Wednesday, October 26, 2011

jamarcus russell

  • Question:-jamarcus russell?
    Will the raiders actully sign jamarcus russell? If not, what will happen to him, what team will sign him?

    Answer:-He will sign...Brady Quinn there is only him and a CB left unsigned...and the Raiders have the rights to he cannot sign with another team...unless the Raiders trade him...
  • Question:-JaMarcus Russell?
    my starting quarter back is peyton manning.
    number two is jason campbell- washington. i am considering replacing cambell with jamarcus russell.
    what do you think?

    Answer:-Neither is spectacular, so it boils down to their receivers.
    Washington wins here with Antwaan Randle El and Santana Moss.
    Oakland's got Javon Walker now, but Russell has yet to prove himself as a solid quarterback as Campbell managed to do last season.

    I'd say keep Campbell.
  • Question:-Jamarcus Russell?
    So when do you think the Raiders will sign Jamarcus Russell?

    Answer:-Im a Raiders fan and I really hope they dont sign him.. Straight out of college and they all want multi million dollar contracts with 10,20,30 mil up front guarenteed. Now with the new policy set down by the commish more teams will want anti Vick/Pacman clauses in the contracts and that will have more players holding out. They should go to a NBA style pay system for get a league minimum for 3 years..scaling up each year then after your 3rd year you negotiate a contract depending on how you perform. Pay the players for how well they do agianst the best out there...not agianst other players that have no shot to play in the NFL.
  • Question:-JAMARCUS RUSSELL..........................?

    Answer:-he could be the MVP if all the players in the nfl died then he will when the mvp till then never
  • Question:-How good will Jamarcus Russell be 2 or 3 years down the road?
    Its hard to envision him being a top 10 qb next year because of the fact that oakland is rebuilding at almost every position and has a bad o-line. However I think this draft class has depth at wr and ol positions and oakland may be good 2 or 3 years down the line. Also Jamarcus Russell is the strongest qb right now and has the biggest speed and can run a 4.7 40-yard.

    Answer:-I think Jamarcus will be as good as the Raiders Coaching staff. The Raiders suck and they do not have a identity or a recipe for building a winning team. Put the right players and system around Jamarcus and you will have a quarterback that can win games in the future.
  • Question:-Why has JaMarcus Russell not been living up to his expectations? why has he been a disaster with the Raiders?
    Is it just him or is it just the entire Raiders organization? Because JaMarus Russell was the number 1 pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, and yet, now look at him? In college was he just way too overrated? or do you think JaMarcus Russell will only be better if he was with a better team?
    Overall, why do you think he sucks? does he have horrible receivers and a horrible offensive line? or is it just him overall?

    Answer:-I joke that he has to be related to Ryan leaf. Russell is over weight and according to team mates and coaches has no work ethic and is not trying to improve.

    Granted the over all issue with the Raiders is Al Davis, JR isn't a positive aspect either.

    Just because you do well in college it doesn't mean you are suited to do well in the NFL.

    What the Raiders need to do:

    1) Al Davis needs to hire a GM
    2) Said GM needs to fire Cable, Russel, and the jokes of safteys we have on the field.
    3) Bulldoze that dump of a stadium and rebuild it
    4) Hire a decent coach, not necessarily one who won a superbowl but one who can win in the NFL.
    5) Don't draft a QB but try to trade/negotiate to get a veteran who still has 7-10 years in him.
  • Question:-Who is the better quarterback? Matt Ryan or Jamarcus Russell and give me a reason why?
    What is wrong with these football teams? Detroit Lions, Bengals, Raiders, Chiefs and the other bad teams?
    Do you think the should have drafted Brady Quinn instead of Jamarcus Russell?
    Who will have the first pick in the 2009 draft?
    Which teams need a new quarterback? Vikings,Chiefs,Raiders,49ers?
    Is Jamarcus Russell a bust?

    Answer:-Matt Ryan no doubt about it. Russell sucks! The Raiders wasted their number one pick on Russell who is a carbon copy of Byron Leftwich!
  • Question:-Who should I start at quarterback for my fantasy team: Tom Brady or Jamarcus Russell?
    I'm having a debate on who I should start at quarterback for my fantasy team. Tom Brady did okay last week, but Jamarcus Russell has been tearing up the stat board the last couple of weeks. Last week he even added a sick spin move to his arsenal, so I'm leaning towards Russell.

    Answer:-Flip a coin, that should help
  • Question:-Why is a photo of Jamarcus Russell getting me banned on Chatroulette?
    Ppl on Chatroulette report me very quickly when I post up a picture of Jamarcus Russell (football player in uniform on a game day) with a caption that reads "Fat, lazy, and umemployed." Since my description is accurate, who is it offending?

    Answer:-Guess people don't want to talk to someone who claims to be fat and lazy, then they report you. Maybe they report you for not using your real webcam? Maybe the masterbaters are reporting you for being clothed? has a list of another 50 chat roulette alternatives for you to try plus a bunch of free webcam software :)
  • Question:-Can anybody else believe that Jamarcus Russell wears Alabama gear?
    According to AP reports JaMarcus Russell showed up at the Green/Ward fight in Oakland on Saturday night with an Alabama Crimson Tide jacket and hat. Thats like Tom Brady showing up at the NBA finals in Boston wearing an Ohio State Jacket.
    And that isn't to suggest that Brady and Russell have anything else in common.
    @Ed Reed. Good one. LOL.

    Answer:-Well its probably all that would fit Russell...

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