Thursday, October 20, 2011

chris morris

  • Question:-Is There A Cameo Of Chris Morris In 'Four Lions'?
    Chris Morris usually is in his comedies in one way or another. But when I watched his film 'Four Lions, I didn't see him anywhere.

    So, I was wondering if he made any form of cameo, and I didn't pick up on it.


    Answer:-He made a voice only cameo.
  • Question:-What do you think of Chris Morris's Critical article of Martin Amis?

    it's three years old, but, still...what do you think of it?

    Answer:-Ok Gonzo, I'll read it later when my brain is fresh and get back to you! Watch out!

    Whoa! That's brutal! I actually reamember reading this yonks ago, and it's probably what helped form my opinion of Amis as a douchbag. BUt on this second read, I can see that the article lacks substance. While it does a great job at hilariously mocking and deriding Amis, it doesn't really go into any depth about his points does it? Overly simplified, but a fun read.

    BTW, haha at "didn't he once accidentally sneer his face off?" The perpetual scowl on Amis' face is so horrendous, he absolutely deserved that!
  • Question:-Do I start Thomas Jones, Chris Brown or Sammy Morris at RB?
    Thomas Jones has been a big disappointment. Brown splits time though. Sammy Morris I don't even think is the starter if Moroney is healthy?

    Answer:-This is the week Jones breaks out against a weak giants run defense. Even the Packers found a running ggame in NY.
  • Question:-chris morris basketball card played by the jazz?
    how much would a upper deck trading card with chris morris from jazz dated 96'

  • Question:-For my wr/rb slot should i start chris perry, maurice morris, ray rice, matt forte, or patrick crayton?

    Answer:-Forte cuz the bears will be running all day. Also Forte is starting RB for the bears, crayton is romo's third or fourth look most times.
  • Question:-Should I start Maurice Morris, Chester Taylor, Chris Johnson or Rashard Mendenhall?

    Maurice Morris is Seattle's starting RB, Chester Taylor looks good to get some touches behind AP to keep him fresh, Chris Johnson is a rookie phenom likely to be a 50/50 split with Lendale White, and Mendenhall is probably a wait-and-see what Pit does with him.

    Answer:-CHRIS JOHNSON is gonna have a huge game.. the jags like to stuff the middle.. and johnson will just bounce outside and get crazy yardage...
  • Question:-Fantasy football - who should I keep, Sammy Morris or Chris Brown?
    I have Maroney, Bush, Alexander as well and I need to cut 1.

    Answer:-keep chris brown (ten)
  • Question:-Which 2 rb's should i start for week 7? Chris Johnson and Sammy Morris or Felix Jones?

    Answer:-kevdog hit the nail in the head.
  • Question:-What was the name of the singer and band that Chris Morris used to lampoon Pulp?
    I think the song was about Myra Hindley.

    Answer:-Check through GOOGLE. . .
  • Question:-sammy morris or chris johnson week 6?
    I got chris johnson but he has been struggling and he's playing patriots this week. Sammy Morris is the starter against the titans this week. Who should i play? help please

    Answer:-Are you guys nuts? It's all about the matchups! I agree Sammie Morris is a stud but the titans is very good against the run. They are terrible against the pass, but the run they could shut down! They are upset and pissed off being 0 and 5!! Check this fact out. Jones Drew was stopped, Steve Slayton was stopped, Joseph Addai was stopped, Willie Parker was stopped. If that does not say Red flag then I don't know what will. For this week, I would start Chris Johnson. Look what Rookie Knowshon Moreno [88 yards] did to Patriots last week? And that's with Orton throwing for 51 times are you kidding me??

    1.) K.Moreno up the middle to DEN 32 for 12 yards (G. Guyton)
    2.) K.Moreno up the middle to NE 48 for 5 yards (B.Meriweather).
    3.) K.Moreno right guard to NE 29 for 5 yards (T.Warren).
    4.) K.Moreno left tackle to DEN 22 for 3 yards (B.McGowan).
    5.) K.Moreno right guard to DEN 35 for 13 yards (G.Guyton).
    6.) K.Orton pass short middle to K.Moreno to DEN 42 for 7 yards (J.Mayo)
    7.) K.Moreno up the middle to NE 33 for 11 yards (B.McGowan).
    8.) K.Moreno right guard to NE 15 for 3 yards (T.Warren).
    9.) K.Moreno right guard to DEN 30 for 2 yards (T.Warren).
    10.) K.Orton pass short middle to K.Moreno to DEN 47 for 5 yards (G.Guyton).
    11.) K.Moreno up the middle to NE 45 for 8 yards (J.Mayo; B.McGowan).
    12.) K.Moreno up the middle to NE 36 for 1 yard (M.Wright).
    13.) K.Moreno up the middle to NE 13 for 2 yards (V.Wilfork).
    14.) (Shotgun) K.Moreno right tackle to DEN 20 for 4 yards (G.Guyton).
    15.) (Shotgun) K.Orton pass short right to K.Moreno to NE 42 for 27 yards (B.McGowan; S.Springs).
    16.) (Shotgun) K.Moreno up the middle to NE 22 for 7 yards (B.McGowan).
    17.) (Shotgun) K.Moreno right guard to DEN 27 for 1 yard (G.Guyton).
    18.) K.Moreno left tackle to NE 41 for 4 yards (T.Banta-Cain).
    19.) K.Moreno right end to NE 48 for 9 yards (J.Mayo).
    20.) K.Moreno left end to NE 29 for 11 yards (B.McGowan).

    SHOULD I SAY MORE?? Start Chris Johnson!

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