Wednesday, October 19, 2011

josh hamilton

  • Question:-Josh Hamilton?
    (whether or not this is actually true) I heard on Mike & Mike earlier this morning that Josh Hamilton was approached about making a movie based on the last few years of his life. If that were actually true, would anyone else pay to see that movie?


    His story is amazing. Here's a guy who has turned his life around and is giving inspiration and hope to others.

    He happens to play baseball, but that is simply something he does.

    Another guy that I like and have known of a similar story is Nikki Sixx!!!

    Personally, I struggle with my own demons of addiction and have brought myself to be a functioning member of society. I believe in people and I love seeing, reading and hearing stories about those who change the choices they make and become healthy individuals.

    Josh Hamilton is not only turning his life around, but may very well change the destiny of one of the worst franchises in baseball.

    I hope he continues to go down this road and succeeds in life beyond measure.
  • Question:-How much would this Josh Hamilton signed ball be worth?
    I have a ball that I got from a Reds player in a Red Sox vs. Reds spring training. Then I called over Josh Hamilton from CF and he signed for everybody. I have a picture of him signing it. I'm not really planning on selling it, but I want to know how much it's worth. Thanks!

    Answer:-A Josh Hamilton autograph on an official MLB Rawlings ball will sell for about $40. A good "certificate of authenticity" will have a money back guarantee on the authenticity of the signature. In the absence of a certification you can spend $20 to have his signature certified, if needed, and there are companies in business that do that type of work. However, spending $20 on a $40 asset is not a real good idea either. Remember, the value of items such as this are all based on supply and demand and there is no correlation between his performance on the field and the value of his signature. Cal Ripken signed many items throughout his career and the value of his signature is down because of ease of finding items with his signature. On the other end of the spectrum is A-Rod who signs very little and his signature is difficult to find thereby driving the value up because of low supply and high demand. Josh is more like Ripken so his autograph is of lesser value.
  • Question:-What brand is the elbow pad worn by Josh Hamilton and where can i get one?
    I recently had elbow surgery and need a pad that will protect while at the plate. I've been told gel is better than foam but cannot find anywhere. A friend suggested looking into the style worn by Josh Hamilton.

    Answer:-It's called an Evoshield
  • Question:-How much is my signed Josh Hamilton baseball worth?
    It says Josh Hamilton #18 on it. I don't have a certificate of authenticity but does anyone know where I could get one? And then how much could I sell it for?!

    Answer:-The one thing about baseball memorabilia is that the older it gets the more valuable it becomes. Hamilton, depending how the rest of his career goes, may very well generate "high dollar" memorabilia. Baseball memorabilia collectors and historians will no doubt have interest certainly if Hamilton plays his way into the HOF. Right now it's too early to tell. The ball has some marketing value at present but years from now it will gain a great deal more. Hang on to the ball, it can only go up in value.
  • Question:-Would anyone know how i could send a email or letter to Josh Hamilton?
    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how i can send a e-mail or letter to Josh Hamilton the baseball player. I know several people do it, I just dont know anyone who does.

    Answer:-Yes, you can reach him at

    HOpe this helps.
  • Question:-How much is my Gold Refractor Josh Hamilton/ Corey Patterson 2000 Finest #271 worth?
    I'm having a hard time finding the exact price for this card. It wasn't worth very much for a long time but I think that it's gone up since Josh Hamilton's become a star.

    Answer:-You could pay $5 for a Beckett pricing guide and get your answer. If you do not have $5 you could go to Wal-Mart or Hastings, or Barnes and Nobles and look up the price without even having to buy the book.

    Since no one has answered your question in 9 hours, I am assuming no one knows. My suggestion may be the best one.
  • Question:-josh hamilton?
    how close were some of those shots that he hit last night to going way out!

    Answer:-2-3 of them where close. The closest one was probobly the one that hit the sign in center field
  • Question:-Josh hamilton?
    should i trade for him?

    Answer:-No, don't trade for him. You will have to give up too much for him. It would weaken your team overall. He was drafted around 190th overall in drafts, but is now ranked in the top 5.
  • Question:-What should I do about Josh Hamilton?
    Josh Hamilton(unfortunately) suffered a knee injury in last night's loss to the Astros. I have him on my fantasy team, but I've only got 1 DL spot and I put Blue Jays P Shawn Marcum in that spot. Can someone please help me here?

    Answer:-I would watch, for now, to see what happens to him. If it's long-term, you might consider trading either Marcum or Hamilton and get some value for them...
  • Question:-Does anyone know if I can view or purchase the Josh Hamilton documentary from MLB network from 2009?
    I am looking for the Josh Hamilton: Resurrecting the Dream documentary that was aired on Feb 27, 2009. I have tried alot of different places but can never find it. I would love to purchase the film of it is available or view it also. Thanks!!

    Answer:-Im not sure either. I have been looking to buy it to but I cant find it anywhere. I really liked this show and wish I could find it somewhere.

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