Thursday, November 3, 2011

do a barrelroll

  • Question:-According to the Bible, why does Jesus love to barrelroll?
    If you actually read the bible, Jesus didn't walk to no place, but he consecutively barrelrolled his way from point a to point b.

    Answer:-You must use the 'Lieslieslies' version. My King James says he 'somersaulted, backfliped, *and* barrelrolled' his way to parties and such.
  • Question:-how do i barrelroll??/?
    my friend was on aim and i was too and he i told me to do a barrelroll. i tried but he i broke my arm. it is hurts bad. so how do u i do a barrelroll
    no barrelrolls are also more importans

    Answer:-instead of asking how to recover ur arm ????
  • Question:-How do you do a clean barrel roll on a bodyboard?
    Ive been bodyboarding in socal for a while now and get the "jist" of a barrelroll. Its been frustrating cause i never ride away fromt them, i just crash. Any suggestions?


    Answer:-Go to the lip of the wave when you do it. It also helps if the wave is actually starting to curl. Lastly, you will never pull one off if you don't have enough speed.
  • Question:-can someone do a barrelroll?
    I need to see one.

    Answer:-I don't think many people will get the joke.

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