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phaedra parks

  • Question:-How old is Phaedra Parks and her husband on Real Housewives Atl?

    Answer:-She’s 38 and her husband is 31.
  • Question:-Does anybody know what phaedra parks (the real housewives of alanta star) majored in before college?
    she is an entertainment lawyer

    Answer:-Well since she is a lawyer I was assume her goal was criminal justice.
  • Question:-does anybody know what phaedra parks (the real housewives of alanta star) majored in before college?
    she is a very famous entertainment lawyer..

    Answer:-I don't know how 'famous' she is. You'll recall that other cast members commented that she represented Bobby Brown looong ago -- and that was her main claim to fame. She's arrogant, an elitist and doesn't speak nearly as intelligently as a lawyer should. With that said, if you're looking to become a lawyer, don't base your career on Phaedra's!
  • Question:-what did Phaedra Parks name her baby?

    Answer:-Ayden Adonis
  • Question:-Who is Phaedra Parks?

    Answer:-She is a celebrity attorney in Atlanta. To find out more about Phaedra Parks visit the following.
  • Question:-I've been watching real housewives of atlanta and I'm trying to find out?
    can someone be 7 months pregnant and the baby in the wound weigh 8 pounds?that's what Phaedra Parks said,I've never had a baby so i don't know!

    Phaedra's parents are both pastors so she's ashamed to admit that she got pregnant before she got married she's also an attorney so it looks bad that she got pregnant by an ex-con before she got married, so now she is telling lies that she is having the baby 7 months after she got married because they baby is already big and healthy instead her, the fact is she was already about 2 months pregnant when she got married and she's embarrasses to admit it, she's always judging everyone and doesn't want to admit that she's just like the other women who got knocked up before marriage she had a shot gun marriage and she's lying to cover it up. Phaedra was about 8-9 months pregnant when she was telling everyone she's 6-7 months along.
  • Question:-Would you watch this show if it was on bravo?
    A show called House of Housewives. It'd feature bravo housewives living in a bad girls club/the challenge type setting. They'd be competing in different challenges for a spot in the house, $500,000 grand prize, and the chance to win the title of top housewife.
    Team diamonds:
    Teresa giudice
    Kyle Richards
    Larsa Pippen
    Jill Zarin
    Gretchen Rossi
    Kandi Burruss
    Michaele salahi
    Bethenny frankel

    Team stilettos:
    Taylor Armstrong
    Alexia echevierra
    Nene Leakes
    Ramona Singer
    Melissa gorga
    Danielle staub
    Tamra Barney
    Kim zolciak
    Alexis Bellino

    If any of the housewives left the show or were kicked off for violence, a housewife or housewife friend could be added to the cast.

    List of possible replacement housewives or friends:
    Faye resnick
    Kim G
    Brandi Glanville
    Phaedra parks
    Cristy rice
    Fernanda rocha 
    Lynne curtin
    Lisa wu-hartwell
    Jeana keough
    Dana wilkey
    Jennifer Gilbert
    Dina manzo
    Caroline manzo

    Answer:-bethany wouldn't agree to that and its to many people if I were a producer I would have it be

    team diamonds
    teresa guidice
    jill zarin
    michele salahi
    gretchen rossi

    team stilettos
    nene leakes
    ramona singer
    melissa gorga
    kyle richards

    you can't have people like danielle staub on there because she can't she got fired like restraining order fired, and like person from nj against person from nj stuff like that no add ons games like on big brother I think that would be awesome
  • Question:-What Do You Think - TV Guide's 7 Culprits That Killed the SOAPS?
    1. Reality TV

    From Lauren vs. Heidi to Teresa Giudice's angry table-flip to Jason Mesnick's "Bachelor" switcheroo, reality TV has made the melodramatic histrionics once dominated by daytime commonplace.

    Turns out the truth is stranger than fiction — stronger too. Could any writer come up with a creation as bizarre and addictive as Phaedra Parks? Or Spencer Pratt?

    Plus, the real-life crazies are all willing to work for a fraction of the cost it takes to keep soap operas' big ensembles employed.

    2. Ratings-Grabbers vs. Lame Stunts

    So James Franco asked to visit "General Hospital's" Port Charles on his own — that's no excuse for the other, now-canceled ABC soaps to aspire to lesser stunts. If anything, it should have lit a fire under their collective butts.

    Instead, in recent years, "One Life to Live" paid tribute to the success of High School Musical (these were pre-"Glee" times) with "Prom Night: The Musical!" a four-day singing event that was, well, out of tune with its target audience.

    "All My Children", meanwhile, committed such treasonous-to-fans stunts as killing off Pine Valley's beloved Dixie with poisoned pancakes, and turning Greenlee, a favorite who'd been gone for years, into a monster for all of 2010.

    Not the way to hang on to a diminishing pool of loyal viewers.

    3. Bratty Kids

    Ratings-wise, rugrats have shown up soap fans.

    For proof, look no further than the failure of Disney's SoapNet, a channel that pledged wall-to-wall soaps, from daytime reruns to prime-time classics like "Knott's Landing" and "Falcon Crest" and "Beverly Hills, 90210", "The O.C." and "One Tree Hill".

    The channel tried original soaps, too. There was the "General Hospital" spin-off "Night Shift" and the popular Canadian import "Being Erica".

    But not enough viewers turned up and last year Disney decided to shutter SoapNet and relaunch it as Disney Junior in 2012.

    4. Day Jobs

    Through the years, soap operas relied on housewives to be the bulk of their audience. As they've slowly disappeared into the workforce, ratings have dropped.

    The long-term effect? Soap-watching, once a popular mother-daughter pastime, is less and less of a shared activity, and young women just aren't picking up the habit because of...

    5. The Siren Song of Social Media

    Soaps are no match for Mark Zuckerberg and those adorable Farmville folk.

    Whether they're working, going to school or sitting around the house, women (and men) are keeping busy launching angry birds into pigs, watching the latest in mindless YouTube entertainment, updating their Facebook statuses, or managing virtual farms.

    Simply put, there are more screens and more distractions, which make a soap's weekly five-hour commitment seem downright daunting.

    6. Talk Shows

    While viewers are fleeing from soap operas they've remained loyal to talk shows. ("All My Children" hit a low among women 18-to-34 in March; its total viewership is now about the same as CBS' freshman talk show "The Talk".)

    And while a hit talk show is still a hard thing to produce, they're a less expensive gamble.

    7. Time-Shifted Viewing

    You'd think that time-shifted viewing would help the soaps, but according to a recent report, most people use their DVRs to tape comedies and procedurals.

    Viewers seem to have decided that a five-day-a-week serial would eat up tons of DVR space. Sacrifices have been made.

    Answer:-Those are all pretty good points, but the first blow to soaps was the OJ Trial which lasted forever and which aired all day every day until it was over. I remember this well because I was definitely p/o'd. By the tim the soaps were over, many people had switched over to different shows and never returned to the soaps. Networks love to blame "lack of viewer response" but the fact is they only have themselves to blame because they started the ball rolling - straight downhill.

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