Saturday, November 19, 2011

power rangers jungle fury

  • Question:-At the end of Power Rangers Jungle Fury, did they lose their Ranger powers?
    I just watched the last episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury (Now the Final Fury). At the end, the Rangers created some sort of circle/bomb to defeat the main villain. This seemed to take away all of their power but it restored everyone else's on the battlefield. Does this mean they didn't lose their powers and that it just weakened it or that they did? I can't find the answer in any episode guide I've looked at online.

    Answer:-Yes they did.
  • Question:-How can i find out when Power Rangers Jungle Fury toys will be out in england?

    Answer:-google it
  • Question:-How many Power Rangers Jungle Fury Spirit Rangers are there?
    I know of the red- tiger
    yellow- cheetah
    blue- jaguar
    purple or Violet- Wolf
    white- Rhinoceros
    but are there others?
    White- Rhinoceros

  • Question:-Do you think Casey and RJ had romantic feelings for each other in Power Rangers Jungle Fury?
    It seemed like they did to me and it also seemed like R.J. singled Casey out many times.

    Answer:-Casey and R. J. romantic, you got to be kidding. All they are is just best friends. There's nothing romantic about that. Now Casey going out with someone like Fran, that would be romantic. But I think that Dominic had Fran had something going when at the end he invited her to go with him to Europe.
  • Question:-Where could i find a friendster layout of power rangers jungle fury.?
    please help me the most nice background i can see for friendster and os power rangers jungle fury will get the best answer...

  • Question:-Power rangers jungle fury episodes?
    Hello to everyone.

    Do you know where I can download the episodes of the new season of power rangers jungle fury(not from youtube).If someone knows,plz let me know.

    Thank you very much

    Answer:-Download all the episodes on these forums:

  • Question:-Power Rangers Jungle Fury?
    Who thinks Fran from power rangers Jungle Fury is hot
    i think she is and i who date her. if i wasn't getting married
    and is there going to be a evil white ranger on this one or not

    Answer:-I wish I had Fran's job, eating pizza is what I like best. As for dating her, I'll pass, There is going to be a White Ranger on this series, but as for that Ranger being evil, that is not known yet, it would be best if you checked with and click on Gekirangers, since this is where the series originates from.
  • Question:-When is the DVD release date for Power Rangers Jungle Fury Volume 3 and/or 4?
    My kid loves Power Rangers Jungle Fury - already have volume 1 & 2. Does anyone know when further volumes are going to be released?
    Thanks for the link. Thanks also for the offer, I have also started recording on VHS Saturdays to keep some episode variety. I guess that will do until the DVDs come out. I was looking at release dates for other Pwer Ranger series and it seems like every 3-4 months it came out, so Im expecting the Vol3 soon. Ill also check out your link site to see if there is specific info. THanks!

    Answer:-For information of that I would go to and click on Jungle Fury, but if you want VHS tape of it, I got all of it. In fact I asked that question of Linear Ranger myself a few days ago, he doesn't even know right now.
  • Question:-How come Power Rangers Mystic Force, Jungle Fury and RPM did not do a team-up like the rest?
    Ninja Storm through S.P.D did a team-up with their previous seasons...I mean I would understand Ninja Storm did not do a team-up with Wild Force because Disney bought Power Rangers when Ninja Storm aired how come Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury and RPM did not team-up?

    Answer:-Operation Overdrive did have a team up with the episode Once a Ranger which had the second black Mighty Morphin ranger, the red SPD ranger, the yellow Dino Thunder Ranger, the green Mystic Force ranger, and blue Ninja Storm ranger. My guess for the others not having team-ups are because either Disney decided it wasn't worth it anymore except for OO since it was the 15th season or they weren't able to get the previous casts to come in or didn't feel like paying them.

    And Disney bought Power Rangers during Wild Force, not Ninja Storm. Ninja Storm was just the first full Disney season.
  • Question:-where can i see all the power rangers jungle fury episodes?
    right now i see then in toon disney but they only show the episodes once a week!!! so please answer.

    Answer:-you tube..thats where I go all the time to watch every episode of the power rangers..just find the episode you want and put in jungle fury, then the episode...sweet..I love you tube

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