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  • Question:-Should i start darren mcfadden even though he may split carries with m. bush in week 2 or cadillac williams?
    Mcfadden had a big week 1 but michael bush should be back for week 2 and could take touches away from mcfadden. Cadillac williams is decent but I am not sure if i should start williams or mcfadden.

    Answer:-start mcfadden he got around 20 last week while cadillac got less than 10
  • Question:-Should I start Darren McFadden or Jamal Lewis this week in a standard Yahoo scoring league?
    Darren McFadden is playing the stingy Buffalo defense
    Jamal Lewis is playing a very solid Baltimore defense.
    Another option is Kevin Smith against San Francisco, or since its a flex, Desean Jackson against Pittsburgh. Thoughts?

    Answer:-mcfadden ftw
  • Question:-Should I start darren mcfadden or fred jackson for week 4?
    I have Darren MCfadden or Fred Jackson to play for week 4. Im starting Ronnie Brown but dont know who else.

    Answer:-McFadden is supposed to have a good game, according to all of the experts. I gave him a shot against Kansas City, one of the worst teams in the NFL. He didnt and hasnt produced. I dont trust him, and released him but I would give him a shot this week and if he doesnt put up good numbers, let him stay on the bench.
  • Question:-Do you think Darren McFadden and Knowshon Moreno will be opening day starters for their respective teams?
    They are both on my fantasy team and I'm reading conflicting reports on what their role will be. I thought for sure McFadden and Moreno for that matter would be starters. Didn't McFadden start last year before the injuries? I'd appreciate it if Broncos or Raiders fans who are knowledgeable about the situation would give me their input.

    Answer:-Yep...both starting I bet.
  • Question:-Should I start Rashard Mendenhall or Darren McFadden for week 2?
    My 3 running backs are Chris Johnson (1) Rashard Mendenhall (2) Darren McFadden (3). Mendenhall & McFadden both are good match-ups but McFadden should blow right through STL Defense. I have a feeling McFadden is going to have an even better game this week and I hate to lose those points. On the other hand anything can happen.

    Who to play...

    Answer:-Mcfadden st.louis is horrible and mendenhall did horrible in reality last week he got lucky and broke out for a long td in over time
  • Question:-What modern NFL running back in McFadden being compared to?
    Who does McFadden run like?
    What back IS he being compared to. Yes, I am drunk apparently.

    Answer:-there are two camps on D-mac.

    Arkansas fans, and those who are sold on speed, claim he runs like Adrian Peterson. They are also smoking crack.

    Both are explosive, game changing runners. BUT, All-Day attacks the defenders, and hits them first. All Day runs BETWEEN the tackles, and keeps churning up the hard yards, whether he is going North/South or East/West.

    D-mac on the other hand, prefers the East/West style. He also prefers to dance around the periphery looking for a hole. He also runs AROUND the defender, not through, and in fact, NFL Network ran scouting tape on him, and his legs go limp on contact.

    Make no the college level D-mac is a beast. But dnacers don't make great NFL RBs.

    This is where the second, more accurate camp comes in.

    The Reggie Bush camp. The only significant difference between the two, is D-mac is Bigger, and can ccasionally throw the ball. Otherwise they are identical in running style.

    And how well has Bush done as an RB? He makes a decent WR, but he was totally inneffective as an RB, without McAllister to get the hard yards. There is a reason Pete Caroll platooned him with Lendale White. Bush was used to exploit the slow defenses, Lendale the fast ones (he would just run them over). And Carroll himself made the observation that in the NFL, ALL defenses are fast.

    Funnily enough...2 years ago, before the draft, Bush was being touted as a Once in a Lifetime talent. Sound familiar?

    Between his lack of Running toughness, and Characterr issues, Mike Mayock doesn't even give D-mac a top 10 grade anymore. I'm sure Jerry Jones and Al Davis would disagree.

    And hey...if Jones wants to give up Marion Barber and two first round picks to get a situational 'Tweener...who am I to complain? Anything that screws the Cowboys is OK by me.
  • Question:-How will McFadden fit with the Patriots next season?
    The Patriots have the number 2 pick in the NFL draft. So Im sure they are going to go with McFadden. What else can go good for the Patriots.

    Answer:-Perfectly. He has outstanding character and will fit right in with the "humble pie" mentality. In terms of X's and O's he gives them a legitimate running game, and the Pats can use a system like the Vikings did this year. But Maroney is not as good a Chester Taylor so you would see McFadden get more carries than Peterson did this year. He will also add an explosiveness to the Punt/Kick return game.
  • Question:-Do you think McFadden is finally becoming a good running back?
    The Raiders might lose but Darren McFadden had another 100+ rushing yards game and getting his first rushing touchdown this year. I think he is better than Chris Johnson this year because the Raiders have a bad Offensive Line.

    Answer:-I was thinking the same thing. Besides the Chris Johnson thing. I thought he was going to be another bust. He was always getting hurt. Now with 2 back to back 100+ rushing games, he's looking like a pick that was drafted 4th overall.

    Still would like to see Jason Campbell in there instead of Bruce.
  • Question:-Do you think McFadden will be good for 9 points?
    I am up 96 to 87. The other team has McFadden to go tomorrow night. Scoring is 1 point per 10 yards and 6 for tds.

    Answer:-Why not? Go for it
  • Question:-What do you think about Mcfadden and the Arkansas Razorbacks at LSU?
    I am a HUGE,HUGE,HUGE Arkansas Razorback Fan!I live in Northwest Arkansas!!!!But what do you guys think about the 3 OT 50-48 win over LSU?Also what about McFadden's stats and the Heisman Watch?Arkansas in what bowl game and a W/L for the Hogs?

    Answer:-I think Mcfadden is spectacular....... he has a good chance to win the Heisman...

    If I was Arkansas I would be hoping for the cotton bowl...

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