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kennedy assassination

  • Question:-Kennedy assassination?
    I have a history essay on the assassination of kennedy. I have to include information on why the motorcade route was changed. Can anyone help me with reasons why and maybe some web pages so i cna finish my essay thankyou oh and maybe include what u think happened but that bit is not that important.

    Answer:-hi , noticed your question i am not a conspiercy person but have seen and recieved some facts that were ignored or not discoverd , ignored possibly . i also am canadian . was visiting life time us military cousins who seen heavy combat duty in vietnam . both are marksmen in 1978 went to visit them family reunion thing fort worth . they took me to the site . both of them know that oswald would not have shot kennedy . this is a brief lack of profaninty some parts missing . even with the traing they had the shot was impossible to make no matter how good the weapon or marksman was . oswald had military training , he would have used a military issued weapon , not a 10 dollar water pistol . the weapon he alledgley used did not have the velocity to reach the limo , oswald would have known this . also he was shooting from a very poor angle , even with a decent weapon the angle made the shot impossible . on the fourth floor hitting a moving target no sane person military sniper or average joe would have attemptended shooting from this hieght at a moving target . it was 100% impossible . the photo from cuba oswald was part of a cia experiment on drugs at stone haven insitute outside of montreal quebec canada . this photo shows oswald posing with a lee-enfield 303 canadian military rifle not the weapon he alledgly used to make this series of impossible shots . these weapons were available at any war surplus store . also the posed picture had the gun with carrying sling still attached , which to find at surplus store impossiblr . in 1966 the photo showed a street sign it was in french , the language of the province of quebec , it was shortley therafter that the photo was taken in quebec city quebec , it was proven first by street name , then by backgrond buildings . montreal quebec city confirmed drug experiments in quebec . oswald did not ever leave north america . the way europeans have carried out vendettas for 100s years , they send a warning , by killing a family member to send a warning to a more powerful force of the family in this case robert kennedy , also joe senoior made a fortune by supplying real alchol to the united states through quebec during prohabition , would organized crime carry a grudghe against this man yes especially with his pro- nazi stance and recall from ireland for his political beliefs . oswald was never charged with kennedy murder just dallas police officer . there is just to much evidence that the warren commitee chose to ignore , or misinterpeted . laser test hane proven shot was immpossible , the reason given for the change in route was there was a insecure overpass which is why the motorcade went off the highway , the hard part is , when it slowed down to enter turn off it still would have returned to highway before the overpas at a very slow speed , making a shot at a vey slow moving vehicle possible from 3 sniper positions , with lasers ther were 5 prime sites were possibility 100% the truth like nicholson said we cant handle the truth , the above facts not common knowledge but the sources are impecciable . the forgien goverment involved if any innoncent victims canada , through stone haven and cia i hope this is ok out of curiosity would you let me know if this was helpful and in what way , i was grade 12 worked until 6 in morning was not going to go to school that day , closed flags halk mast . please advise if of help thank you
  • Question:-Kennedy Assassination?
    in the famous Zapruder film of the JFK assassination, what is jackie doing? did she jump on the back of the car to try and get out or was she picking up pieces of his skull?

    Answer:-I saw it happen, almost. And have studied it for 42 years. Jackie reflexively grabbed for a piece of her husband. No thought, no delirium, just like reaching for a falling child. Then held his head while he died. The fact that her dress was still pink shows he was DRT in the car.
  • Question:-Why is the CIA still keeping documents about the Kennedy assassination a secret?
    It was revealed that the CIA is keeping some documents about the Kennedy assassination a secret. Why is that? Why would they have them in the first place? Shouldn't the FBI have those documents? It appears the CIA is hiding something that could help people get to the bottom of the assassination, but yet it appears their hiding the truth.

    Answer:-Kennedy was on his way back to Washington to break the CIA up into 3 pieces.

    He ordered the CIA to stop trying to assassinate Castro out of fear of a second missile standoff with the Russians.

    The CIA refused to obey Kennedy's orders so he was on his way back to break them up.

    They "allowed" Oswald to get to the book depository, they "Allowed" the assassination to play out and they had back up shooters (if necessary) to finish off the job.

    They even had someone inside the hospital put a "Pristine" bullet on a gurney so it could be "found" and it would match Oswald's rifle.

    Unfortunately, the "Pristine" bullet meant there was one too many bullets in the final count and that is one of the reasons we have these documents classified to this very day.

    There was, and still is, one too many bullets that match Oswald's rifle and this is a documented fact.
  • Question:-What was Thanksgiving in 1963 like? Was it before or after the Kennedy assassination?
    If anyone here is old enough to remember Thanksgiving from 1963, please tell me what it was like, especially if it was after the Kennedy assassination.

    Answer:-First of all - How insulting - anyone old enough to remember Thanksgiving from 1963. On that alone Seniors should rise up and demand that you learn some manners. Old enough - I was 17 years old, I will never forget the day of the shooting - Thanksgiving - was there a Thanksgiving that year. If there was I was in to much shock to notice. It was 6 days after the murder and the entire country was in mourning. I doubt if anyone really remembers Thanksgiving that year, it was really not to important. What I remember is the blackout that occurred due to shock; it being 9:00 in the morning and then 1:30 the next morning on the 23th and my not knowing to this day what happened where I went, or what I did. I remember bits and pieces of the days after, but not really Thanksgiving, He was murdered on Friday and was buried on the following Monday. Even now I cannot think about it without tears coming. Three days after the funeral was Thanksgiving - No one in my family cared except my mother, she had a dinner planned and by God there would be a dinner. I don't remember it and I don't remember much until about 6 months later, it is a blur like snapshots or bits of memories. It was one of the darkest times of my life, everything changed that year and nothing has very quit been the same since. The disillusionment that came with that event affected an entire generation and has been a part of my life ever since.
  • Question:-kennedy assassination.?
    i have a primary source and they are waren report.
    and for my project i have to find origin.
    i want to know the purpose of writting the warren report.

