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jfk assassination

  • Question:-JFK Assassination?
    I am trying to find a picture of JFK and Jackie on November 23, 1963 but before the actual assassination. something similar to this but without the flag:


    thank you!

  • Question:-JFK ASSASSINATION...?
    why is it difficult to corroborate the evidence in the JFK assassination?

    please explain in full. thanks!

    Answer:-the evidence was plain and simple . Its on film. oswald made the shot.the president died. its all the theory nuts who have brought up . the what ifs. He's dead , I seen it an the television when it happened. I was eight.
  • Question:-What are your top jfk conspiracies involving the assassination of jfk ?
    I'm doing a research paper in which I'm going over the jfk assassination. I have already covered the single bullet theory and I need to know the other main conspiracy's

    Answer:-1. Oswald acted alone
    2. Oswald backed by the mafia
    3. Oswald backed by Castro
    4. Oswald backed by the Russians
    5. Oswald backed by the CIA
    6. Johnson had him hit
    7. It was George Bush Sr. on the grassy knoll
    8. It was Woody Harleson's father on the grassy knoll
    9. It was some French guy on the grassy knoll
    10, The driver did it
  • Question:-JFK assassination////////////////////?
    So i heard in my amer. gov't class JFK conspiracy theory about CIAA possibly killed him... 1. Oswald wasnt alone in the warehouse. 2. Oswald may have been hired to take him out? Im very curious.

    Answer:-See JFK with Kevin Costner for a glimpse of what is proven. Do your research from YouTube footage. Notice the driver turning around and slowing down to watch and facilitate JFK's murder, only to face forward and speed away after the fact. Look at the Warren Commission's ridiculous single bullet theory. Regardless of what group of people killed JFK, the group with the most to gain was the Industrial Military Complex, who would have lost millions or even billions of dollars (this is back in the 60's keep in mind) if JFK had successfully pulled th US out of Nam. See what Isenhower had to say about the Industrial Military Complex. Heck, check out Loose Chamge (on YouTube, regarding 9/11) after your JFK trial. If you do your research on that, you will have enough information for another trial.
  • Question:-What's a text that conflicts with Oliver Stones perspective on JFK assassination?
    I'm having trouble finding a text that has a solid perspective on the assassination of JFK. A lot of articles i've been finding are based on all the different theories. If anyone knows of any form of text that represents a perspective of the JFK assassination that differs to Oliver Stones film JFK- for example, the magic bullet theory, could you please tell me :) Thanks.

    Answer:-To specifically answer your question about Oliver Stone's JFK I went to http://www.jfk-online.com/jfk100bigjim.html which is a site dedicated to the subject matter. They pick Oliver Stone apart. Here's some text (newspaper quotes) that *factually* conflicts with the film:

    "For those who have forgotten or are too young to remember," Dallas Morning News reporter Jon Margolis wrote in May 1991, "Garrison was the bizarre New Orleans district attorney who, in 1969, claimed that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was a conspiracy by some officials of the Central Intelligence Agency." "Garrison even managed to put one hapless fellow on trial for his role in this alleged conspiracy," Margolis continued. "Having no case, Garrison lost in court."(1)

    Washington Post reporter George Lardner, Jr., who had covered Garrison's JFK probe in the late 1960s, received an early draft of the JFK screenplay and promptly weighed in with his opinion. ". . . Oliver Stone is chasing fiction," he wrote. "Garrison's investigation was a fraud."(2)
  • Question:-How do I find the value on old JFK assassination newspapers?
    I have several articles and complete newspapers on not only the assassination of president JFK but Lee Harvey Oswalkd as well. Does anyone know where I can go to find the value of these?

    Answer:-You could go to a stamp dealer to ask an opinion , most of them either also sell various other similar items or can tell you who can help. Or you could put them on e bay , but I wouldn't expect a high price as many other people will have those newspapers also.
  • Question:-What might be in the remaining JFK Assassination documents of the Warren Commission, to be released in 2017?
    There are very few documents that have not already been released. Over 98% of the documents of the Warren Commission related to the JFK assassination have already been released.

    Why haven't these documents already been made public, unless of course its because they contains something that will cause a stir.

    What do you think?

    Answer:-They can release them anytime,things have cooled off a lot since then. I'm sure there is nothing incriminating in the documents. It has been almost 50 years. It was one guy, Lee Harvey Oswald wanted to make a name for himself and be in the history books. This was his way of doing that.
  • Question:-Which is more reliable in the JFK assassination, the conspiracy or lone gunman theory?
    I'm doing a paper on the JFK assassination, and I've talked about the lone gunman and conspiracy theories, but I don't really know which one is the most reliable and could prove what really happened on the day of the assassination.

    Please help! :) Thanks.

    Answer:-The lone nut theory is a non-starter.

    The conspiracy theory has many holes as well.

    But, consider this:

    Suppose that two separate plots happened to coincide.

    That's not as crazy as it seems. Several attempts were made or planned by different people on the occasion of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, which started World War 1.

    If you've visited the Dallas location (which I have) you'll see that this was the perfect location for an assassination because the huge Lincoln car had to slow down as it took the turn, and the route of the planned presidential motorcade had been known for days before the event.
  • Question:-How did the Zapruder film help solve the case of the assassination of JFK?
    I'm writing a term paper, but I can't seem to find any information on this anywhere. I am looking for how modern technologies were used in the examination of the JFK assassination, and in what way was the film crucial to the investigation and solution of the case.

    Answer:-marshal, do you need a special tool to change the click/button.. i want to change it for the glow in the dark one..
  • Question:-What is the whole conspiracy behind the JFK assassination?
    What was the government's explanation? and what do conspiracy theorists believe about the JFK assassination? please enlighten me, Thanks in advance.

    Answer:-Gerald Posner, author of “Case Closed,” tells the true story. Moreover, the hard evidence is pretty much incontrovertible.

    The Warren Report, albeit flawed because of internal censorship and typos and a few misplaced pages, was basically correct.

    The main conspiracy is among scam artists creating flim-flams by distorting things, leaving other things out, and relying upon people paranoia and ignorance to make themselves a living as "conspiracy theorists". What they are is profiteers and crackpots.

    See: Oliver Stone, whose film on the matter was a ridiculous and obscene fantasy, only dimly related to any actual events.

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