Thursday, November 10, 2011

helen mirren

  • Question:-Helen Mirren?
    Do you think Queen Elisabeth II was happy about the movie that was done in which Helen won the oscar?. I think Miss Mirren showed great class in her speach to thank the Academy and also Queen Elisabeth II.

    Answer:-According to some papers she, Peter Morgan and Stephen Frears are to be invited to the palace for lunch. The editor of Majesty magazine did not think there was anything to which the Queen could object, though apparently as a countrywoman her getting sentimental over the deer is not very realistic - remember the photos of her breaking the neck of that pheasant. Dame Helen was very gracious about the Queen in her Golden Globe and BAFTA speech as well, and no doubt the Queen appreciates it, whatever her reservations about having private family moments depicted on screen.
  • Question:-Is it odd I find Helen Mirren a hell of a lot more good looking than Angelina Jolie?
    Meow -

    Feel free to flirt, strike up new friendships, fight and generally ignore anything to do with football on this question.

    Answer:-I'd smack that, all on the floor, smack that til she get sore, smack that ooooohoohaaaoh
  • Question:-What is with my sexual attraction towards Helen Mirren?
    There's like a 40 year age difference but I'd still let her take command of my royal scepter.

    Answer:-She's hot! She's like 65 and looks like this in a bathing suit:

    Freakin' fantastic. I hope to look that good at age 50!
  • Question:-What was the name of the british TV Series where Helen Mirren played Police Detective Jane Tennyson?
    I think they made about 7 or 8 sequels to it.

    Answer:-The show is called Prime Suspect..Good Show Love Helen Mirren
  • Question:-Is Helen Mirren not the hottest 66 yr old woman on the planet?
    Oh my god, look at how beautiful. She is hotter than me at 42.

    Here she is:

    Answer:-She is HOT!! MY wife thinks she is also! We'd both love to have her for an evening or two!
  • Question:-What Elizabeth Movie is better? The one with Cate Blanchett or the one with Helen Mirren?
    Which one is worth seeing? Do they both cover the same circumstances?

    Answer:-mostly the same time in history. Helen Mirren is amazing!! definitely better and more historical accurate
  • Question:-is it weird that i'm attracted to helen mirren?
    I'm 23... and i would hit that without even blinking.
    Its not like... I'm attracted to old ladies on a regular basis. Its just something about her. I dunno. lol I think its weird too... thats why I asked.

    Answer:-No, she's a very beautiful woman. Very classy and sophisticated! Good choice :)
  • Question:-What rank does Helen Mirren belong in the Top 10 list of oldest Oscar winners?

    Answer:-5th oldest in the list of actresses winning an oscar for a leading role
  • Question:-What do you think about Helen Mirren hosting Saturday Night Live?
    Was she funny or lame?

    Answer:-Dame Helen is always magnificent.
  • Question:-What kind of rifle is Helen Mirren's character using in the movie "Red"?
    Don't tell me its an H&K. Its the same rifle she uses during the famous "girl talk" scene.

    Answer:-It's a standard M16A4 style HBAR flat top upper with a GemTech Suppressor, standard A2 handguards with a Harris Bipod mounted and a CAA Sharp Shooting Stock on the back end.

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