Monday, October 24, 2011


  • Question:-How low do you think Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) stock will go ? $100 or less. Why the new Quickster name?

    Answer:-Zero within 5 years. Seriously.

    Increasing bandwidth has made "on demand" type services practical. Netflix is at a major disadvantage to larger players like Comcast.

    They had a clever marketing idea that became popular for a while, but the business model is outdated. I expect it to fail in much the same manner as Blockbuster video stores.

    EDIT: Stumbled onto a marketwatch article that discusses the Netflix issues in more depth.
  • Question:-Do you think that Netflix stock (NFLX) will rise to 500+ per share at the rate its going?
    If only I bought it in 2002 for pennies on the dollar...
    a good example of a tech stock rising well through the 21st century is Google.
    Because I want to invest in it. Thanks.

    Answer:-It would take at least another year of sustained growth and investment to reach $500. If it splits 2 for 1 and goes to $250 (the current unsplit price) that is the same as going to $500. As the price increases, fewer people will buy it and more will sell it. Stocks tend to level out, hence the splitting. However, some stocks boom and bust, like Krispy Kreme Donuts. It went up to $80 about 10 years ago as it rolled out across the country, but now is at $5.50 a share. Before the recession it was at $12.50 (October 2007), so it dropped a lot as the donut fad faded.
  • Question:-What do you think of this stock portfolio: NFLX, CMG, DECK, ESRX, and AKAM?

    Answer:-Its worth a pantload
  • Question:-Does anyone think shares of Netflix (NFLX) are likely to rise over the next few months?
    It seems to be near the bottom of it's 52-week trading range and it was upgraded recently. Any thoughts?

    Answer:-I think it is quite likely.

    The technology "threat" - including the new Amazon download service announced last night - is overblown, certainly nearterm.

    Two national online DVD rental services (Netflix and Blockbuster) can co-exist.

    The stock has a reasonable valuation and a high short ratio, while the company continues to demonstrate excellent revenue and earnings growth.

    I don't have any money in the stock, but I think there is good chance for a short-term, ownable rally.
  • Question:-What is the NFLX stock future?
    so keep in mind this isnt with real money. My economics class is playing Investopedia and my it has gone down 10.29% :/ should i sell now or wait for it to go up

    Answer:-Not everything that goes down comes back up. You have to look at why Netflix is down so much: price hikes and Qwikster, which although it was removed, wasn't a smart move by the company because it didn't make any sense and just made it harder for customers. Needless to say, it's unlikely that they'll repeal their price hikes, making this company a harder bet to invest in when it's becoming clear that it may be losing its corner on the market with competitors such as Red Box becoming more popular and Blockbuster attempting to make some kind of resurgence.
  • Question:-Why is NFLX falling? Is it safe to hold on to it?

    Answer:-Supply has exceeded demand or more selling than buying. It has risen so much that investors may want to take their hard profits by selling. It also could be due to institutions rotating out of that sector. This is called sector rotation.

    Company insiders could also be exercising their stock options and selling for holiday money or for their next large purchase. Or you could check the recent NFLX news via Yahoo!Finance around the time of the stock price peak and when it started dropping.
  • Question:-what are the stock prices for KO, HPQ, MSFT & NFLX for 4/9/11?
    i want to know asap its for a project and ive invested money in these =] get back to me thanks anyone

    Answer:-Coca-Cola Company

    Hewlett-Packard Company (HPQ).

    Microsoft Corporation (MSFT).

    Netflix, Inc.
  • Question:-should i buy Netflix (NFLX) after its 5 point tumble today?
    is it worth the risk?

    Answer:-It's risky with the volatility in the market, especially with the economy slowing down. As the economy slows down, people will be less concerned with renting films and more concerned with paying more important bills therefore slowing the growth of Netflix.

    I like Netflix but I'd be moving more into defensive stocks such as pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, high div stocks right now.
  • Question:-Where can I find historical daily returns on specific stocks?
    I am doing a project involving portfolio analysis. The only problem is that I didn't track the daily performance of two specific stocks NFLX and VITC.

    I wanted to know if there was a website that had the daily historical returns of specific stocks not just the index.

    Answer:-Right here on Yahoo.
  • Question:-AMZN buying NFLX FOR $245 ON MARCH 4,2011?
    is AMZN byuing NFLX

    Answer:-I've not seen anything about it. $245 sounds way off too. $245M seems low. Effective tomorrow, definitely not.

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