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california earthquake

  • Question:-California Earthquake?
    News now reporting 5.6 mag earthquake rocks San Jose, California. Talk about kicking someone when they're down, as if the fires weren't enough. What do you think?
    1st Dragon, you must be a brave person. I live in Ky. and as far back as I can remember most of what we've ever felt were tremors and they scared the living daylights outta me!

    Answer:-I haven't heard anything. Guess I haven't been watching the news. Yikes! That seems pretty scary. I have never lived in California, but I remember the quake that happened in the late 80's where a bridge collapsed and there were a lot of cars trapped underneath. This was the double bridge that had collapsed.
  • Question:-California EARTHQUAKE. ?
    there predicting a earthquake in california.
    just in case, just wondering
    what will happen?
    like will buildings fall.
    cause i live in a 3 story house.
    and im scared to sleep at night.

    Answer:-No doubt the scientists were expecting a major earthquake in your state. But fortunately you were affected by a lower scale of Richter magnitude ( 5.6) I think. You will not get any thing bigger than that for about another ten years. Please watch for the fallowing situations.
    Methods for prediction of earthquakes & Tsunami
    Even though it is difficult to predict, the following methods may help.
    1. Seismic gape: - The earthquake at a particular place may occur for every fixed gape of time. By knowing the past records of the quakes affected at that place may help to decide when the earthquake is next due.
    2. Planet position.: - When the stress is accumulated at the tectonic plate boundary and the same time if the position of more than 2 planets comes in a straight line this may help to accelerate the earthquakes. There fore the full moon days and new moon days are more vulnerable days for earthquakes. Some time this method fails why? Think of a sick patient. New moon and full moon days are dangerous for only sick patents. These days will not affect the healthy people. The same way if there is no accumulated stress at the tectonic plate boundaries no need to worry about the planet positions.
    3. Sun rays falling method: - If you observe the position of the sun rays falling on our wall at a particular time on all days it should form an angular infinity symbol. If there is any deviation in its path it means that there is some difference in height of the earth. That means some strain noticed at that place. Somebody claims that they can predict the place of epicenter by observing this. The laser beam measuring method of earth height from satellite also will help.
    4. MDCB:- Chinese scientist claims that they can predict up to 60 % accuracy by sensing electro magnetic rays.
    5. Cloud forming: - Few hours to a few days before the occurrence of earthquakes a cloud reader claims that he has noticed a peculiar mosaic type of formation .We may also notice some lightening in the sky.
    6. By sound :- A professor from Ajmeer University claims that he was able to hear a low frequency noise under 125 meter depth in a bore well. The same thing was reported by one Mr. Nair that he heard some roaring noise under the earth one week before the occurrence of earthquake in Gujarat.
    7. By frequency of waves :- Mr Richter Allen of Berkley University claims that he can decide the magnitude of earthquake just 4 seconds after observing the frequency of the primary wave. Present method needs the full seismographic picture to find the real magnitude that too from as many places as possible to have fairly accurate results. His claim has got some truth because when there is a slip of bigger tectonic plate the frequency of quake will be less. If a small tectonic plate slips the frequency of the waves will be more.
    8. There are several changes in nature and in the behaviors of animals and birds can be observed before an earthquake and Tsunami. The water level in well may change. Stay away from beaches if you sense earthquake waves. The Tsunami may attack long after the shaking is stopped. I wrote several articles on these subjects.
    Have one simple earthquake alarm installed in your house.


  • Question:-California earthquake???
    30 minutes ago, there was a very small earthquake in California. It was not a big deal.
    But i heard later, there will be a big earthquake that will knock down California. Is that true????
    Should i live here???

    Answer:-that will knock down california? what are you talking about.
  • Question:-california earthquake?
    Why is everyone saying California is going to break off into the ocean and tsunamis will come etc? I'm moving there in two months and this is not something i want to happen to me! Do you think its even possible?

    Answer:-This was an erroneous outcome someone long ago speculated about the possibilities of events, based on the location of the San Andrea's Fault. This fault runs from Mexico to the San Francisco bay, in the state of CA and runs through the two most populated areas of the state. Because it is a feature of where the North American and Pacific tectonic plates meet, the 'falling off' thing was suggested and has even been the plot line of a few movies "Superman". Fact is, the North American plate slowly moving southward and the Pacific plate is slowly moving northward, each about 3" a year. They're not pulling apart (which a 'fall off" theory would suggest). They're ginding past each other and if anything else sub-ducting, one moving underneath (toward) each other. The movement isn't smooth but instead, continents "locking" with each other for periods of them, but as the plates beneath push in the directions indicated, the crust which is somewhat elastic. cannot withstand the pressure and "snaps" or releases (in small continuous segments less than 4 miles or so at a time) and creates an earthquake. The San Andrea's fault line is not the only falutline in the state, there are hundreds of them, though the San Andrea's is probably the most famous and gets the most attention. So will we snap off and float away, no. Will there be earthquakes and possible tsunamis? Almost nearly certain. There is 6%-59% of a strong (6.7 Scale scale or stronger) earthquake taking place on any point in CA over the next 30 years. That's pretty good. See the map. Don't freak out, you'll have lots of neighbors and pals do down with you. Peace
    My English teacher told us that there is a 98% chance of a 6.0-8.0 earthquake today. I am a senior in high school and all, but am seriously kinda freaked out . This weird weather and everything.. Do you think there will be a big earthquake soon?

