Monday, October 24, 2011


  • Question:-Is it a good time to buy real estate rightnow?
    We are the first timers to buy our first home , we have a small budgets , we are looking for a home is around 200 grand, with convenient locations. Rightnow with the mortgage rules tighten up and mortgage interest rate hike to 5.5% minimum , is it a good time to buy a home? Please put ur insights. A confused first time home buyer !!

    Answer:-this question will have a lot of people saying yes an no but since i invest in real estate
    the answer is a big Yes the reason is the market is ripe no time in history is a better
    time now than to buy a home for pennies on the dollar an turn around an fix it up
    an rent it out if your a cash buyer you are already in the game to buy some good deals
    if you don't have money an what i mean by money i'm talking about a
    Minimum of $10k to buy a fixer upper an another $5k to $10k for rehab to get
    the home rent ready i use contractors that will give me a written estimate which
    is free as well i check the comps in the area to see what my property would be
    worth with a Realtor or an Appraiser of course you can use or
    which are free an also homes that have sold in the last 3 months
    i also check with property mgt an see what the rents will be in my area that i'm buying
    also you can use your IRA or 401K to buy real estate the best time to buy is now.

  • Question:-What does it mean? How do I get over the pictures in my head rightnow?
    I recently had a scary dream where I touch my head and parts of my scalp come in my hand. I look at the scalp in my hand and noticed full & dark hair follecile growth still attached to it (basically inside out of the scalp). I touch my head again in my dream and notice parts still coming out as I continue to touch it. This dream is like picture infront of my eyes and it scares me everyday. Please help.

    Answer:-the best thing about it is find some nice picture and put it in the point that you can see always
    it will be remove easily
    I am sometimes like you
  • Question:-Whats the best broadway musical rightnow?
    Iam visiting NY and only have money to see one show, I like musicals and special effects! any recommendations?

    Answer:-Best is relative... but if you like special effects you might want to check out either Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Mary Poppins, or The Little Mermaid.
  • Question:-My pc is very slow and infectec with virus, i don't have funds rightnow, is there any temporary measure?
    My pc is very slow and infected with virus, rightnow i have no funds, is there any free drive cleaner to solve the probleblem temporarily?

    Answer:-As a couple of others have suggested,try AVG free version.If you will have funds available in a short while I would download a free trial version of symantic anti-virus or Trend microvirus.Personally I have had excellent protection with Trend products.but I think any reputable virus software will do a good job.Be careful and do some research before downloading just any free software because some so-called virus protection programs are loaded with spyware and viruses themselves.
  • Question:-Ok I have the yellow light thing on my ps3 rightnow and I have like no idea what to do and Im like so mad?
    Rightnow I have clean it with a cloth and used those little little things with cloth at the end those tooth picks or whatever and I clean it with those too and tried over and over and over again turining it on but I keep on getting the yellow light and Im just so frustrated can someone help me please!

    Answer:-You have that yellow light of death crap. The only thing left to do is send it in to Sony. If it's still in warranty, they'll fix it if not then they'll still fix it but they will charge you over a hundred bucks. Most likely, when you get it back from getting fixed by sony, chances are it will dies out a few months later. That's how all these stories end up. Sucks, but I think Sony set this all up so they can get more money.
  • Question:-What is Chivas failing at defense offense cause i dont why there being sucky rightnow?

    Answer:-we have a skillfull and solid team, we probably have the best defense in all FMF, but the thing is that there is way too much changes every game. I mean I guess we have to understand since they are playing two tournaments, but if you notice one game there could be 3-4 different starters from the last. Another thing I think Efrain has been experimenting a lil too much, maybe its time to just keep it up front with medina, Chicharo, and Arellano....

    But dont worry if ur a chiva fan we will get back on track...

    fcuk the haters

    EDIT: for every dumbfcuk, the COACH makes the decisions on the style they play. If he says one thing they have to obey, you either do what the coach tells you to do, or ur are playing bench and off to another team you go to..... yall are some ignorant dumbfcuks...
  • Question:-What is the best google video out there rightnow?
    its Sunday and I'm bored,thers nothing good on tv rightnow

    Answer:-i have a pretty funny one. search "napoleon dynamite my humps" and click on theone result. Not sick or violent or anything.
  • Question:-Why is there a riot in London rightnow?
    im curius. when i went on youtube today there was alot of videos about the riot.i live in vancouver so i dont know about london.

    Answer:-I live in London, it is horrific here. My friend's house got burnt down two nights ago. I have seen things unfit for a 17 year old. This is truly horrific. The rioters claim to be fighting the police (over a retaliation of a killing of a black man in North London) however, not a single police station has been touched. Some local shop owners took the matter into their own hands and formed a community protection to defend their own community. I have signed up for the clean up and a lot of people across the country are participating.

    The original riot was actually a protest march organised by the victim's family and friends, however when they got no answers the crowd got rowdy. A 16 year old black girl threw an object the police and the police apparently knocked her down. This incensed the crowd and they got out of control, set two police cars on fire, set a bus on fire and broke into shops. Needless to say word travels fast, I found out within two hours and on the news I could see images of Tottenham (original place of the riot) up in flames. Some people from other parts of London went to partake in the rioting and looting.
    The very next day, Brixton (tough area in South London) looted the stores at night time, and Wandsworth joined in too (South London again). South London is a very poor area and it has got a huge black population so it was inevitable for the riots & looting not to come to South London. I live in South London (Croydon) and my city experienced the worst fires. I had to walk home from one side of Croydon to the other because there were no buses running. It was truly dreadful. There is a gang problem in London, however all gangs have put their problems aside to loot together side by side. The third night was the worst night, the fourth night was much calmer in London but horrific in other places of England. I pray to God this has finished.
  • Question:-how bad is the flooding in dallas rightnow?
    im going to louisiana so i have to pass thru dallas on I-35 going to I-20
    is is safe to pass thru?

    Answer:-If you are traveling the freeways, you should be fine. Flooding is confined to a few neighborhoods.
  • Question:-if someone offered you some peanut brittle RightNow would you say yum yum?
    and eat it all up, even tho, technically,
    it would be considered your breakfast?

    i would ,and i'm not ashamed to say so ,either.

    mmm.. i'll bet it would be awesome with coffee.

    Answer:-oh my i bet that would be amazing with coffee!

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