Sunday, November 20, 2011

super committee

  • Question:-How will the Congressional Super Committee keep busy for days, weeks or months?
    Since $1.5 trillion in government spending cuts can easily be found within 15 minutes or less, what will the Super Committee do to justify their work effort to the public? That is other than the California Democrat who is conducting a Wall Street fund raising campaign; his people are already busy with that.

    Answer:-That so-called "super committee" is nothing but a "super" JOKE!!!...just more of the same old Washington BULLSIHT!!!
  • Question:-Can Third Parties and Independents file a Lawsuit to question Constitutionality of a Two Party Super Committee?
    Is a Committee that can only include Democrats and Republicans Unconstitutional? Doesn't this Super Committee further shackle us to the Two Party dominance over our Legislature? What do you think?

    Answer:-I would argue that we really only have two slightly different flavors of one party. The Democrats and Republicans have more in common than they have differences. They aren't going to allow anyone with real ideological differences to come to the party and upset their mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Question:-If 7 out of 12 Members of the Congressional Super Committee vote for certain cuts, are Seniors Screwed?
    Once something "passes" through the 12 member Congressional Super-committee, does that mean it will go into law or are there checks and balances before this happens? In other words, if 6 Republicans want drastic cuts and one Democrat caves (to preserve "unity"), will those cuts likely be drastic to Medicare, Medicaid and other programs?

    Will Seniors know who voted for the cuts so that they can decide who to vote for (and not vote for) in the future?

  • Question:-What's next for the so called "Super Committee"?
    Looks like they're in the same position as Congress was 3 months ago. Congress then conveniently punted their responsibilities to the "Super Committee."

    Who does the "Super Committee" now toss the hot potato to?

  • Question:-Will the super committee reach any deals on cuts?
    Or will they fail as 0bama hopes in order to gut the military? While using the failure of the committee against the republicans. Just more ways for him to destroy America!

    Answer:-The Super-duper Committee is a FARCE
    its a JOKE, firs of all its UNCONSTITUTIONAL
    and also its staffed by professional politicians ...

    'nuff said?
  • Question:-do we need to appoint a super "super committee" to make sure the super committee works?
    I mean , does anybody think that this committee can make cuts? Real cuts to social programs?

    Answer:-So here we have 535 Congress people voted by the people yet they are going to choose a few to decide where cuts should be made. I am sure this super committee will not be able to work together. Look at the screwed deal we got out of the debt crisis. Obama got his money and we got a super committee. YEA......
    I suppose we need someone to watch the cat so it doesn't eat the bird.
  • Question:-Is appointing John Kerry to the super-committee a good way to create bipartisan co-operation?
    even after Kerry blamed the Tea Party for the credit downgrade rather than the debt.

    “I believe this is, without question, the Tea Party downgrade,” Kerry said. “This is the Tea Party downgrade because a minority of people in the House of Representatives countered the will of even many Republicans in the United States senate."

    How will appointing a hyper-partisan tax cheat help this committee function?

    Answer:-No. He is responsible for the mess in Washington D.C. He is same old tax and spend.

  • Question:-Will the super committee fail if Republicans don't compromise and offer to put revenues on the table?
    And not just tax increases on the middle class through elimination if popular deductions, but REAL tax increases on those who now control all the extra cash, the 1%.

  • Question:-What is going to happen with the Super Committee during the next couple weeks?
    Do you think they will come to an agreement on a combination between tax increases for the wealthy and domestic spending cuts? or will the trigger kick in and cut 600 Billion in Defense and 600 Billion in Entitlement Programs?

    Answer:-Yet more destructive obstructionism by the GOPlutocratsPuppetsParty.
  • Question:-What Exactly Will The Super Committee Cut?
    Will they cut social security,education,medicaid,medicare, and the defense?
    When they say cut,do they mean reduce or completely do away with it?
    If they cut loans for college,are they going to cut grants and scholarships as well?
    Is this a disaster?

    Answer:-They will cut public access to the decision-making process

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