It was only the Grail. And it wasn't Indy who forgot it was the Nazi girl
  • Question:-Indiana Jones last crusade Question 10 pts.?
    How many times and where does Henry call Indiana "Indy" OR What is the three act structure pot in this movie. Thanks.

    Answer:-He calls him Indiana once, in the temple when he wants Indy to leave the grail down on the ledge. (Indiana, let it go). Then later he tells everyone the dogs name was Indiana.
  • Question:-Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade vs National Treasure: Book of Secrets?
    National Treasure was heavily influenced by Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade...which one is better?

    Answer:-I love both the Indiana Jones movies and the National Treasure movies. But The Last Crusade is better in my opinion.
  • Question:-In Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, what was this quote?
    In Last Crusade, Indy's father drives a flock of birds into an airplane, then rattles off a comment about letting nature be his army that he says was from Charlemagne. What was this quote in its entirety, and was it really from Charlemagne?

    Answer:-DAD: I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne - Let my armies be the rocks and the trees, and the birds in the sky.

    I dont think that Charlemagne ever said that according to this researcher
  • Question:-ways of knowing in indiana jones and the last crusade?
    what are the ways of knowledge in indiana jones and the last crusade in context with language, perception,emotion, and reasoning

    Answer:-I'm betting this is for a homework assignment..

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