Monday, October 24, 2011

john mccarthy

  • Question:-Where can I find all the fight Big John McCarthy has reffed?
    I'm trying to make video so I'm looking to find a list of all the fights that Big John McCarthy has reffed in the UFC. Give me a link or just list em all, thanxx.

    Answer:-you can't be serious? big john has been reffing matches since ufc 2 and has done tons of other shows besides the ufc... think about how many matches he has been apart of

    we are talking 100's
  • Question:-Where can I get a shirt like the one that Big John McCarthy wears when he refs on UFC?
    I am going to go to Halloween as Big John McCarthy and need to get my hands on the shirt that Big John McCarthy wears when he refs. Where can I get one? Also, what else should I wear with it?

    Answer:-Try KMart or Ross. Wear a kilt with it.
  • Question:-Who do you think would win in a UFC fight, John McCarthy or Herb Dean?
    I think Big John McCarthy.

    Answer:-Herb Dean has fought before... but John McCarthy had trained with Randy Couture for a long time... McCarthy wins.
  • Question:-Who would win in a fight Herb Dean or Big John McCarthy?
    I know herb dean practices martial arts and McCarthy is a tough ex-cop, so who would have the edge in this match up?

    Answer:-I am going with Herb Dean. He has a lot more experience in fighting MMA. Both are great refs though.
  • Question:-What impact did John McCarthy's actions have on us today?
    I have to write a mini essay about his actions and his impact for school and I know everything about his life and what he did, but I can't figute out hot his anticommunist acts have affected us today.

    Answer:-In the early 1950s, while the citizens of the USSR and its allies were blockaded and threatened with nuclear annihilation and the people of the countries of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia were sabotaged, bombed, invaded, poisoned and assassinated while brutal dictators were installed to govern them [see Cold War], people within the U.S.A. were subjected to the terror of McCarthyism, a terror that also spread to the US’s allies.

    Senator Joseph McCarthy gave his name to the wave of anti-communist witch-hunting which followed the end of the Second World War, mainly because of a 6 hour scaremongering speech to the Senate on 20 February 1950 which launched his career as a witch hunter. In this speech he claimed that a communist espionage ring with at least 80 active spies, had penetrated the State Department, the Office of War Information and the Board of Economic Warfare, going on to accuse the government of inaction. The House Unamerican Activities Committee was another powerful instrument of anti-Communist witch-hunting, most famous for its denunciation of many hundreds of Hollywood figures as Communist spies and propagandists.

    McCarthy accused the Truman government of being infiltrated by Communists who were undermining the US war effort in Korea, thus helping get General Eisenhower elected President in 1952, and it was only when Joseph McCarthy denounced Eisenhower himself in December 1954, that McCarthyism ran out of steam, though anti-communist witch-hunting in one form or another persists to this day.

    McCarthyism drove hundreds of thousands of trade unionists, peace activists, communists and free-thinkers of no particular ideology at all into isolation and poverty. It destroyed the lives of those witch-hunted, and intimidated millions of others into “keeping their heads down” and their mouths shut. Today, it is much easier for politically ambitious politicians to scare the American public into accepting the latest suspension of Civil Rights (see the recent "Patriot Act") once McCarthyism set the example for others to follow.
  • Question:-Why is Big John McCarthy the best MMA ref?
    I've must have watched him ref 30 matches or so and haven't seen him make any bad stoppages or let matches go too long. He seems real up on the rules too. It's his knowledge or keen vision?

    Answer:-Big John started out early with the UFC, before Dana White and weight divisions were involved. he is probably one of the most experienced MMA refs on the planet.
  • Question:-How come Big John McCarthy doesn't work in the UFC anymore?
    I just saw him reffing the Shamrock/Diaz fight.

    Answer:-Technically he hasn't worked for the UFC since about 2001 or so, when the State Athletic Commissions started sanctioning events. That's who pays the officials at all MMA events. Now a few years ago McCarthy retired from active reffing, and during that time said some things that UFC president Dana White took exception to. Since he's begun reffing again, he hasn't been asked to ref a UFC event, but he said in a recent interview that he'd do it if he was asked to. Again, that's almost entirely up to the State Athletic Commissions, although I'm sure the UFC would have some say if they didn't want him to be an official.
  • Question:-Will Big John McCarthy get into the UFC hall of fame?
    I think he is by a mile the greatest ufc ref ever. He has refed the most matches in the history of ufc. His presence was iconic in the ring with his famous phrase ''lets get it on''.

    Answer:-Yes he should. Ask anyone to name a UFC ref and they'll probably say Big John.
  • Question:-Who awarded MMA referee "Big" John McCarthy his black belt?
    I know that former UFC referee "Big" John McCarthy began his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training at Rorion Gracie's school in Torrance. But who promoted John to black belt back in 2007? He's not listed on the Gracie Academy's official list of black belts yet other celebs such Ed O'Neil (Al Bundy) are.

    Answer:-Mr. Miyagi. I joke i joke. The guy who answered before me is totally right.
  • Question:-Why is John McCarthy back in the UFC?
    What is this clown doing back in the UFC?? After all the garbage he spoke about Dana and the UFC and going to work for rival companies, why is he back??

    Answer:-because he was appointed by the California athletic commission the UFC doesn't choose who the referee's are

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