Thursday, November 3, 2011

180 degrees

  • Question:-What would happen if the outside temperature got up to 180 degrees?
    What would happen if the summer temps were to go reach 180 degrees F? When will the buildings eventually start to fall down or crack? I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building complex, and 3rd is the highest floor. Would the 180 degree temp outside have an effect on me or the building itself?

    Answer:-At that temperature, you would likely see some minor damage to your home. However, I would be more concern about how I can survive at least until the next cooling trend. The A/C would likely be of little help and there would likely be no power too. That heat can easily kill a person if you stayed in that apartment with no A/C,
  • Question:-What is the name for the longitudal line at 180 degrees?
    I know that the Prime Meridian is 0 degrees on the longitude scale. But what is 180 degrees--the point exactly opposite the Prime Meridian on Earth?

    Answer:---The International Date Line (IDL)----------------The International Date Line (IDL) is an imaginary line on the surface of the Earth opposite the Prime Meridian where the date changes as one travels east or west across it. Roughly along 180° longitude, with diversions to pass around some territories and island groups, it mostly corresponds to the time zone boundary separating -12 and +12 hours Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) (Greenwich Mean Time – GMT). Crossing the IDL travelling east results in a day or approximately 24 hours being subtracted, and crossing west results in a day being added. The exact number of hours depends on the time zones. -------------------- The International Date Line around 180°
  • Question:-On a Magnetic motor we need the polarity to reverse at 180 degrees to keep the motor in a constant?
    Is it possible to reverse the polarity at 180 Degrees on a Magnetic motor so the magnetic fields continue as overlaping increasing fields like it did from top to 180 Degrees. Without reverse polarity at 180 Degrees we have a break point.

    Answer:-A motor's torque is maximum when the rotor is about 90 degrees out of phase magnetically with the stator. Any more than that and the rotor again approaches equilibrium, albeit an unstable one. In most motors, it isn't so much the alternation of the magnetic polarities that provides the driving force so much as the the poles' rotation about the stator that drives the rotor. This rotation is inherent in a three-phase motor or a single-phase motor with a phase splitter. Otherwise, the motor requires a mechanical asymmetry between the stator and rotor, most often the result of the existing motion of the rotor or somewhat dodgy commutation with the armature. Such motors often have poor starting torque before the asymmetry is well-established or are less reliable than polyphase motors.
  • Question:-How do I flip a powerpoint slide 180 degrees?
    I'm doing a presentation on Angels and Demons and would like to have the ambigrams flip 180 degrees in front of the audience without having to open up the tool bar in front of them and causing a lull in the presentation. I would like it to be a graphic of some sort so it rotates on its own. Is is possible to do this and how? I'm using Powerpoint 2008 for mac.

    Answer:-Duplicate the slide - (View --> Slide View --> click slide, Edit --> Duplicate) click the graphic on the new slide - select 'Draw' --> 'Rotate or Flip' --> 'Flip Horizontal' (if that choice is grayed out, ungroup and then regroup the graphic)

    give the slide a dissolve transition. don't use a jump cut, don't use a fade through black, don't use an up-left. use dissolve.

  • Question:-How long should I bake Fish with Olive Oil on it at 180 degrees celcius?

    I've read some places that the smoking point for olive oil is 190 degrees celcius, so I decided to bake fish using olive oil at 180 degrees celcius, and it's been almost half an hour, and the fish seems not even close to being cooked.

    How long do I have to wait?

    Is there a better way?

    Answer:-Nowhere near a half hour. Fish should flake with a fork and be at least 72 degrees celsius throughout for food safety.
  • Question:-How many feet are in a circle that is 180 degrees in diameter?
    We are installing a wireless dog fence that's 180 degrees in diameter and are wondering what the footage is if we are to walk the whole circle.

    Answer:-Circumference of a circle is the diameter multiplied by pi. You can't measure the diameter in degrees, so I'll assume you mean feet, in which case the circumference of your dog pound will be 3.14159 x 180ft, 565.5ft.
  • Question:-What do you call an angle more than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees?
    What do you call an angle more than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees?

  • Question:-how do you call it when the figure flips 180 degrees?
    Let's say we graph a triangle and then we flip it to it's 180 degrees on the plane. How do you call it?

    Answer:-Mirror image?
  • Question:-What is the name of an angle greater than 180 degrees?
    What is the name of an angle greater than 180 degrees?

    This is due tomorrow so PLEASE help me.

  • Question:-Is my homebrew going to be ok since I let it get up to 180 degrees during the boil?
    Today is bottling day for my Ruby red IPA. Two weeks ago when I boiled the wort I used a larger burner on my stove. I had not realized it was a larger burner and the beer boiled much quicker and got up to 180 degrees. For what it's worthI used a grain/extract.

    Answer:-I highly doubt you’ll have a problem. The “boil” temperature and length can affect grain/hop flavors infused into the wort along with the types of grains/hops used. For instance, if you’re making a whit that you only want to lightly spice, you’d add your bitter orange peal, coriander, ect... during your last 5-10 minutes of the boil. For stronger more pronounce flavor, you could introduce them earlier in the boil. Volume measurements and time length are the main differences between my homebrew IPA and someone else’s aside from ingredients.

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