Friday, November 18, 2011

reno fire

  • Question:-Gonzales Fired 80 US Attorneys. Did Clinton & Reno Fire 32 Innocent Little American Kids in Waco?

    Is that a proud achievement for Democrats?
    Steve ... just as you wanted.

    Answer:-Your numbers are off, Bush/Gonzales fired 8 US attn's, Clinton fired 92 and not a word was said. He did that before he had Reno fire the children in Waco.
  • Question:-Janet Reno fires 90 attorneys and keeps her job. Alberto Gonzales fires 8 and he's under fire. Why?

    Answer:-Because the Democrats and their enablers, the Liberal Media, are doing all they can to stir up the mud, and to keep the American People focused on the phony scandals. This way the Democrats do not have to do anything, like work for their pay, and the People are not suppose to notice!
    The Democrats believe that the Republicans will be too busy defending against the Liberal Democrats' attacks, that they, the Liberal Democrats, Owned by MoveOn. org, will easily fool the Dumb Voters into putting them in complete control of this Country.
  • Question:-i need help does anyone know where you can rent and fire firearms in reno cause i feel really trigger happy?

    Answer:-Most gun ranges have rental guns. Call a few of them and ask. The comment about being "trigger happy" makes me a little nervous. Please be careful and safe.
  • Question:-Are backyard fire pits allowed to be used in Reno, NV?
    All of the regs, etc that I can find seem to be about open burn for weed control...

    Its a big stone pit, about 50 feet from the house with a water hose and shovels on the site.

    Answer:-Its legal...but you're responsible for any damages caused.
  • Question:-Why is it that the Clinton Administration (Reno) can fire all but a couple U.S. Att'ys for political reasons -
    I believe it was 80ish and no one says a thing, but as soon as Gonzales fires 8, the mainstream media elites are having a fit? (BTW, the Executive Branch has the power to do this at will) Why the double standard?

    Answer:-Liberalism is a mental disorder. Just ask JPEnergy who can't write worth a darn.
  • Question:-Gonzles + Fire + 88 Attorneys ......... Reno/Clinton + Fire + 32 Little American Kids?
    in Waco.

    Which fact will Dems forget the quickest?

    Answer:-Gonzales fired 8, the 88 fired was under Clinton in the first 3 weeks of his Administration.
  • Question:-What about fire danger in the Great Basin and Washoe County?
    With all the Cheat Grass and new weeds everything catches fire and spreads up mountains. Firefighters have to hike to fires to put them out. What can we do to get the fire out and how do we get rid of all the weeds that spread the fire?

    This applies to Reno, Lake Tahoe, Sparks, Stead, Carson City, Spanish Springs, Red Rock, Cold Springs, Truckee, and quite a few other places.

    Answer:-Ref 1 indicates the current alert status: As of July 2, 2007-Very High to Extreme fire conditions across the Great Basin. This comes off the website of the WESTERN GREAT BASIN COORDINATION CENTER, which is all about incident response in the Great Basis and describes interagency coordination.

    Refs 2 and 3 are BLM websites about fuels management.

    Ref 4 addresses cheatgrass and says: Prevention is the first line of defense against this weed. Buying seed and forage from areas not infested by cheatgrass is a must.
    A number of herbicides are available to control cheatgrass.
  • Question:-How can I find fire access roads?
    I am looking for a map online that has fire access roads mapped out. I am planning a race event and other than searching google maps it would be easier if I had some sort of map for them. Anyone know of a site near Las Vegas, NV, Reno,NV, and Elko, NV?

    Answer:-You do know it is illegal to use them if you are just a civilian?
    They are made for EMT, firetrucks. and law enforcement.
    If a police officer sees you using on you can get in trouble.

    And what kind of race?
    Bike race? Car race?
  • Question:-Firing United States Attorneys - did you know that in 1993, Janet Reno fired 93 US Attorneys?
    Janet Reno stated that the attorneys were fired because the Clintons wanted, " players". No one in Congress complained.

    Answer:-yes I did. My putter flutters every time that I think of Janet Reno. Yow!!
  • Question:-How to play Reno from Anything Goes?
    I'm auditioning for my school musical (Anything Goes) for the part of Reno Sweeney. I have to sing "Take Me Back to Manhatten" and read some of her lines. The two excerpts I've been given are the part where Billy gets fired (right before "You're the Top") and the part where she's trying to seduce Evelyn. Can I have some suggestions on how to sing the song and/or play her character?

    Answer:-Play outrageous and have fun with it.

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