Saturday, November 5, 2011


  • Question:-selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    does anyone kno this song?!?!?!?!?!

    there was this one song dat came out years ago!!!!
    it went somethin like:
    selena, i miss u selena
    ur in my heart and in my soul
    selena i miss u selena

    Answer:-ok, i kno wat ur tlkn bout, dat song came out in like da 90's, n its about da singer selena dat died, bt try lookin it up on youtube or search da lyrics on da computer!!!
    good luck!!!
  • Question:-Selena????
    What do you think of the name Selena? Is this a very hispanic name? Would a little white girl get made fun of if her name were Selena? We're not racist people, but some names are more associated with certain ethnic groups. Is Selena one of those names?
    Can you think of any other girl names that start with "S" that are along the same lines as Samantha, Sophia, Susanna, Stella, Savannah? (Those particular names are out, but we like the old-fashioned, pretty names.)

    Answer:-OK so they are not that old-fashioned but they are pretty names.
  • Question:-SELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    in the movie at the end when i guess someone from the crowd throws the pink rose on stage what does it(pink rose)signify, and why does she jus stop singin, why they show it rite before the whole death scene

    Answer:-because it is a WHITE rose and a white rose symbolizes death. then she dies. shocker.
  • Question:-How does Selena Gomez and other celebs have beautiful straight soft hair?
    Selena always have soft and pretty hair.What shampoos does she use?I cant believe she needs her stylists like every day.How do they have such soft hair nice looking when they use heat a lot?

    Answer:-they use high end hair products every day in their hair. also celebs have short hair and use all different kinds of extensions to make it longer
  • Question:-What's the difference between selena's and demi's singing?
    I like selena gomez more than demi lovato. MY favourite song by her is fly to your heart. You only need to type the difference between their voices and who do you like better? Write your favourite song from one of the singers.

    Answer:-I dont like either

    they both sound the same

    and they arereally annoying.
    my sister jams to them all the time.

    makes me want to shoot myself
    and the radio!
    but her favorite is selena
    she LOVES tell me something I dont know

    ill stick with my A7X <3
  • Question:-How do you make your hair like Selena Gomez if you have African american hair?
    i have long thick hair and it's dark like selena's but its hard to do it's natural but i just get it straightened.

    Answer:-well if you want it wavy/curly like selena gomez's hair, straighten your dry hair a little bit so it is for the most part not frizzy and poofy.
    then take a curling iron, doesnt matter if its big or small but if you want it more like selena's then use a smaller one.
    put your hair into sections and start from the bottom, wrapping a little amount of hair at a time around the barrel, but NOT lifting that little handle thing. just wrap it around it and hold for a few seconds. unwrap your hair and comb through gently wit your fingers. repeat all over your head and spray with some hair spray and your good to go!
  • Question:-How to do a vanessa hudgens and selena gomez hairstyle?
    I was just wondering because i loves the style of selena gomez and vanessa hudgens. And i was wondering if anyone knew how to do there hairstyles. Anyone?

    Answer:-yes. selena gomez curls her hair or crimps it w/hair straighteners and curlers and crimpers
    vanessa likes her hair wavy. first, shower, then towel dry. then slightly curl ur hair. then, ull look like vanessa and selena. i also love selena gomez and vanessa. they both rock!
  • Question:-How can I get Selena Gomez to pick up her say phone?
    I am a huge fan of Selena Gomez and I found out her say phone number. I call just about everyday and leave a couple messages but she never picks up or reply. I've asked her what time she's available on FooPets (I know her account) and she barely replies. Sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't. I don't know what to do because I really want to talk to her.

    Answer:-That's not Selena Gomez. don't be so gullible and naive You really think that a celebrity is going to be online giving you her phone number. She doesn't pick up maybe because it's a FAKE. what's a FooPets? She probably doesn't have one.
  • Question:-why is vanessa hudgens is closer to selena gomez being a friend than miley and demi?
    recently they only invited selena on V's birthday, and most disney stars except for miley and demi. is selena and Vanessa really good friends? how?when ?

    Answer:-i think they are pretty close.selena and vanessa were both at the teen vogue party and they were inseparable.selena also went to the hsm premiere so i think they met there.vanessa and demi are friends too.they were introduced to each other by selena
  • Question:-What is the real address to send Selena Gomez fan mail?
    I live in SanFer Valley California and i was wondering what was the correct address to send fan mail to Selena Gomez. I got these two pictures to sign and some fan art. Also, I hope I'll get a Selena Gomez photograph signed as well. Anyways thanks for the help and please no "smart" answers or answerers who just want points.

    Answer:-Her fan email is You can opt to get a signed picture to. I got one. Her facebook page has the email again and some other sites with information on her.

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