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  • Question:-What other Protestant Reformation martyrs besides Anne Askew wrote down accounts of their trials?
    There were few female Protestant martyrs in Tudor England so I would like to compare Askew's uniquely feminine voice to that of a man's account of his trials and torture in the Tower of London. I found lists of martyrs and bios on them, but I would like to find records of their own accounts of the ordeal similar to Askew's First and Second Examinations. Any ideas?

    Answer:-I do not think Anne actually wrote that and it may be drawn from the Tudor court records that Foxe had access to

    There are plenty of first hand accounts of Catholic Tudor Martyrs such as Greene's Dairy of a Hunted Priest
    from the testimonies of survivors who fled to the Continent and from the court rcords

    Have you tried googling the names of the male Protestant martyrs under heny viii and Mary 1?
    You might find links to first hand testimonies
  • Question:-How can I find a contact number for Askew London jewelry?
    I am looking for the manufacturer or distributor for Askew London jewelery in the UK. Please send answers to
    Thank you.

    Answer:-Hope this is of help to you: Sales & Enquiries:
    4 Stourbridge House, Cambridge, UK, CB5 8EY
    Ph: 0800 169 1544
  • Question:-I dont know who Mak Askew is can anyone tell me who is Mark Askew?
    Iv heard of mark askew before but i really dont no who he is :S .. Can anyone tell me who mark askew is?

    Answer:-Executive Chef Mark Askew first worked with Gordon back in 1992 and he has been at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Royal Hospital Road ever since the opening in 1998.

    Born in Yorkshire, Mark spent his early catering years in the North of England before moving to London in 1989 to take up the position of Commis Chef at The Savoy Grill under Anton Edelmann. Between 1989 and 1991, Mark’s talent and ability led him to work at several of London’s most noted restaurants alongside leading chefs including Pierre Koffman at Tante Claire, Michel Bourdin at The Connaught and Nico Ladenis at Nico's.

    In 1992, Mark joined Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen at Aubergine, quickly graduating from Chef de Partie to Sous Chef. Mark followed Gordon's advice to widen his experience and decided to travel to France, where he spent two years working first at the Maison de Bricourt in Brittany and then at the remote Michel Bras restaurant in the Auvergne.

    Mark’s achievements in France saw him in demand back in the UK and he returned to Aubergine, this time as Head Chef. Continuing his fine work in this role, Mark was soon to rejoin Gordon and he was at his side when Restaurant Gordon Ramsay opened on Royal Hospital Road in 1998. Within four short years, the restaurant’s success was recognised with the award of its third Michelin Star in the ‘Michelin Red Guide: Great Britain & Ireland 2001’.

    Mark has overseen Gordon’s restaurants as Executive Head Chef of Gordon Ramsay Holdings since 2001. His talent, passion and ongoing involvement with Restaurant Gordon Ramsay have seen it maintain three Michelin Stars, while it has also featured consistently among ‘Restaurant’ magazine’s annual S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants, ever since the list began in 2002.
  • Question:-What is the meaning of "set a little askew"?
    "He stood there for a moment in the moonlight with his delicate hooked nose set a little askew, and his mica eyes glittering without a wink, then, with a curt Good-night, he strode off."

    (Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad)

    Answer:-OK Askew means out of line, so it would mean slightly out of line. It's not clear whether he has tilted his head slightly so that his nose appears out of line, or whether his nose is shaped that way, either naturally or by accident.

    Hope this helps
  • Question:-Why does the alignment go askew when you are making a web page in Microsoft Word?
    When viewing the Online Layout, I will have something set up perfectly, but when I go to Web Page Preview, it will become misaligned.
    Any idea on why it does this or better yet how to work around it.

    I know that Word is not the idea place to creating a web page but it is mandatory to use for this class.
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Answer:-Micro$oft Word, FrontPage and a few others are notthe type of apps to be using for making a web page. Either use a real HTML Editor where you hand code everything or use something like the free NVU WYSIWYG Editor. Please don't use Word or Frontpage. Servers require FrontPage extensions to work properly, but they do have problems with them. Also, I do not recommend using Photoshop to make a layout except for the images needed to be used.

    Word writes a lot of proprietary Micro$soft code which only it understands. Not even sure IE would be able to parse the page as you see it in Word. That's why you see differences between Word's version and your browser's version of your page.

    To see what the actual problem is, we would need to see the page online so we can take a peek at the code.

  • Question:-Laura Askew Haygood letter dated 1885 found. How do I get it appraised?
    Found several years ago in a box of things I bought at an estate sale. She was a Methodist missionary that opened the first woman's school in Shanghai, China. She lived in the Atlanta area, and the house that she grew up in is a Historical site in Georgia. Help me please. Thank you.

    Answer:-i would take it to the historical site in Georgia and ask them to look at it - they will first of all (as should you) be concerned with its provenance - is it genuine - if it is they will be able to give you an estimate of its value - indeed they would quite porbably want to buy it from you
  • Question:-What is meant by this saying: The best laid schemes of mice and men. Go often askew?
    I have heard this said 100's of times and have said it too, but do not know what it means in the real sense. anyone can you explain please?

    Answer:-"The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley,"
    is from "To A Mousie" , a poem Robert Burns.
    (He was a Scot and a a wonderfully nfuny; great! writer.)
    Literally translated it is,
    "The best laid plans of mice and men are often gone awry."

    It means "man proposes; God disposes." :)
    No matter how thoroughly you plan for something / anything ... you can never be certain that what you have planned will turn out at all - or turn out just the way
    you have planned it.
    (Apparently, the mouse Mr. Burns was watching had the same troubles.)
    Very often, in my case, the plan and the result aren't
    even recognizable as ever having been the same things.

    John Lennon said,
    "Life is what happens while you are making other plans."
    John would know. };>
  • Question:-What happened to a Miss Denny second grade teacher at Askew Elementry sChool in Kansas City, Mo ?
    Miss Denny was a teacher at Askew Elementry School year Sept 1957 to 1958. I was one her strudens I know she was a good teacher. She love her job and the students.

    Answer:-contact your elementary school and try to look her up in public records.
  • Question:-With equal masses on each side, a balance will balance even after being set askew. Why?
    I've tried drawing a vector diagram, but with gravity pulling down equally I can't see why the balance will even out. I knew the answer to this 40 years ago, but...

    Answer:-A balance does NOT balance with equal masses at unequal lengths from the fulcrum.
  • Question:-I accidently jumped on my cat and now her jaw is askew and her tongue is scraped, what should I do?
    Can she heal herself, what is wrong with her, right now she is sleeping and breathing heavily?

    Answer:-if she is breathing heavaly she could be just in shock !!! but if she is asleep and stops breathing alltogether get to the nearest animal hospital /emergency animal clinic . If her jaw is only slitly askew ,keep an eye on her .if she refuses to eat or drink ,or is having trouble (go to the vet as soon as possible) if its dislocated (wich in this case may be the prob) it wont heal by its self . it need caring for and may be coursing her pain (wich will make her breath heavily!)

    - really hope shes ok ..and dont feel bad and Quilty that you jumped on her happens alot i broke my cats foot :( lol but she fagave me !!:) and it was funny to see her hop around in the cast !!

    hope i helped


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