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how to cook a turkey

  • Question:-how to cook really good turkey breast with only the basics?
    I'm not so handy in a kitchen, but I want to cook turkey breasts for Thanksgiving. The problem is I live overseas and only have basics--a baking pan, aluminium foil, baking paper, butter, salt, pepper. I don't have meat thermometer. I don't have those baking bags either.

    The turkey breasts each are 2 lbs./ 900 grams. I want to do 2 at the same time. How long should I bake them? Do I need to baste them? There's very little fat, and no skin, on the only turkey I could find where I'm living. Any tips on how to do this so it comes out nice?

    Answer:-season turkey. wrap in foil. bake at 350 degrees for 1hour per 4 lbs. remove the foil the last 30 minutes so it will brown.
  • Question:-How Do you cook a turkey (serious answers)?
    Well my parents suck at cooking turkey and thats wat they bought for thanksgiving. Can anyone send me a recipe on how to cook a turkey?

  • Question:-How long is the minimum time to cook turkey in a crock pot?
    I do not have a whole turkey, but pieces - two legs, breast and thighs. I only have 4 hours to cook the turkey and want to make sure it will be done in that amount of time. Obviously, I will need to cook it on high, but I'm just not sure if that's enough time to cook all the pieces. I plan to cook it with potatoes, carrots, and celery. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!

    Answer:-Make sure you keep it covered. Then check the internal temperature if you have any doubts. As long as the meat is not frozen I think you should be all right, it sounds like it will be very good when it is done. Good luck.
  • Question:-how to Cook turkey breast in a pressure cooker?
    I am making 3 boneless turkey breast in my electirc pressure cooker. The recipe is to cook for 20 minutes on high pressure . I f I have more than 1 turkey breast wil I have to increse the time that it cooks?

    Answer:-Cooking Turkey in a Pressure Cooker
    The availability of turkey parts such as breasts, legs, and thighs makes it possible to cook turkey in an old favorite, the pressure cooker. Used since the 1930's, a pressure cooker is a quick cooking, stove-top metal pot with a tight fitting lid bearing a dial or weighted gauge to verify the pressure.

    When heated, the liquid converts to steam that, under pressure, can reach as high as 240 °F—hotter than the boiling point. As a result, food cooks in about a third or less time than conventional cooking methods. Because pressure cookers are made by various manufacturers and timing varies at altitudes above 1,000 feet, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions. The pressure specified must be kept constant for the recommended time, and the lid must not be removed until the pressure lowers and the pot cools.

    Times vary by altitude.

    Turkey, breast, boneless......20 minutes
    Turkey, breast, whole, with bone in........20 to 30 minutes
  • Question:-How to cook Boneless Turkey breasts?
    I'm using turkey breasts for a recipe that I'm making for Thanksgiving and I'm trying to figure out if I need to cook it in the oven or on the stove? If I need to cook it in the oven then what temperature should I cook it on and for how long? When it comes to cooking turkey I don't know a lot about it.

    Answer:-Try a crock pot. That way you won't run the risk of drying out the meat.

    Crock Pot Turkey Breast
    3-3 1/2 lbs boneless turkey breast
    2 teaspoons poultry seasoning
    3 (14 ounce) cans chicken broth
    2 tablespoons butter

    Remove turkey from wrapper and set gravy packet in refrigerator for the time being. Leave netting on turkey breast and keep the turkey in one piece; rub turkey down on both sides with poultry seasoning and set in crock pot. Add 2 cans of chicken broth to the crock pot, set to low, and cook for 8-10 hours. At about the 5-6 hour mark, turn the turkey over, and add one more can of broth to the crock pot.
    At the end of the cooking time, remove turkey from the pot and place in a shallow baking pan, remove the netting, rub the top with butter, and set under a broiler in the oven to crisp up a bit. Allow the turkey to sit 15 minutes before cutting.
    If you wish, use a portion of the pan juices to pour over some of your dressing/stuffing if you made some to give it extra flavor. Use the remaining pan juices mixed with the gravy packet in a saucepan on the stove, heated with some cornstarch or flour to make a gravy for the meat.

    Happy Holidays!!!
  • Question:-How long do I slow cook turkey legs?
    I have a crock pot and my husband wants me to slow cook turkey legs and I have no idea for how long. I would appreciate anyone who knows the answer. Thanks!
    Nunya i wasn't asking for smart ass remarks okay i simply ask how many hours i should cook my food in my crock pot. So if you don't have the answer to my question don't bother to put down anything thank you!

    Thanks everyone that nicely gave me the answers i was looking for. There very helpful thanks guys.

    Answer:-slow cooked means over a long period of time, so, now you know.
  • Question:-What is the best way to cook turkey breast in the oven?
    I am not the greatest cook, but wanted make a meal for two for Thanksgiving. I bought turkey breast instead of a whole turkey to cook this year, since that's really the best part in my opinion. Just wanted to know how to prepare and season it just right?

    Thanks. =)


  • Question:-How do you cook a 2 pound turkey breast?
    I've never cooked a turkey breast before and we had a frozen one in our freezer that I thought I'd unthaw and make for dinner so I'm looking just for a quick simple way to cook turkey breast? Thanx!!

    Answer:-look on food network
  • Question:-How do I cook turkey wings in the oven or in a pan?
    I want to cook turkey wings in the oven - I don't want to deep fry my food - how should I cook them?

    I have three packages of turkey wings and a family to feed for dinner tonight. I would love to have a dinner that they are just blown away by and cannot make any ugly comments about...


    Answer:-I'd roast them in a pan in the oven. Just season or marinade, at try 400 degrees for about 40 minutes. They come out crispy without all the grease.

    When I roast chicken or turkey, I usually brush the skins with melted butter or olive oil, then sprinkle on some salt, pepper and some Italian seasoning to get some dried herbs on them.
  • Question:-How to cook Turkey Breast Roast on George Foreman Grill?

    I have the stand up indoor full size George Foreman grill. There are instructions in the manual explain how to cook a whole chicken but there is no recipe for a Turkey Breast Roast. Can someone please give me a recipe for a Turkey Breast Roast on the George Foreman Grill?


    Answer:-Compare the weight of your turkey breast to the weight of the chicken in the instructions. Adjust accordingly. If your turkey breast is boneless, it will take even less time than the adjusted time from the step above. A meat thermometer is always a good idea, but the above adjustment should get you close.

    If not comfortable with that, I bet there is a customer service number in your instructions somewhere.

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