Monday, November 21, 2011


  • Question:-Should the Yankees start Burnett in game 3 against Verlander?
    The Yankees right now have to face Verlander tomorrow and pitch AJ in game 4. That's two likely losing scenarios. The way I see it, if they start Burnett in game 3, these two bad scenarios happen in the same game, and you can't lose the same game twice. Thoughts?
    Yeah exactly. Lose the battle to win the war. Matt gets it.

    Answer:-I was just thinking that earlier in the day.
  • Question:-Is it fair to say that Justin Verlander is the Tigers equivalent to the Colts Peyton Manning?
    The Colts aren't a playoff team without Peyton Manning and the Tigers wouldn't be one without Justin Verlander.

    Answer:-no. manning plays every game - when healthy. verlander pitches in only every 5th game. no comparison
  • Question:-Would you rather have Justin Verlander or Josh Johnson on your fantasy baseball team?
    I have Josh Johnson(Marlins) on my team and I am wondering if I should trade him for Justin Verlander(Tigers). Would this be a good trade for me? Why or why not?

    Answer:-I would rather have Verlander because Johnson is an injury risk and Verlander is still the pitcher that threw a no-hitter n the guy who went 18-6 with a 3.66 ERA
  • Question:-Do you think I can get Justin Verlander for Dan Haren straight up?
    Or do I have to add someone with Haren, like a lower tier pitcher to get Verlander?

    Answer:-Well it sort of depends.

    In public leagues a lot of the people there have no idea what they are doing, so getting Verlander for Haren and somebody else would be easy. Since Haren has the better "rank" and "O-rank" they are going to be valued higher than Verlander. In that case they would easily make that trade.

    On the other hand, if you get a bunch of people together who know what they are doing, Haren for Verlander is fair, but wouldn't get done. Verlander has the chance to get 18+ under 3 ERA and probably 200+ K's. Ok so they are a bit high, but I don't believe Haren would put up those same numbers.

    So public league, you might even be able to get a 2 for 1 since most players think that the better "O-rank" gets them the better player...Try telling that to Magglio Ordonez (ranked 4).

    You would win the trade if you could pull it off. Its not fair, but your getting the better end.

    Good luck!!
  • Question:-Did Justin Verlander receive a gift from the Tigers for throwing a no-hitter?
    Since Galarraga got a new car, did Verlander get something as well? Or was it some sort of make-up gift?

    Answer:-Chevrolet gave Galarraga the car, not the Tigers organization.

    There's a difference between a no-hitter and a perfect game.
  • Question:-Does anyone know how to contact Justin Verlander or Rick Porcello of the Detroit Tigers?
    I am volunteering for a non-profit and in charge of running the annual fundraiser. I was interested in contacting Verlander or Porcello for the fundraiser and I could not find any contact information regarding their booking agents. Did not know if anyone could help!

    Answer:-Contact the team. They can help you.

    Btw, if you can get them, can you get some autographs for me?
  • Question:-Why are so many people around here saying that Verlander didn't deserve the MVP?
    I have seen more people than I can count using the old "He only plays every 5 days" validation. While this is true that a starter with pitch somewhere around 33 games and a position player over 150 but only a moron can say that a position player will affect the outcome of a game as much as a starting pitcher will. If you were to take Verlander out of the Tigers rotation and put in an average pitcher the Tigers wouldn't have even made the playoffs.

  • Question:-Tiger fans(and others),do you think Verlander will find his groove again?
    I think he needs a better breaking ball. Maybe a nice cutter or sharper slider. The hitters are jumping on those flat fast balls. He needs a pitch to throw them off. A nice change up would be good also.I mean 95 mph fast balls are lethal-but not when the hitter expects it most of the time.We need an effective Verlander to compete this year.

    Answer:-If it doesn't happen soon it ain't gonna happen. I read that he and his girlfriend had broken up but by now he should be over it enough to pitch decently. I heard he gave up seven runs in yesterday's game.
  • Question:-Is Verlander a virginia for not demanding the ball to pitch in ALCS game 4?
    He needs to stop acting like a virginia & start game 4 & possibly 7.
    Why dont pitchers man up like Bob Gibson & pitch on short rest anymore?

    Answer:-Verlander Is a Virginian because that's where he was born.
    Gibson is a Nebraskan.
  • Question:-Should Verlander be given the day off tomorrow to play golf?
    Even if the Tigers win game 5 the series is basically over. Should he be given the day off?


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