    Answer:-Oh I see now.
    Now I have to figure out where this rumor came from. Anyway I can't say no or yes, as an earthquake of that scale cannot be forecasted in advance and is bound to happen in any 24 hour period of any given day.
    Why not post the same question in 24 hours and we'll see what took place...
  • Question:-How far could the next big California earthquake travel?
    So this is for my Earth Science class, but it's hard to find!So say if the next big California earthquake occured, do you think there'd be a lot of damage in the Central Valley(San Joaquin) region of California? Do you think it would at least be over a 5.0 in the region? (not world wide)

    Answer:-Across the entire
  • Question:-Will there be a giant Earthquake in Southern California on Thursday?
    I heard from the newspaper that a giant earthquake is gonna hit Southern California hard on thursday.
    But I've seen that there's a huge Southern California earthquake prepareness drill on the same day.
    I don't know which one is correct.
    I'd really want to know about it.

    In addition, I've seen snakes crawling around on the ground everywhere.

    I wonder what or when is it gonna happen.

    Answer:-It is only a drill.Nobody has born in the world to predict the accurate occurrence of earthquake. I am the one working on finding the way to give early warning by cheap means. Even though it has proved its use in several occasions I am not yet getting proper acceptance from nodal agencies.
  • Question:-Where can I buy California Earthquake flavored potato chips?
    I purchased some California brand Earthquake flavored potato chips from a rest stop vending machine. I had never heard of them before but I tried them AND LOVED THEM! Since the rest stop was during a vacation trip, I can't go back to where I found them. I looked for retailers on the internet but turned up nothing. Please let me know if you can help, thanks!

    Answer:-I lived in California and I always loved to have California Earthquake Potato Chips. However, they are difficult to find at many places. My friend Jessica, bought them at a Redners Warehoue Market., They usually carry them there or at some ACME locations.I hope that answers your question.
  • Question:-What are the chances of being in a California earthquake?
    I always planned on moving to California once I graduate and start off my career there but my mom is always worried about an earthquake happening so she doesn't want me to go. What really are the chances of one happening and getting killed?

    Answer:-We have dozens of earthquakes every day in California, most of them not even noticeable. You can see for yourself at the United States Geological Survey's website below. If you live in California for any extended period of time, chances are pretty good you'll experience an earthquake, but noticeable ones aren't too common, and major ones even less so. (That doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared for one, of course; seismic activity is fairly random.)

    Earthquakes themselves don't generally injure or kill people. Falling objects and structural failures as a result of earthquakes do. Thankfully, California has some of the strictest seismic building codes in the United States. Modern buildings are required to meet particular guidelines based on how they're made, what they're made of, and where they're located, so they are generally pretty sturdy. Older buildings are also frequently retrofitted to be earthquake resistant to comply with these codes, although that isn't the case for all older buildings due to issues of time and money. Objects and furniture inside of any building can be braced or secured to minimize falling object injuries. Geography also has an impact on earthquake damage, with areas built on bedrock generally experiencing less severe shaking than areas built on looser, sandier ground.

    As someone said, by moving, you are only exchanging one type of natural disaster for another. Ignorance may lead to injury or death, just as it may for other types of disasters, so the better prepared you are, the more likely you will get through it unharmed, whether the disaster be an earthquake, a hurricane, a tornado, a flood, or anything else.

    None of this should frighten you or dissuade you from pursuing your goals. California is a great place to live, work, and study. It is the most populous state in the country, so earthquakes can't be that common or that devastating; if they were, no one would live here. You just shouldn't go in with the mindset that an earthquake will never happen. They do happen, and we generally get through them without too much trouble, but you should always be prepared and know what to do in the event of a severe one.
  • Question:-where can I get the best, most comprehensive earthquake coverage for a condo in san francisco, california?
    i have already seen what the california earthquake authority (CEA) offers, which is not a whole lot. what are my other options for greater coverage?
    i know what the california earthquake authority (CEA) offers through independent agencies or directly. there is not a whole lot coverage.
    are their options for greater coverage? for example, has anyone had experience with coverage from Geovera Earthquake Insurance? What other companies/options are out there?

    Answer:-~~Sorry to argue here, but it is also available through State Farm in California too. The problem with earthquake insurance is this; it is extremely expensive. If you read all the fine print it only covers you in the event that your whole house is pretty much leveled, and that isn't going to happen here unless you have a much older home. I don't believe any contents are covered either, so call a State Farm agent and see if it is worth the expense to you.~~

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