Tuesday, November 15, 2011

heather locklear

  • Question:-Heather Locklear?
    Did Heather Locklear have a visit with Dr. Jiffy Lube...the Doc that did Priscilla Presley's (dancing with the stars) face?

    I seen Heather Locklear's latest tv movie and she looks freaky,like Priscilla Presley.
    I think its sad. She was really pretty before. Maybe this is why Richie Sambora broke up with her and is getting drunk and thrown in jail.

    Answer:-I heard she did a while ago like a couple of years... but she could have had more done... it's possible.
  • Question:-What's the name of the song played in the CW preview for Melrose Place featuring Heather Locklear? Its rock?
    What's the name of the song played in the CW preview for Melrose Place featuring Heather Locklear? Its rock/alternative song.

    Answer:-Disco MF by The Penfifteen Club
  • Question:-heather locklear?
    does she seem too thin to you?

    Answer:-She is Hot and perfect! 190 pics of Heather Locklear: http://www.watt-up.com/j_gallery/Heather_Locklear/Heather_Locklear.html
  • Question:-Where can I find old photos of Heather Locklear modeling for suntan lotion?
    I am looking for pictures from the 80's of Heather Locklear modeling for suntan lotion. I am not sure what brand it was. .

    Answer:-i googled it and i couldnt find any but maybe you could try ask.com or just msn, yahoo, google, and others and try different searches like heather locklear modeling
    heather locklear sun tan lotion
    i really hope this helps! =]
    ps sorry i couldnt find any.
  • Question:-In the original Melrose Place way was Heather Locklear always the "Special Guest Star"?
    How come Heather Locklear's character Amanda Woodward in Melrose Place always the special guest star?

    Answer:-she was the only star on that show. the others only became stars because of that show, in fact...with the exception of the gay guy, who is now Tom Scavo on Desperate Housewives, the others are pretty much done as far as acting.
  • Question:-Can you tell me if Heather Locklear used to go by the name of Peggy Duke, and does she have 3 brothers ?
    Did she ever go to school in Yoncalla,Or in the late 1950s? I'm sure Peggy is Heather. I picked beans with her family in the summer but her parents and brothers were Mexican. She seemed out of place because she was fair and blonde haired. Was she adopted?

    Answer:-She wasn't even born til 1961! Here's a link to her IMDB biography:

  • Question:-How do I get volume in my hair similar to Heather Locklear?
    She always has the same hairstyle. I have it cut the same way but mine always falls flat. When the hair dresser cut my hair, she put Guts volumzing mousse (Redken) in and blow dried it with a flat brush, and it looked great. I bought the same product but when I do it, its flat :(

    Answer:-with a flat brush? try blowing it with a round brush technique. I suspect that ms locklear back combs she's from the tease and pop era of the eighties big hair and hair spray craze. this video will tell you how to do it...you only have to do it at the root.
  • Question:-What's the difference between Britney Spears and Heather Locklear?
    'there's hope for Britney?'

    Answer:-Heather Locklear is much better looking.
  • Question:-How does the Lifetime Movie "He Loves Me" starring Heather Locklear, end??>?
    I only watched the first half and had to go. I wont be able to watch the reruns but I was so intrigued that I wanted to find out the ending. I also can't seem to find the ending online. If you can please help. Thanks :)

  • Question:-why was heather locklear always credited as special guest star in melrose place?
    Does anyody know? she was the owner of the condo and basically the main character...

    Answer:-Because when the show began she wasn't even on it. The show wasn't really doing that well. Aaron Spelling brought her on to hopefully bring the ratings up and get people to watch. Being as she was big on Dynasty and TJ Hooker. I think she was only supposed to do so many episodes. The show took off and they kept her. She at first felt she was too old for this show. This is what I read years back. So they just said she was a special guest star.

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