Thursday, November 24, 2011

five iron frenzy

  • Question:-why does Relient K make fun of Five Iron Frenzy?
    in the song "five iron frenzy is either dead or dying"...they seem to really hate them....what's with it?

    Answer:-They're just kidding around. As far as I know, they're friends. They toured with each other.
  • Question:-What are the best five iron frenzy albums?
    I recently found them and i love them its like putting worship and ska together ^.^. but there are a bunch of albums on itunes to buy what ones should i get? Thanks for your help appreciate it!

    The reason i put in the R&S section was i thought it would get better answers since this is a christian band:P

    Answer:-You've reached the point of no-return;
    go forward working righteousness.
  • Question:-what is "ska" genre the FIVE IRON FRENZY is under?
    this guy gave me his ipod. and for five iron frenzy which is like a christian band i think... he has the genra as ska? what is that?

    Answer:-Ska is basically sped-up reggae with horns. If we want to be super-technical about it, you could refer to FIF as "ska-core" or "third wave ska" which is ska mixed with punk rock influences.

    Other examples of ska include Reel Big Fish, The Urge and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones to name a few.
  • Question:-What Five Iron Frenzy songs were written by Leanor?
    I know of All That is Good and Something Like Laughter that were, but I was wondering if there's more. :3

    Answer:-im pretty sure its a fenderr
  • Question:-What are the chords to 'Riot Gear' by Five Iron Frenzy?
    i cant find the chords for this song, only tabs, but i cant read tabs. i would really appreciate someones help with this!

    Answer:-A flat, B sharp and 3.
  • Question:-Any bands like Five Iron Frenzy?
    Five Iron Frenzy broke up a long time ago and it's sad cuz I found them when they broke up :(. So I couldn't go 2 any of their concerts :,,( is there any other bands like five iron frenzy (other than the OC supertones)

    Answer:-Buck o Nine
    Less than Jake
    Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    Reel Big Fish
    Brian Setzer Orchestra
    Smash Mouth
    No Doubt
    Save Ferris
    Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
    Bouncing Souls
    Dropkick Murphys
    The Clash
    Catch 22
    Flogging Molly
    New Found Glory
    Long Beach Dub Allstars
    Mad Caddies
    Dance Hall Crashers
    Slightly Stoopid
    Operation Ivy
    Mustard Plug
  • Question:-Five Iron Frenzy sheet music?
    Hey, does anyone know where i could find some sheet music for songs by Five Iron Frenzy? mainly the trumpet part. A couple of my friends and I plan on performing it for this variety show type of thing our school puts on every year. Any help tracking down the music for it would be appreciated =)

    The songs were looking for mainly are: all that is good, the untimely death of brad, every new day, new hope, and dandelions. we only want to play one, but want to see how hard it would be to play before we choose =)

    Answer:-AH! Another FIF fan in my mists (And one who types English instead of "Hey, wat up w u?"). Alas, I've looked hard for their sheet music (and Reese Ropers poetry books...), and haven't come up with much. (Its awesome that your playing for your school though! I was just trying to learn it on piano.) Although, on Ultimate (I think) they had the guitar for All That Is Good and Every New Day (I think) and Dandelions. I'm pretty sure they didn't have anything for trumpets though. Although, you can check, I'm not positive. I don't know anything about trumpet music, but maybe those guitar chords could help your friend ear play the song? I'm afraid I wasn't very helpful, but what can I say? Its hard to find Five Iron sheet music. (Especially for some of my favorite songs, most of which you have listed.) Good luck! I hope you find something and that the show goes well!
  • Question:-Five Iron Frenzy bumper sticker? i dont get it.......?
    I just saw a bumper sticker that said :

    'Five Iron Frenzy, keep on truckin....'

    I'm really stupid I know, but I dont get it. I know that FIF is a christian band from the 90's but I dont get the

    help please? thanks!

    Answer:-Five iron Frenzy is a ska band with christian songs but they also have political songs, party songs and songs against the main stream churches. Sadly keep on truckin really has no meaning, it's some 60s-70s slang that can mean anything but you kind of see it as a "later" phrase, since it can be positive and negative...if you talk like that.

    this link is against me but why not.
  • Question:-Who is the better band: Skillet, Petra, Five Iron Frenzy, Eleventyseven, or Newsboys?
    1. Petra- or
    2. Skillet- or
    3. Five Iron Frenzy
    4. Eleventyseven
    5. Newsboys-

    Answer:-Skillet is the best. Newsboys are pretty good too.
  • Question:-Five Iron Frenzy ?
    has anyone ever heard of five iron frenzy?

    Answer:-Yeah, they're brilliant.

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