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  • Question:-What kind of harm can the SOPA Bill inflict?
    I have recently heard about the SOPA bill that might pass tomorrow and if it does, people say the internt could be ruined. Does this mean that DeviantART could be affected by this? I don't want that site shut down because of it.

  • Question:-Can some one please give the the recipe on how to make "sopa de camaron"(shrimp soup) ?
    I want to make my husband sopa de camaron stilo centro americano del salvador! A shrimp soup salvadorian style anyone knows how? Thanks!

    Answer:-I don't know how to make 'sopa de camarones' salvadorian style but i do cook it puerto rican style... it has to be somewhat similar....

    all you do is make your 'recaito' -which is recao/culantro (or you can use all cilantro if you can't find recao), green pepper (I use a mxture of cubanelle green peppers and aji dulce), onion, garlic and oregano (use all equal portions; 1 large onion, 1 large green pepper... and adjust your oregano and garlic to taste).. put the ingrediants in the blender and there's your 'recaito'...

    add some oil into a pot (or you can cook some tocino which is pork fat), once you cook the tocino, just add your 'recaito' and cook for a couple minutes. Add some water, a can of tomato sauce, a bay leaf, some salt and pepper.. whatever else you might want to add (look up the ingrediants they use in el salvador.. :) cook for a little bit longer and then add your shrimp..continue cooking until its done...
    this recipe is more of a stew that I cook along with seasoned rice, if you want more liquid add more liquid, you can add noodles or whatever else you want... i am pretty sure el salvador does a similar kind of soup because its all latin amercican.. i didn't give exact measurements its just used as a reference to give you an idea of how it may be done.. hope I could help :)
  • Question:-What's a fast and simple way to make sopa using tomato sauce?
    What other ingredients are there?

    Answer:-Broth and whatever seasoning you like. Maybe a little oregano.
  • Question:-How do you answer the question "Que hace Marta con la sopa?" in spanish and what does it mean?
    Please help me. I have tried translating it but i do not understand what it is asking. It has a picture of a girl adding salt to a pot.

  • Question:-Can anyone give me a recipe of "SOPA A LA MALAGUEÑA"?


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    This sopita already me made my grandmother, since all my family is of Malaga, I hope that you like.

    300 grams of clams
    1/4 kilo of prawns
    1/2 onion
    1/4 of kilo of tomatos
    1 pepper
    2 potatoes
    fine vermicelli
    saffron, pimentón, parsley, olive oil, you leave.
    In a casserole with oil the perforated onion is fried finely. Before gilding, a little lies down to him of pimentón and the bare, clean and cut tomatos are added to him in pieces, as well as slight the pepper also clean and cut. While it is let pass slowly, the clams already well clean and washed in different waters open themselves to the steam. The broth which they give when opening them puts in the sofrito with a liter - or something more of water, you leave, pepper, saffron a little pricked parsley, the bare prawns, the clams without his cáscaraS, and potatoes in small pieces. Cooked potatoes, vermicelli are added, it is continued cooking 10 minutes, and it uses.
    Good that you aprobeche!

    I had to translate it to give it to you! - Lexi
  • Question:-How do you cook the Mexican "Sopa"?
    Its pasta with some sort of oil based sauce maybe...I tried it from a friend one time, and loved it, but don't know how to make it.

    Answer:-Hi, is this it:
  • Question:-Does anyone have a recipe for a mexican dish called Sopa?
    My grandmother used to make this for me all the time.
    All I remember is the coiled noodles.
    Anyone know an old family recipe for it
    Thanks for answering
    I remember the coiled noodles, chili powder and tomato sauce and her slapping my hand if I went to take the lid off the pot
    It came out more like a spaghetti
    Thanks Karen for reminding me that she did fry the noodles.
    and now I remember why she slapped my hand

    Answer:-Sopa is just soup. The trick to making it like the Mexicans do, is to slightly fry the uncooked pasta noodles in some oil first. Then you add the required amount of liquid,which I call my liquid soup base.

    Whey frying pasta, you need to be very attentive and stir it often, otherwise it can easily burn. When they change color slightly, that is the moment to add the liquid soup base. Fry the noodles for one minute, tops.
    Sometimes you will end up with one or two slightly burnt noodles. I suggest you fish them out before you add the liquid.

    For the liquid soup base I prefer to use fresh ground tomatoes, which you put in a blender with some salt, a slice of onion, some fresh parsley or cilantro and like two cloves of garlic. You will need some water to blend it all, otherwise it will not be easy. Blend it all on high speed and add the necessary water to complete something like four cups of liquid that you will then pour over the fried noodles.

    Once you pour the liquid over the fried noodles, heat it until it starts boiling. Lower the heat and allow it to cook for like 20-25 minutes, or until noodles are al dente, meaning soft on the outside, firm on the inside.

    Mexican noodles for soup come in various sizes and shapes. One very small package will do fine with four cups of liquid. The noodles tend to expand in the hot soup as they cook,so take this into account, when you make soup.

    In Mexico this is sopa de pasta, and depending on the shape of the pasta you can say sopa de estrellas *stars* , sopa de fideos *like angel hair*, sopa de conchitas *shell shaped*, etc. The tomato and other ingredients make it a very tasty addition to any meal. You can also use tomato puree instead of fresh ground tomato, but the taste is quite different, and one cube of chicken boullion. I use knorr suiza or rosa blanca.
  • Question:-I am looking for recipe for Sopa de tortas?
    I am looking for the recipe that is made with shrimp. Preferrably an El Salvadorian recipe.

    Answer:-Take 10 eggs, mix them, add a package of dehydrated shrimp powder, if you can only get whole dried shrimp, pulverize them in a blender, add some parsley chopped, and drop by spoonfuls into hot oil, when cooked, drain on paper towels. The broth is made from a can of tomatoes liquified with a slice of onion and a piece of garlic, and water to the consistency you like and chicken bouillon to taste. This is traditionally made for lent of Fridays, so today is perfect, good luck.
  • Question:-What do you think are the chances of the "Stop Online Piracy Act" (sopa) becoming law?
    Do you think the law will pass at the end? Its a really harsh law for a free speech country imho.

  • Question:-The history of sopa de tortilla?
    I absolutely adore the tortilla soup that my mom makes, which she figured out how to do just by reading a cookbook. I'm aware that it's a mexican soup, but am interested to know what region it comes from, etc. I know, a bit nerdy, but I'm just interested. If you know any history about tortilla soup, I'd love to know more. I don't need a recipe though!

    Answer:-well, in mexico, during the war, food supplies were limited. people took whatever they could and mixed it together. so the tortilla soup is chicken, toritilla, etc all mixed together. obviously, it tastes a lot better now then it did during the war, but that's it's history!

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