Sunday, November 27, 2011

christmas lights

  • Question:-Christmas Lights?
    I found some christmas lights laying around my houes and I am needing some ideas on how to use them... such as decoration.

    Answer:-We have 4 fake trees and we wrap Christmas lights around them.Or Put it them around the top of your ceiling like a Border.If you have a banister put it on can also out then in your Bedroom or if you have kids put them under there bed,it makes for a cool night light.
  • Question:-Christmas lights?
    I am trying to hang Christmas lights in my living room put i have tried several ways like Duct Tape, peel and stick? What is the best way to hang lights in my living room. We have a Staco wall so i need help now.

    Answer:-try hurculies hooks
  • Question:-christmas lights?
    I saw these lights that look like camaras flashing i would love to know the names of these lights or where i can get them i seen them like downtown on 5th ave new york i want these light so bad for christmas tree if i cant find these lights i would like to find the regular white lights but the ones i see they look yellowish but i wantthe to glow real brite white help please

    Answer:-Try calling the Street Dept. in NYC and ask them the brand of the lights and can where you can get them.
  • Question:-ChRiStMaS LiGhTs?
    Have you already gone to look at Christmas lights? Will you?

    I went tonight to Rema Bible College in Tulsa, OK.


    Answer:-Yes I have! My family and I drove by a few parks in downtown Milwaukee this afternoon. They were beautiful. Lots of blues and whites.

    There are a few other light displays around that we'll be going to that raise money for children's charities and such. Always lots of fun. I love the house with the giant Grinch setup. :)
  • Question:-How can Christmas lights be utilized indoors to add a subtle ambience to a room without being overpowering?
    Would it be better to use the Christmas lights that come in tinted shades and give off a soft light orange light as opposed to white light or other colors? I don't want it to look like a Christmas decoration/theme or look tacky. Also, what are some safety precautions to keep in mind when decorating with them? Are they a fire hazard if draped over fabric, for instance?

    Answer:-I have often decorated tall indoor plants with those tiny white lights. They give off a soft light that doesn't look particularly Christmasy. I usually leave them on throughout the nite as they light the way to other parts of the house when all is dark in the middle of the night.

    I wouldn't use them over fabric for any length of time as they might scorch the fabric if it came into direct contact.
  • Question:-What are the best christmas lights to use that wont burn out quickly?
    I am looking to buy some new christmas lights for outdoor use. Maybe some isicle lights or something. I just want to know what to look for when purchasing the lights. I have had way too many experiences with the lights burning out or not working after one season. What are the best lights to get and where can I find them? Does anyone have any that they had good experiences with first hand? Thanks in advance . Merry Christmas!

    Answer:-If you want long life go for LED lights. The globes themselves will last for about 20yrs. Where they will fail is in the cable and the connections, so go for some with a thicker cable, strong joins and preferably with the cable loomed (bundled) together the give the whole thing some strength.
    If you are going to use them outside make sure they are the 12v or 24v version for safety.
    As with all bud style lighting handle with care when installing, dismantaling and storing and it will last you many seasons. Remember one small snag is enough to ruin the whole chain.
    As to where to find them most stores stock them these days you can even get them at discount stores, China is flooding the market with cheap LED at the moment. Hope this helps.
  • Question:-How to hang Christmas Lights on the inside of my screened Lanai?
    Whast is the best easiest way to hang Christmas Lights f=on the inside of my screened lanai where the pool is? Im having a pool birthday party for my son and he wanted there to be christmas lights.

    Answer:-i'd like to know that also. i've used little sticky tabs with velcro and clips to hold them up (got them at walmart) but they fell down after a few weeks (the stickiness wore off). i've also tried a hot glue gun every few feet and that lasted a little longer but i still had a few give out after a month or so. if it's only for a single event, and you don't have time or can't find those sticky tab/velcro/clip things, i would go with a hot glue gun. make sure the glue blob wraps around the wires because the wires can pop out of the glue pretty easily. this should be adequate for the party but if somebody else has a more permanent solution, i'd be happy to know about it also.
  • Question:-How did the whole christmas lights decoration begin?
    I see in my neighborhood a lot of houses are full of christmas decorations on the outside. So many decorations that people come from different parts of the city just to see the lights spectacular. How did this christmas lights decoration begin? Why did people start decorating their houses for Christmas and not any other holiday as much?

    Answer:-make sure santa sees your house
  • Question:-Christmas-How do Christmas lights make a Christmas tree come alive and look more beautiful?
    What do people mean when they say that Christmas lights make any Christmas tree come alive and look nice than trees decorated with out Christmas lights,my family has Multi colored lights and there tree and when it is day time,the tree looks lifeless but when night comes and the sun goes down and the tree get turned on and it has a turn-able stand,it seems like it comes alive with all of those Multi colored lights on it.

    Answer:-I think it means that lights can add that extra sparkle to the tree. They make the tree stand out from anything else in your house, because it is so bright and illuminated. Also, the way the lights reflect off the ornamnts really draws your eye to the tree and it really makes the tree come alive :) Can't wait to put my tree back up again!
  • Question:-Can leaving Christmas lights on kill a pine tree?
    We have a small pine that my husband left Christmas lights on for over a year. I recently noticed that it is dying and some needles and branches are turning brown. I had my husband take the lights off, but I want to know if there is anything else we can do to help restore this tree. I heard that 7 up works. Is that a myth or are there any other home remedies that could help?

    Answer:-I cannot see Xmas lights being the cause of your problems. Without seeing the tree or knowing its history it is impossible to give an opinion.

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