Wednesday, October 26, 2011


  • Question:-How hard is it to become an Oakland Police officer without college?
    Im applying to be an oakland police officer but i only have 9 college units. How tough will it be? I already passed the POST test for San Mateo and waived it for Oakland so if I pass the rest of the testing will college be something that stops me from getting the job. I would go but I live alone and have to pay my bills therefore college is not an option at the moment. I have no criminal record nor traffic tickets.

    Answer:-it should'nt be hard at all having a collage degree in law\law enforcement simply helps your advancement rate. you could start higher than a basic street position.
  • Question:-What is up with the people of Oakland lauding a killer/rapist for shooting dead 4 cops?
    Why isn't Sharpton or Jackson in Oakland trying to quell the violence against the police? They are there whenever a policeman shoots a felon to protect that felon's rights.

    Answer:-Isn't it ironic? Every summer, in every black ghetto in the country, black people go screaming to the mayors and police chiefs demanding MORE police presence in their neighborhoods. Why? Because black criminals prey on black residents, and they want protection.
    BTW, It isn't white people going into those rat-infested areas robbing old ladies and raping young girls. It's black criminals.
    Then, the same people who demanded MORE police once again scream when the police actually do their jobs and crack down on the gang-bangers, drug dealers, and rapists. Why? They claim "racism", because the police are "singling out" black criminals.
    So, a rapist/convicted felon/drug dealer/parole violator gets pulled over and shoots two cops point blank, then goes on to kill two more- and the crowd goes wild. They mock the police, they cheer for their murders, and they make a worthless, violent, poor excuse for a human being into a hero.
    Sharpton and Jackson may show up. If they do, however, it will be in support of the thugs, not in support of what's right. They wouldn't dare criticize their constituents. They never criticize the black violence, they only blame it on racism.
    And race relations get set back another 10 years...
  • Question:-What is the minumun GPA to enter Oakland university?
    What is the minimum GPA to enter Oakland university? Also, what is the minumum ACT score ?

    Answer:-You have to use your resources. I promise you will get answer faster and more accurate by simply emailing the Board of Admissions of the school.
  • Question:-What do people think of the new Oakland Airport Southwest Air terminal?
    Recently I flew into Oakland on Southwest and was surprised to see the new food concessions. Oakland is becoming a mini SFO.

    Do people still prefer SFO over Oakland?

    Answer:-It depends on where you live and where you're flying to, if you live closer to the Oakland Airport than SFO and they offer a flight to your destination, then use the Oakland Airport. SFO is a larger airport and offers more flights to more destinations, especially international flights. I used to live on the Peninsula, and flying out of Oakland was very inconvenient for me and never once used the Oakland Airport. I lived 15 minutes from SFO, why drive another 30 minutes each way when I didn't have to?
  • Question:-When is the Oakland Officers Killed in the Line of Duty furnerals going to be?
    In Oakland California four officers died from gunshots from a parolee! When is the funerals and is there a trust fund established?

    Answer:-It's Friday, March 27th at 0900. Parking lots open at 0730.

    It will be held at the Oracle Arena located at 7000 Coliseum Way in Oakland. The service is open to the public, but the viewings are restricted to brother officers and family only.

    More information is contained in the link below.
  • Question:-How do i figure out my routing number for oakland county credit union?
    I need to find out what my routing number is for my pay pal account. I have already gone to the oakland county credit union website and i can't seem to find anything there.

    Answer:-Do you have a check? If so starting on the left hand side the routing number is the first 9 digits at the bottom of the check. If you don't have a check call your local branch and they can give you the number.
  • Question:-What are the safe and affordable neighborhoods in and near Oakland CA?
    I'm moving from Cambridge MA to Oakland CA very soon for job but am not very familiar with the area. I pay abut $1500 a month now for rent and would like to find something along the same lines for a place in Oakland. I've heard Oakland can be a little rough with crime and would like to avoid the worst areas. I've heard Piedmont, Lake Merritt, Rockridge, Montclair are all nice areas. Any other good neighborhoods? What are the places to avoid? Thanks in advance!

    Answer:-That is, no other good place in Oakland, avoid east and west oakland, you can easily find 1bedroom apartment for $1500, there are many apts in rockridge and lake merrit area.
  • Question:-How do you get from Santa Cruz to Oakland, California via public transportation?
    My boyfriend and I are thinking about going to go see AC/DC when they play in Oakland, but we live in the Santa Cruz area and neither of us can drive.

    We're not sure if a parent can drive us, so what is an easy way to get from either Watsonville or Santa Cruz to Oakland?

    Answer:-city bus or bart.

  • Question:-How many undocumented immigrants live in Oakland, California?
    There's an estimate of 88,000 in the entire Alameda County. How many in Oakland? Any one have any information on this? It is a sanctuary city, so i didn't think finding numbers on this group would be hard. I've called several places but no luck.

  • Question:-What are some nice suburbs of Oakland with good schools?
    There is a very slim chance that I might end up in an office in Oakland. If so, any recommendations for neighborhoods with good schools where the average home isn't much more than half a million dollars?


    Answer:-Piedmont is good but very expensive. Oakland Hills neighborhoods have great schools like Chabot, Hillcrest, & Thornhill(elementary schools). People try to cram into these areas to be in the school districts. You'd be hard pressed to find a house less than half a million, but there are condos that are. The real "towns" that fall in your financial category are San Leandro, Castro Valley, Hayward, El Cerrito. The problem is the schools aren't that great. Better than Oakland, but that unfortunately, isn't saying much. Basically, where the public schools are good the property values are high. You might have to compromise one or the other a little bit. Alameda is a consideration, that might be your best bet.

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