Tuesday, November 1, 2011

new gmail

  • Question:-New Gmail?
    All my friends using Gmail have "group chat" under "options" when chatting. They also have the new emoticons that you can go to by clicking a smiley face at the bottom right hand corner of the chatting screen. Their scrolling thing is shiny and has round edges. Do they have the new version? How can i make my Gmail like that?

    Answer:-Open your Gmail. On the top you will see New Version (next to the Settings). Change.
  • Question:-How do you forward old Outlook emails to a new Gmail account?
    I have an email account now through Microsoft Outlook Web App Beta, and just made a new Gmail account. How do I transfer all my old emails to gmail so I don't lose them?

    Besides moving them one by one.

    Answer:-When you create a Gmail, there is an email in your inbox that allows you to import your emails from a previous account. If you deleted that email, go to settings in the top right hand corner and select the Accounts and Imports button.
  • Question:-Can you print your emails with the new gmail gadget in the new igoogle?
    I love the new igoogle. But I can't seem to figure out how to print emails with the updated gmail gadget. Can you even print your emails with it or not?

    Answer:-No u can not.
  • Question:-If I get a new gmail account will I have to also get a new youtube/picasa account?
    If I get a new gmail account can (how?) change the primary email address on my youtube/picasa account so I don't know to get new ones? I really don't want to have to re-upload my videos onto youtube or my hundreds of pictures onto picasa.


  • Question:-Why does my Opera browser not show the new Gmail login page?
    I have the Opera web browser (latest version) and I notice that it desn't show the new Gmail beta login page with the mountains. It shows the default login page with the white background. I also have Mozilla Firefox (latest version) and it does show the new login page.

    Does anyone who uses Opera have the new page? Is there a way to change your settings so it displays?

    Answer:-This Beta Login Page is Only Noticed in [ IE 7.0 and Above] and Other Competitive Browser [Firefox]. Its Nothing Wrong with Opera Browser. The GMail Team at present has released its New Code only in the above Browsers. It might take time for their new code to be released in IE 6.0 and Opera. Hope the above explanation is clear to You.
  • Question:-If I created a new Gmail account, how would I be able to connect my old one with my new one?
    I recently created a new Gmail account and would like to import contacts and, if possible, allow mail that people send to my old Gmail account be sent to my new one. How would I do this?

    Answer:-move emails from one Gmail account to another.
    After fiddling around with it a bit, I figured it out and it’s not very hard. Of course, it would be cool if Gmail just had a button called Import that let you connect to your old Gmail account and import all the emails, but it’s not that simple.
    In order to move emails from one Gmail account to another, you have to follow the steps below:
    Step 1: First, log into the old email account (current one you are using) and click on Settings, then Forwarding and POP and choose Enable POP for all mail. Make sure to click Save Changes at the bottom.

    Step 2: Now log into the new email account and click on Settings again. Then click on Accounts and click the Add a mail account you own link.

    Step 3: Now type in the old Gmail email address into the text box and click Next.

    Step 4: Now type in the password for the old email account and choose pop.gmail.com from the POP Server drop down list. Click Add Account.

    Step 5: Next you’ll be asked if you want to be able to send email as oldaddress@gmail.com. This is useful if you want the mail to come into the new account, but be able to respond using the old email address.

    Step 6: Type in your name for the old email address and choose whether you want the reply address to be the old address or you can optionally change it to the new one, which is a good idea so that people will eventually stop writing to the old address.

    Step 7: Finally, you will have to verify that you actually own the old email address by clicking the Send Verification button. You can then log into your old email account and copy the confirmation code in the email. Paste that into the appropriate box. Click Verify.

    Step 8: Now just sit back and watch all your emails get imported into the new Gmail account. If you have a lot of emails, it could take several hours, so be patient!
    So that’s all the steps required to transfer emails from one Gmail account to another. If you have any questions, post a comment! Enjoy!
  • Question:-How do i share files using limewire but privatly with the new gmail thing they have?
    How do i share files using limewire but privatly with the new gmail thing they have plz some1 help

    Answer:-I have been using P2P programs for over 5 years now, and I highly suggest not using limewire. I can also say that WinMX is still by far the best one out of all of them. The original owners gave up on WinMX, and the community came together and got it back up. And now it has more features than before.

    Unlike Limewire, WinMX protects you from the RIAA/MPAA by blocking them from even getting on the network, it removes all fake files from your search results so you never get fake files, and it's fast and easy to use and NO SPYWARE!

  • Question:-With the new Gmail Phone Call Feature, can you make a phone call from your Ipod Touch?
    Say you have a Gmail, and you have an Ipod Touch. Gmail recently came out with a new feature where you can call any mobile phone in the US and Canada for free. Since the Ipod Touch can access Gmail, can the Ipod Touch actually make phone calls using that Gmail feature?

    Thank you.

    Answer:-If your Ipod has a Mic , it should work . It would go threw WiFi, but, if the connection is too weak it could DisConnect. My biggest concern is that if the WiFi connection doesn't require a password, WiFi or Wireless Hackers could snoop on your conversation. Which may require some sort of firewall.

    iPhone's with a Cell Service Provider, usually has signal encryption which can make it difficult for hackers to break in.

    If your under a WPA connection or higher, you'll be fine. WEP are weak security.

    Learn more at: http://practicallynetworked.com

    *He/She , makes a good point , in-order for Gmail Phone to work you need to install the free Gmail Phone Driver. There are no apps that will make Gmail Phone work on iTouch.

    But, search around on YouTube and you might find something:
  • Question:-how do i export my yahoo mail contact list across to my new gmail account?
    I have opened an account with googlemail and i want to export my contacts from my yahoo mail account across to my new gmail account. However, i still wish to maintain my yahoo account so i will still wish to maintain my list with yahoo also.

    Answer:-It gives you that option when you first create it, go under options in gmail.
  • Question:-Is there any way I can forward my old gmail emails to a new gmail account?
    I wanted to know if there was any way if I could forward my old gmail emails to a new gmail account without having to individually forward each email. I have a lot of emails and that would take forever!!
    Whenever I forward incoming mail to the new account it does not forward the old emails.

    Answer:-Log into your old gmail account.

    go to settings->forwarding

    select "forward a copy of incoming mail" and specify your new gmail address

    and specify what you want to do with the old emails

    click "save changes"

    you can import email from other gmail accounts by following the steps here
    You will have to make sure POP3 is enabled; here's how

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