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sharia law

  • Question:-sharia law,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?
    sharia law.........................?
    1what is sharia law?
    #2what affect would sharia law have on no Muslim family's?
    #3what are the issue with sharia
    #4 do you support sharia law and why?

    Answer:-42:21 Or do they have partners who decree for them a sharia which has not been authorized by God? If it were not for the word already given, they would have been judged immediately. Indeed, the transgressors will have a painful retribution.

    These clergymen who arrogated themselves and falsely claimed to be the "ulama" (people of knowledge), polluted the message of islam with ignorance. They fabricated numerous sharias (laws), prohibitions, veils, beards, turbans, rules on how to clean one's bottom, rules on how to pee in the bathroom, toothbrushes, right hands, left hands, right feet, left feet, hadiths, sunnas, intercession, holy hair, holy clothes, holy teeth, holy feet traces, hazrats, lords, saints, mawlas, mahdies, innocent emams, orders, sects, rosaries, amulets, dreams, holy loopholes, prayer caps, circumcisions, shrines, extra prayers, extra prohibitions, and numerous Arabic jargon such as mandup, mustahap, makruh, sharif, sayyid and more nonsense. Thus, the makers and followers of madhabs and fiqh contradicts the divine laws in nature and scripture, and condemns its sincere followers to misery and backwardness. The religious leaders and their political allies contribute greatly to the backwardness of the Muslim world. Allah Almighty now wants to reform us and open the path of progress with the message described as "one of the greatest" (74:30-37).
  • Question:-Sharia law? ?
    What exactly comes under Sharia law? i know punishing according to Islamic law is one. but what else is sharia law? What are some of its laws and rules?. and what are the punishments if you violate those laws and rules?
    Nut coco, all of those look fair to me.

    Answer:-all the Laws are stated in Glorious Quran VERY CLEARLY
  • Question:-Sharia Law?
    What countries/states are currently governed by Sharia Law?

    Answer:-Saudi Arabia, Iran, most Arab nations. I'm not sure about some of them. Jordan, UAE, and Lebanon are possible exceptions.
  • Question:-What is the likelihood that Sharia law will be imposed on the United States any time soon?
    I hear lots of Christians complaining about the "creeping threat of Sharia law" lately. Is Sharia law likely to be imposed on non-Muslims in the United States? And how is Sharia law different from the Jewish Halakha courts already allowed in the US?

    Answer:-There are exactly TWO chances... slim and none. And I'm putting my wager on none. Islam may obtain more and more followers, even here in the U.S.A., but: even then the U.S. constitution restricts exactly how far Religion can get involved with Government. So, while the Govt can't restrict Muslims from living by Sharia law, they CAN restrict Muslims from enforcing any punishment beyond the basic "kicking the offenders out of the Religion". Fines, imprisonment, corporal punishment, and anything beyond would be totally unconstitutional and not allowed. For them to force the issue would be for them to abdicate their Religious group status and lose all the other benefits that a Religion enjoys in this nation. They may not like it but even IF they became a majority of the population of the U.S. they would still face the very same roadblocks that Christianity faces in trying to make this a Christian Nation. The majority can NOT make the minority illegal and may not discriminate against them in any way whatsoever.

    So, as much as Christians hate the fact that the U.S. won't give them special status that also gives them the same protections if/when their majority status changes. It works for them as much as it works against them. Accordingly, they should just shut up and let things rest the way they are for they may very well unleash all the "winds of Pandora's Box" and bring about their own demise.

    Brightest Blessings,
    Raji the Green Witch
  • Question:-Are punishments in sharia law considered to be an infringement of human right under international law?
    If so how are conflicting laws between states resolved? And if sharia law is violating human rights, how come its not eliminated?

    Answer:-Yes, many of the punishments of Sharia law are considered violations of human rights under international law. For example, cutting off the hand of a thief, flogging, stoning, etc. "International law," however, is binding in a particular nation only to the extent that a nation is willing to give it effect. So, a country that is under the control of Sharia law adherents merely ignores the international agreements and continues its own way.
  • Question:-How is Sharia law and common law similar and different from each other?
    How does sharia law affect a person how family relations,hygiene and culture?

    Answer:-this happens after muslims raid a village and get slave girls.
  • Question:-What aspects of Sharia law, or any religious law, could be allowed under US Law as a form of arbitration?
    If people consent to arbitration under the law, how is that different than consenting to Jewish law, Sharia, Mormon law, or any other religious law in an ADR setting?
    EDIT: I disagree. I'd say any of it that doesn't conflict with the Constitution or other laws.

    Answer:-using your example of "so long as it did not conflict with the constitution " is a good example as pretty much EVERY aspect of sharia law goes against it then things will be just fine and they can NOT ram that chit down the throats of the USA as they are doing daily in the UK..............
  • Question:-What are some examples of creeping Sharia Law in the United States?
    I know a lot of Christians are worried about Sharia law and have passed some laws to protect against it. What are some examples of Sharia law creeping in the United States to enslave us all?

    Answer:-When states recognize sharia law, they recognize it as subordinate to US law. So you can't cut someone's hand off for stealing or something like that. Generally, it is applied in business dealings between Muslims. If a Muslim were to do business with a regular American, the Muslim couldn't break US law in a business dealing.

    People who want to preemptively make Sharia law are all about the noise with little concern about the substance.
  • Question:-Is Sharia law a bigger threat to democracy than Communism and National Socialism?
    Sharia law can sneak in under the radar and hide behind freedom of speech and religion laws. Also, they can get away with enforcing it by using "Political Correctness" against it's host nation.

    Answer:-Sharia law has no place in western societies and should never even be considered as even in its most moderate interpretations it does not treat women as the equals of men. Women are considered second-class citizens and have no rights at all.

    Religion freedom is all well and good as long as beliefs and practices adhere to the western laws already in place. There should be no allowances made using 'freedom of speech' or 'political correctness' or 'freedom of religious expression'.

    There should be one rule/law for all, not different rules/laws for religious minorities and if these rules/laws are broken then they should face the full penalty of the law ... and if they don't like it they can go back to where they came from!

    This should not just apply to extremist Muslim beliefs but to other extreme religions such as the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses etc.

    Communism and national socialism(fascism) are both in your face philosophies and don't sneak in by stealth but by revolution.
  • Question:-What will you do to keep Sharia law out of the United States?
    Sharia law are basically a bunch of laws that favor Islam and stuff.

    They have it over in the UK, lots of European countries, and the Middle East especially.

    What will you do to make sure it never sees the light of day in the United States?

    Answer:-obey the constitution.

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