    Answer:-The Warren Commission investigated the Kennedy assassination. They're purpose was to find out if Oswald acted alone or not. The report's purpose was to get rid of everyone's suspicions. Turns out, the report did very little to stop all the suspicions and mountains of speculation.
  • Question:-What movie was on the kennedy assassination?
    I remember seeing a preview of a movie about the kennedy assassination and a few lines were
    "you were shot, But you weren't there"
    or something like that.

    What movie is this?

    Answer:-'JFK' starring Kevin Costner?
  • Question:-when Lee Harvey Oswald was asked about the Kennedy assassination transcripts?
    when Lee Harvey Oswald was asked about the Kennedy assassination he said the transcripts were extremely relevant what did he mean? also, he was asked if he were insane and again he said that it was relevant. does the insanity plea have anything to do with the transcripts?
    I picked up on the transcripts thing over the internet. maybe it's just a red herring.

    Answer:-No transcripts exist and nothing was recorded.

    The only record (since even the notes from his interviews were destroyed) was made by woman named Mae Brussell who spoke with everyone Lee had spoken to that day until he was killed two days later, before he ever saw a lawyer. She was able to compile the closest we have to a facsimile of his statements. If you search her name and The Last Words of Lee Harvey Oswald you should find it.
  • Question:-What is the real story behind the Kennedy assassination?
    As far as I am concerned, I find the LBJ/CIA/French assassin on the knoll to be the most credible. There is actual photographic proof that there was someone dressed in a police uniform shooting at Kennedy from behind the fence on the knoll.

    Answer:-I believe that Kennedy was hit at least once from in front of him. The Oswald "lone gunman" scenario is highly unlikely, if possible at all.

    After that, I just don't know . . .
  • Question:-I need a good quote for the Kennedy assassination?
    I'm doing a paper for US history and need a good quote to open it. I'm trying to use a quote that describes how everyone felt when he died. Or how someone felt when he died. Or something about the mystery. It doesn't even have to be directly about the assassination. It could just be about losing someone that's so important. Or maybe even a song lyric?
    JB I like the quote. Did you make? Or did someone else say it?

    Answer:-What about President Kennedy's own words, " Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."
  • Question:-Is the reaction of the liberal Left to President Kennedy’s assassination comparable to their reaction to 9/11?
    Please read the brief paragraph before answering. (It’s short so everyone should be able to cooperate.)

    Liberals at the time were convinced that the nation was threatened more by right-wing radicals like Sen. McCarthy or fundamentalist preachers than by Communists. Given their assumptions, they had great difficulty assimilating the fact that JFK was shot by a Communist - for this was exactly the kind of thing that the hated Sen. McCarthy had been warning against. Instead of seeing Kennedy as a casualty of the Cold War - which he was - they saw him as a martyr for civil rights. They saw his assassination as a sign of the nation’s guilt. Thus, Lincoln’s assassination reinforced the legitimacy of the nation while Kennedy’s undermined it, at least in the eyes of liberals.

    Only now not only do liberals ignore the threat of communism (which is intrinsically weaved into their own ideology) they also ignore the real threat of radical Islam.

    They see 9/11 as a result of our nations guilt…
    Of course none of you knew Oswald was a communist! You rely only on what you were “taught” in school. I can hope that you might go and actually do some research and read a bit but, as has been my experience with most liberals you will deny, not read and eventually wind up calling names in outrage…

    Here is a start for you oh so more intelligent than I liberals:
    During his time in the Marines, he became enamored of the Soviet Union and communist ideology. Because of his stated intention to renounce his U.S citizenship, Oswald received an "undesirable discharge" from the Marine Corps Reserve.

    Oswald went to Russia with the original intention of defecting, found the living wasn't too easy and came home in 1962. He brought with him a wife, Marina (Nikolayevna Prusakova) Oswald and they would have two children: June Lee Oswald (born Feb. 15, 1961), Audrey Marina Rachel Oswald (born Oct. 20, 1963).
    Weapon Sidewalk – here is one where you loose. I have watched that video over and over again… his head was thrust forward. There was no shooter on the knoll regardless of what Ahmadinejad, Castro, Chavez, Stalin, Lenin loving America-hating Oliver Stone told you.
    Weapon Sidewalk - Area 51 is very real – they do a lot of top secret research especially in the aerospace arena.

    The way you loose (this one at least) is that you challenged me to debates in which you insist you will win every time. You loose this one. The 2nd shooter, Oswald not being a communist - they are all conspiracy theories which have been thoroughly disproved. Some people just can’t accept the facts.

    Don’t take it personally… I feel you and I may be able to agree to disagree without getting all yahoo on each other.

    Answer:-Yup. Here's the big difference between liberals and conservatives in situations like this: Conservatives see the world the way it is, and although they may be outraged by things like the assassination of a President or the destruction of the World Trade Center, they accept the reality of what happened and set about trying to find those responsible and hold them accountable for their actions. Liberals, on the other hand, insist on seeing the world from their own individual Utopian views, and any time something happens in the "real" world that doesn't conform with those views they cry and scream and stomp their feet and say "It's not fair!" And instead of searching out those responsible and bringing them to justice, they instead say that the way to overcome the irrational hatred that led to these acts is to reach out and "play nice" with these people (not realizing, of course, that no amount of playground courtesy will change the views or opinions of people who hate and act on that hate by killing innocent people). BOTTOM LINE: Conservatives think and act in the real world, while liberals start from the position of "In a perfect world..." One group has their eyes open, the other has their heads buried in the sand.

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