Monday, October 24, 2011

maurice jones drew

  • Question:-How can I get Maurice Jones Drew's autograph after a Jacksonville Jaguars game?
    I'm 13 and would love to get my Maurice Jones-Drew jersey signed by MJD himself. I know where the players exit is but he is the only one who sneaks out another exit. Does anyone know where I can get his autograph? Thank you so much for your help!

    Answer:-if he takes a different exit, its so you won't bother him. he will give his autograph to a company who will then print his autograph onto merchandise, like football cards or bobble heads, but probably not his jersey.
  • Question:-Should I start Frank Gore or Maurice Jones Drew?
    I can start three RB I have Thomas Jones, Ricky Williams, Frank Gore and Maurice Jones Drew. All four are good, but how has the best match ups.

    Answer:-Maurice Jones Drew :)
  • Question:-Should I start Maurice Jones Drew against Buffalo or Kevin Smith against GB on my fantasy team this week?
    Should I start Maurice Jones Drew against Buffalo or Kevin Smith against GB on my fantasy team this week? Standard scoring. I am also starting Adrian Peterson and Earnest Graham. It is a 2 back and 1 flex league.

    Answer:-Kevin Smith, he was one of the few bright spots for Detroit last week!
  • Question:-Would you start jerious norwood or maurice jones-drew?
    Would you start jerious norwood because Michael Turner is a little dinged up or maurice jones-drew this week. Im starting turner regardless but jones-drew has not produce that many points this season, and atlanta is playing the worst run defense in the league.

    Answer:-Are you guys insane.. MJD has torched the colts in the past and with no bob sanders at safty that helps even more.
  • Question:-Fantasy football playoffs: should I start Maurice Jones-Drew or Steve Slaton?
    for NFL Week 15, should I start Maurice Jones-Drew or Steve Slaton for my #2 RB position (I already started Matt Forte for my #1).

    There are a lot of intriguing variables in this decision, so I just wanted some other opinions. Thanks!

    Answer:-i have Slaton and am benching him. Tennessee is too good, and the packers are 27th against the run. go with Maurice Jones Drew he is a TD machine. green Bay has been torn apart by the Texans and Panthers the last two weeks. they can't stop anyone!!!!

    and another option is to pick up Rhodes against Detroit if he is available in your league. projected 15 points. Addai is probably out this week
  • Question:-Fantasy Football Week 5 - Should I start Maurice Jones-Drew or Larry Johnson this week?
    Who do you think I should start this weekend at running back, Maurice Jones-Drew or Larry Johnson?

    I've got maurice jones drew , ray rice and ronnie brown on my team. Ronnie Brown is my only lock (against seattle). should i take yet another chance on MJD against detroit . Or go with ray rice to have another breakout game?

    Answer:-Yes take a chance on MoJo.
  • Question:-Should I trade Maurice Jones-Drew for Brandon Jacobs and Matt Forte?
    Trade deadline is tomorrow and I got offered Brandon Jacobs and Matt Forte for Maurice Jones-Drew. My other RB is Michael Turner. I don't know what to do. Should I accept this trade?

    Answer:-NO!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!

    MJD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MATT FORTE>BRANDON JACOBS
    MJD is to good to trade for that garbage forte yuck that name just doesn't sound good anymore, Jacobs, he isn't doing so hot either.

    MJD FTW!
  • Question:-What do you think of trading Marvin Harrison for Maurice Jones-Drew?
    What about Roy Williams for Maurice Jones-Drew?
    Or either of those rcvrs for Frank Gore
    ps: i have M Harrison, B Edwards, P Burress, R Williams

    Answer:-Do Roy Williams for Jones-Drew
  • Question:-i have been proposed a trade Maurice Jones-Drew for My Marshawn lynch advice please?
    i have been proposed a trade Maurice Jones-Drew for My Marshawn lynch advice please?

    Answer:-I think with the way dRew is playing you might be able to even get a wr in that deal.
    Its to tough of a trade I would just stick with what you got unless you can get something extra because of drews play

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