Wednesday, October 26, 2011

crystal cathedral

  • Question:-Are front row seats good for the Glory of Christmas at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove?
    I want to purchase tickets to see the Glory of Christmas at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, my first instinct is to get front row seats as I will have a 6 and 8 year old with me and I want them to be able to see but does anyone have any advice about the front row? good or bad seats?

    Answer:-Don't get the front row seats.
    Because you are kind of close to the stage.
    And if you are close to the front. Then you
    might have to lift your head up all the time, and
    that can be tiring for you and your children.
    So why not get seated in the middle, so you
    don't have to lift your head up.
  • Question:-Where should I sit in the Crystal Cathedral of the Glory of Christmas?
    I am going to see the Glory of Christmas at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove and I wanted to know the best seats to sit in. I dont want someone's big head in my way, I dont want to strain my neck and I dont want to be far away either!! Thanks!! is the website

    Answer:-All the seats are good but I wouldn't sit in the very front because the animals are there and it gets smelly. Bottom middle is probably best.
  • Question:-What is the volume of the Crystal Cathedral in Orange County, California?
    It's a pretty big cathedral and it got me curious. I haven't been able to find out what the area is though.

    Answer:-The Crystal Cathedral
    12141 Lewis Street (at Chapman Avenue),
    Garden Grove, CA. / (714) 971-4000 or (714) 544-5679

    The church seats almost 3,000 worshipers for Sunday services. But giant, sliding glass doors on the side of the church allow even more worshipers to watch the services from their cars in the parking lot.
  • Question:-How can I play inthe orchestra at the Crystal Cathedral in California?
    Who do I contact? What orchestra is it?

    Answer:-It seems there's not an orchestra page on their website, but the choir page does have a phone number and I'm sure they'd be happy to help.
  • Question:-Now that the Crystal Cathedral has gone bankrupt, would that be a good place for a mosque?
    They were only bringing in $2,000,000 a month and some salaries were quite high.

    But the Saudi Prince and Fox news owner could easily afford it.

    Answer:-I think the Superfriends should make it their new lair.

    The Hall of Justice looks so 70's.
  • Question:-Why wasn't God able to prevent the suicide at the Crystal Cathedral?
    Wouldn't it stand to reason that a holy, loving, omnipotent God would not allow a parishioner to commit a sin and kill himself in one of his places of worship?

    Answer:-Free will.
  • Question:-Who is a good compare/contrast for Robert H. Schuller, the New Age Pastor of the Crystal Cathedral?
    I am looking for a historical figure, perhaps a minister or pastor, perhaps not. Someone to compare leadership styles.

    Answer:-What about Joseph Smith? You'll have little trouble finding information on him. He invented the Mormon religion. Ted Haggard might be better to compare with someone like Robert Schuller, though.
  • Question:-On this VJ day should the US propose building a Crystal Cathedral in Hiroshima?
    Even if Japanese law would allow it, would it be insensitive, to say the least, for American evangelicals to propose a christian church at the site of a WWII disaster - in light of the Muslim plans for NYC?

    Answer:-No liberal in this country would ever endorse that. Liberals only enjoy desecrating American mass graves.
  • Question:-where can i get a program or schedule of the Crystal Cathedral Glory of Christmas at LA California?
    I want the original one scanned or photos of it. (2009 by the way) PLEASE I NEED IT TODAY!!!

    Answer:-Try to google it.
  • Question:-Does the Crystal Cathedral qualify as the Studio 54 of the fundamentalist Christian world?

    Answer:-It will when they get the disco ball installed.

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