Wednesday, November 23, 2011

j.r. martinez

  • Question:-How did J.R. Martinez do on DWTS?
    I don't have cable, etc., and I love J.R.'s dancing and his spirit. Tonight (week 4), how did he do w/Karina? Did they get another high score?

    Answer:-He did good. It's "Movie Theme Week" and he and Karina did a foxtrot to The Pink Panther.
    Bruno and Len loved it but Carrie Ann said there was some things she didn't like. He got a 26 over all and is in 2nd place behind Rikki Lake, she got 29.
  • Question:-What happen to J.R Martinez face? How did it happen?
    Like what happen why was he in a coma how did it happen?

    Answer:-He is actually hispanic. He enrolled in the army, and was drafted to Iraq. He drove some sort of bus, which hit a land mine and set in fire. He escaped, but the obvious implications occured
  • Question:-Who loves J.R. Martinez as much as I do.?
    I think J.R. is one of the most beautiful human beings ever. His personality makes him handsome and sexy. Will you be voting for him on Dancing With the Stars?

    Answer:-I love his personality and he is a great dancer..of the guys he is the best without a doubt and he told this wonderful and emotional story about this man who is a soldier and this letter to his wife...and payed tribute to all the soldiers who didn't make it home.
    It was the most touching's also totallly normal that there was a point in his life when he saw he was still such a young handsome man and suddenly had such severe burns on face and body that depression set in and for a while he did not want to takes a real man to admit this and it takes a hero to then change his mind and say'' whatever happened even if I am scarred I want to make the best of my life and I want to inspire others...He is a guy who has my respect and who is a wonderful doesn't matter about his scars, because his beauty comes from the inside..he has such a wonderful personality that one forgets the scars and the burn marks and only sees that he is a great person and apart from that a great inspiration and a great dancer who learns quickly...x
  • Question:-Ricki Lake, J.R Martinez, or Rob Kardashian?
    Who do you think is going to win Dancing with the Stars?
    That was rude the burnt one. Hes burnt for defending for out country

    Answer:-JR- if anything he deserves it more than the other two, but all of them can dance
  • Question:-Who is actor J.R. Martinez?

    Answer:-J.R. plays Brot Monroe in the popular soap All My Children.He was serving in the United States Army in Iraq, when he experienced burns to over 40 % of his body. (notice his face) He is also going to be on Dancing with the Stars.
  • Question:-Who do you think will win Dancing With The Stars?
    J.R. Martinez or Rob Kardashian?

  • Question:-Spiritually speaking, who do you think will win on DWTS?
    I'm rooting for J.R. Martinez.

    Answer:-Spiritually speaking I cannot imagine that there is anything in this world that I could care less about.
  • Question:-Who do you want to go home on this weeks dancing with the stars?
    Rob Kardashian
    Nancy Grace
    Hope Solo
    J.R. Martinez
    Ricki Lake

    Answer:-rob kardashian that family are like dog s@@t theyre everywhere
  • Question:-Starting A Charity For My School?
    Im starting a charity campaign for my school called the dollar campaign. What we do is try to bet $1 from every kid in the school and then move on to local business's and try to get them to participate. All of the money is then donated to wounded soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan (Like J.R Martinez)

    How much work is involved in getting this up and running?

  • Question:-Who is the all-time best black baseball pitcher? I'm thinking Gibson...Pedro Martinez is also very good but
    his name sounds Hispanic...I shudder to think how good J. R. Richard might have been if he hadn't had the stroke.

    Answer:-We can't count Satchell Paige, since he pitched in the Negro Leagues and rarely had to face white hitters, so we really have no criteria by which to base any analysis of him.

    Of the ones we can analyze, I've been watching baseball since 1966, so I've seen quite a few.

    Without a doubt, Bob Gibson was the best. He was intimidating on the mound. He was the one guy that NOBODY wanted to face.

    Ferguson Jenkins was great (He's from Canada). He is underrated due to winning most of his games for the Cubs. He and Gibson were workhorses when the word workhorse meant something.

    Dave Stewart was excellent, once he got his career together. You can thank Dave Duncan for that.

    I never saw him but, Don Newcombe is often mentioned in this kind of discussion. However, he only had 2 20-win seasons and won just 146 games in a 10-year career. I really think that he ranks well below Gibson and Jenkins. However, some of his early season were spent in the Negro Leagues so, therefore, we have no base for comparison.

    We'll never know how great J.R. Richard would have been. He was excellent for the time he was well. He could have been another Nolan Ryan in the K category. He had problems with walks early in his career, but was getting better before his stroke.

    Jim "Mudcat" Grant was another good one in the 60s and 70s. He also set the tone for Dennis Eckersley, as he became a reliever for the As, Cards & Pirates after his starting days were done.

    Earl Wilson was good for the Red Sox & the Tigers in the 60s. He was also a good-hitting pitcher who nailed 35 HR in his career.

    A pretty good pitcher for the 60s Pirates was Bob Veale. He was a left hander who got a lot of Ks. He won 16= several years in a row. His major drawback was a high rate of BBs. Had he been with a better team, say the Cards, he might have been a multiple 20 game winner.

    Al Downing was a good pitcher for the NYY, who later won 20 for the Dodgers, and is most famous for giving up Hank Aaron's record breaking #715.

    On the whole, I would rate them as follows:

    1) Bob Gibson
    2) Ferguson Jenkins
    3) J.R. Richard (based on what he showed in his limited career)
    4) Don Newcombe
    5) Jim "Mudcat" Grant
    6) Bob Veale
    7) Earl Wilson
    8) Vida Blue
    9) Al Downing
    10) Dave Stewart
    11) Dwight Gooden

    I wouldn't count Pedro, even if he was not Hispanic. Pedro would not be able to do what those listed above did. He has never been much more than a 6 inning pitcher. Great for the first 100 pitches, trashed after that. In the heyday of the men above, Pedro would be a 4th starter or long reliever.

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