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chris carpenter

  • Question:-Chris Carpenter!!!?
    Ok since his season is basically over(he'll be back for 10 starts tops).... Im gonna drop him, but i dont kno who i should drop him for heres the top 10 starting picthers on the free agents:

    Jeff Suppan
    Tim Wakefield
    Oliver Pérez
    Claudio Vargas
    Shawn Hill
    Jarrod Washburn
    Jorge De La Rosa
    Joe Blanton
    Matt Belisle
    Wilfredo Ledezma

    so should i keep carpenter or drop him for one of these guys?? i was thinking of dropping him for Joe Blanton because he had another solid start today and got the win... but who do you guys think i should drop him for?? please help!! thanks

    Answer:-Yes - dump Carpenter. If you want K's, Oliver Perez seems to be back on his game and has a big offense behind him. Look at his numbers. If you are more concerned with ERA/WHIP, Suppan may be your guy. They should end up very close in W's. Good luck.
  • Question:-Up until Chris Carpenter's latest start, I thought Lincecum was the Cy Young?
    Anyone else feel that Chris Carpenter is almost a no doubter for Cy Young?

    Answer:-Nah, Carpenter's been the favorite for a while now. I've been saying that there's still a few starts left and that Lincecum might catch up, but since he's missing tonight's start with back spasms, it looks like it's going to be Carpenter this year. I don't begrudge him it, he's had a fantastic year.

    I have been a bit annoyed with some of the Carpenter fans on Y!A lately, though. There's no need to be nasty about Giants fans (or any fans) supporting their ace.
  • Question:-Should I start Chris Carpenter this week in my fantasy league?
    Apr 8 Joe Strauss, of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, reports St. Louis Cardinals SP Chris Carpenter (elbow) will not start Tuesday, April 10, against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He is returning to St. Louis to have an MRI on his ailing right elbow. He had a long-toss session Friday, April 6, with no problems and also tossed from the mound Saturday, April 7. His elbow flared up overnight and he wants to find out the exact nature of the problem. (KFFL)

    Answer:-Hopefully you didn't start him. Swelling and pain have returned - he's regressed. And he's skipping the road trip. Here is the info in depth from the source:
  • Question:-Were you aware of the real Chris Carpenter?
    Chris Carpenter went 15 and 8 this season overall.
    Vs. Teams over .500 he was 4 and 6.
    Vs. Teams under .500 he was 11 and 2.
    He did not face the Mets this season untill tonight.
    The Mets were tied for the best record in baseball. I guess this means that they must have been over .500 (.599 to be exact, 97 and 65). Incidentally the Mets are also riding an 8 game winning streak.

    I say 5, how many games will the Mets need to sent the Cardinals home?
    Right Georgie they would have had more wins. The Mets did play the Yankees for 6 games, and Toronto for 3 the Red Sox for 3 and some a bunch of teams way better than KC!

    By the way, didn't KC end up with the worst record in the AL, who did they sweep, and knock out of first place the last weekend of the year? hmmmm
    The Cy Young award has yet to be givin, Billy Wagner should win it, he was the best pitcher in the NL this year, plain and simple.

    Answer:-Very interesting indeed!!! I had already picked the Mets to win in 6. Whether Carpenter is their stopper or not, the Cardinals still don't have the depth in their pitching staff to fight off the Mets offensive power. I'll stick to my forecast of 6 just in case it rains again and Carpenter gets lucky in his second start, (if there is a second start!! lol)
  • Question:-Which pitcher should I drop when Chris Carpenter comes off the DL?
    SP Paul Maholm
    SP Tim Hudson
    SP James Shields
    SP Josh Johnson
    SP Scott Baker
    SP Cliff Lee
    SP Chris Carpenter
    SP Chris Volstad
    RP C.J. Wilson
    P Salomón Torres
    P José Valverde
    P Fernando Rodney

    I think it should be between Volstad and Maholm, but they're both pitching well. Your thoughts?

    Answer:-I'd drop Johnson. He's inconsistent unproven, besides one year, here in the MLB. I'd also consider dropping Rodney. He isn't a good closer and you have two other great closers. Volstad has shown some consistency and might actually be that good this season.

    I'd also consider putting Hudson on the DL and not dropping anyone to get Carpenter. If you can do this, then I recommend it. You don't have to drop anyone.
  • Question:-Why isnt Chris Carpenter considerd the best pitcher in baseball?
    People say its other people like Verlander Halliday and Kershaw but Carpenter made Halliday look like a clown. why dont people give him credit he diserves. Hes soooo much better then any other pitcher but nobody says that they allways say one of the other ones
    i like how your all on Hallidays dickkk. wheres he nowwww??? HOMEEEE!!! he got beat by da man Carpenter!

    Answer:-Chris Carpenter is sh!t compared to Halladay.
  • Question:-Is Chris Carpenter going to get lit up because he is to emotionally involved with Halladay?
    Carp is a great friend of Halladay and that is a big problem for the Cardinals because his emotions of not wanting to beat his good pal will hurt his pitching. I think he will get lit up and actually feel great about it because his fishing buddy Halladay will advance in the playoffs to get a ring.
    Phillies 13 Cardinals 2.
    Your thoughts?

    Answer:-Carpenter will come thru for us hes going to mop the floor with Holladay.
  • Question:-Who will you rather have on your fantasy team Josh Johnson or Chris Carpenter?
    Just learning that my ace Brandon Webb is heading to the DL. Josh was lights out in his first and in his last start vs the Mets and Carpenter was great in his last start. Which of the two can help my pitching staff the most?

    Answer:-I like Carpenter, because of his greatness before he got hurt. Johnson is a potential ace, but not proven yet. Either of them you should not go wrong. Good Luck.
  • Question:-How do you think Chris Carpenter is going to do in his first start back?

    Answer:-he should do pretty good. he at one point was the best pitcher in baseball a few years back. he still has the stuff and the potential..
  • Question:-Is Chris Carpenter really going to be out for 3 months?
    i have chris carpenter for my fantasy baseball league and i heard rumors that he is going 2 b out for 3 months. is this true?

    Answer:-From what I have heard, yes. He is going to undergo right elbow surgery. The inflamation was cause by bone spurs. So drop him now and pick up Jeff Suppan. Suppan will have a good year with the Brewers. Or you could even pick up Jason Marquis. Another great prospect is Lincecum. He is predicted to be great.

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