Wednesday, October 19, 2011

mariska hargitay

  • Question:-Mariska Hargitay?
    Is Mariska Hargitay going to be a rap singer? I heard that she is going to be a rap singer.

    Answer:-google it.
  • Question:-mariska hargitay?
    hey does anyone else think mariska hargitay kicks ass...whos thinks she could possibly win another emmy. i think she should do a movie.

    Answer:-I love her.. I'm so glad she's back on SVU!
  • Question:-Am I the only person who thinks that Mariska Hargitay looks exactly like Jacqueline Kennedy?
    When I heard that Katie Holmes was playing Jackie Kennedy in "The Kennedys", I was very disappointed. I think Mariska Hargitay would have been perfect. Thoughts everyone?

    Answer:-You must be the only one
  • Question:-How can I meet Mariska Hargitay?
    I am a huge fan of Mariska Hargitay and I was wondering if anyone knew how I could meet her. I live one state over from New York City (where they film Law and Order: SVU) so that is a very easy place for me to get to. And has anyone ever met her? She seems so nice!

    I love Mariska!
    I haven't actually talked to her, I've seen her in person.
    I saw her a clothing store in NYC.
    She didn't know I was staring at her.
    I wasn't sure it was actually her until I asked the cashier.
    I was really (and still am) kicking myself for not "bumping" into her.

    You should totally message me!

    I recomend stopping by the set in NYC on a filming day.

    They film mid august to late november.
    they take a 2 month break,
    then continue filming jan. to april.

    good luck!

  • Question:-How can I Meet Mariska Hargitay, when I am only 14 and I live 13 hours away from NYC?? Help!!?
    I realllly want to Meet Mariska Hargitay! She is My hero!! I love her so much! But I am only 14, and Live in NC, 13 hours away from NY.

    Answer:-Most people meet Mariska when she's filming SVU in New York. She bounces from NYC to Los Angeles from time to time. Mariska is awesome! I can imagine that she's very approachable to fans. I live in Michigan and I'm 14 also; someday I plan on going to New York just to meet Hargitay. Good luck.
  • Question:-is mariska hargitay in the new issue of people magazine?
    Hey guys i want to know if Mariska Hargitay is in the new issue of people magazien???? Please tell me

    Answer:-Yes, she is in the new issue of people magazine.

    Greetings The Freak
  • Question:-At what age did Mariska Hargitay first start menstruating?

    Answer:-..why do you wanna know?
  • Question:-What kind of music do you think Mariska Hargitay likes to listen to?
    Does she like oldies, rap, or pop and rock music?

    Answer:-I would imagine she like a bit of everything, maybe not oldies though.
    She might prefer edgier music to mainstream.
  • Question:-What is the spanish nursery rhyme the Mariska Hargitay repeat to a little girl held?
    On an episode of Law and Order SVU Olivia is on the phone or radio with a little girl held hostage. Olivia and the girl keep repeating a song or verse in english and spanish! I want to learn the rhyme but dont know the words or what its called.

    I also cant find the episode

    Answer:-I'm not sure if this is the whole verse or not but they say "manzana apple verde green castillo castle reina queen". The episode is "911" season 7 episode 3.
  • Question:-Where can i find pictures of christopher meloni and mariska hargitay?
    like on photobucket there are a lot of pictures of them together in PHOTO SHOOTS but there really small. Do you know where I can find the bigger pictures? Or what photo shoots have they been in together. Like what magazine?

    Answer:-google images
    yahoo images
    ask images

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