Thursday, November 24, 2011

kurt busch

  • Question:-How will Kurt Busch do in his Pro Stock debut at the Gatornationals?
    Kurt Busch will be piloting the Shell Dodge provided by fellow pro stock driver Allen Johnson. I'm just curious what you think about this.
    Out of 26 Pro Stock entries, the quickest 16 qualifiers will make "the show". No provisionals.
    It is Busch's debut in NHRA. Google it.

    Answer:-I really doubt he'll even qualify. If he does make it in, it will likely be in the lower half of the ladder and will pit him against one of the class "hitters". Kurt is no match for the likes of Greg Anderson, Jason Line, Greg Stanfield or Mike Edwards (in spite of Edward's DNQ @ Pomona). Trust me, Kurt is about to get a spanking........finishing second gets you nowhere in Drag Racing.
  • Question:-Did Kurt Busch hit on a setup in the 2 car late this year that made him more competitive in 2009?
    Is it likely we may see more from Kurt Busch and the Miller car next year? I was wanting to say that Kurt hit on a setup late this year. Didn't some bad luck take him out even though he was running better? Did they find some more power?
    I meant that will make him more competitive in 2009.

    Answer:-They mentioned a couple of times in the last few races that Kurt was running a new R and D motor. A google search said it was the R6P8 motor, and he started using it in Kansas. He certainly did come on late in the year. I'm not a real fan of his, but any Nascar fan just had to feel a little sorry for them this year.
  • Question:-What about Kurt Busch driving the 06 Penske Dodge?
    What if Kurt drove the 06 Dodge for the first 5 races of 2008 and Roger Penske put Sam Hornish in the number 2 car? Hornish would take advantage of the 2's ownership points, Busch could then use his past champion's provisional to guarantee qualification.

    Answer:-You know its a thought, that might be the only way Hornish Jr can get in a race the way things have been for him so far...Don't know if they will do this but hey, you never know.. I'm not a dodge fan, but I know Sam Hornish Jr and his wife, I'd like to see him atleast get into a race this yr.. He is definitely struggling to get into a race.. Sorry Sam this isn't open wheel..
  • Question:-How do you feel about Kurt Busch?
    Kurt Busch has ticked off quite a few of his fellow drivers, along with some fans, especially in recent months. Will he ever, or does he deserve to, be forgiven? Is he a driver worth backing?

    Answer:-He's an ass!
  • Question:-Where can I find a replay of Jimmie taking out Kurt Busch?
    has anyone seen a replay of Jimmie taking out Kurt Busch at Infineon Raceway. All I can remember is from the race Sunday, and it didn't make Jimmie look too good. I would like to see a link posted so it could be critiqued more in depth. Something just didn't look too normal on Jimmies part. Where can I find a replay of Jimmie taking out Kurt Busch?

    Answer:-I'm still ticked off Fluffy!!!
  • Question:-Anyone else think Kurt Busch is gonna take down those pretty boys over at Hendrick Motorsports?
    Do you guys think Kurt Busch will be a contender for the title this season? I think he will, because he knows his job isn't to be in people magazine, its to win races!

    Answer:-There are advantages to being one of the few Dodge teams. They haven't been a threat for years, so Nascar is not paying as much attention to them.
    Roger Penske Is not stupid, in fact he has more money to throw at this sport than all the other owners combined. Dodge seems to have equal horsepower right now. I think he will be a threat!

    But only a threat. Hendrick has a combination in Chad and Jimmie that cannot be beat. They have proven it five years in a row. The day that those two split everything will open up. Remember that Jimmie has never won a cup race without Chad being involved.

    Kurt will finish the year in the top three!
  • Question:-Kurt Busch?
    On ESPN2 he is holding a little dog with a care bear shirt on it lol. Who else feels bad for that dog?

    Answer:-I wouldnt expect anything less from Kurt Busch. If he stripped buck naked after a win, and scooted around like a dog iching its butt, wouldnt surprise me either
  • Question:-Why does Kurt Busch do so bad at penske?
    Kurt Busch won the Nextel Cup at Roush, and then switched to Penske, where he struggles to make the chase and does poorly if he makes it in. Why is he doing so bad at Penske? What makes Penske such an inferior team?

    Answer:-I've wondered the same thing ! If Roger Penske continues to attend NASCAR races each Sunday, you would think he would try to make the cars more competitive, rather than watching Kurt run around in 20th place.
  • Question:-Did any NASCAR fans see Kurt Busch drag racing in the NHRA?
    I caught some drag racing after the Texas race Saturday night, and they were talking about Kurt Busch drag racing. What kind of car was Kurt driving?

    Answer:-You know I did! He made it to elimination but was beat in the first round at the Gatornatioals a few weeks ago. He drove for long time NHRA Pro Stock driver Allen Johnson. Kurt drove NHRA Pro Stock Dodge Avenger. Here is a pic:
  • Question:-Nascar fans, does anyone else think that Kurt Busch looks like the Keebler elf?
    I cant be the only one who sees the resemblance. Its uncanny. BQ: What are some of the nicknames you have for the drivers? For me, Kurt Busch is the Keebler Elf, Kyle Busch is Ratface, and Carl Edwards is Horseface.

    Answer:-Yah, he does look like that. I read here once he has to sit on phone books to see over the dash of his car. True fact?

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