Wednesday, November 16, 2011

cadillac xts

  • Question:-Has anybody heard of a new Cadillac to be build on the Omega platform (Not the XTS)?
    A friend of mine who works for cadillac said there is ANOTHER new flagship sedan (I assume its a sedan) that will be in a class ABOVE the XTS. I havent heard of it, but Id like to find out more.

    Answer:- This is the best site to find out about all the new stuff coming out.Best of luck.
  • Question:-Cadillac is putting out there XTS model in 2011.?
    Is it the luxury car or the sports car??

    Answer:-It's a luxury sedan

    above link (and many others) easily found on a web search, by the way.
  • Question:-Will Lincoln Have A Town Car Replacement?
    I am a big fan of the new Lincoln MKS. But it is not good enough to compete with flagship sedans like the bmw 7, mercedes s-class, or the upcoming cadillac xts. So will Lincoln possible stretch the MKS or make some sort of replacement for the Town Car?

    Answer:-Not sure, but they need to do something, I like the Mid 90's Town cars myself, I hope they bring them back
  • Question:-What's your dream in life and what are you doing to make it happen?
    mine is buy a house in Florida, buy a Cadillac XTS and a Maserati Gran Cabrio and marry a cute redhead

    Answer:-become a pediatric oncologist surgeon,save people's lives everyday, buy a range rover, live in the hills, marry my boyfriend and travel the world!

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