Thursday, November 24, 2011

too short

  • Question:-Too short??
    My son is 20 months od and is slightly under 32" tall. My concern is that he will be much shorter than average when he grows up. He is ahead of the curve developmentally. My husband is 6'3" and i am 5'8". Is my son too short - should i worry??
    Also, and i know i probably shouldn't but it seems that everytime someone points out how short he is i feel miserable, liked i failed him - is that wrong? I get mad too, i don't think its very polite to point that out to a parent...ugh, maybe i think too much.

    Answer:-there are formulas to predict a child's height. give a google search for adult height formula and use one of the formulas. they're fairly accurate. I would bet that your kid will be plenty tall based on your heights.
  • Question:-too short???
    I am 14 year old male and I have probably just started puberty... i am only 4"11 my parents are short but i still look like a 11 yr old. I am getting parts like gavroche in les mis. but what i was wondering is am i too short or is this normal like will i have time to grow??? :-\ please answer no mean comment plz thx

    Answer:-let me just say: my sisters best friend when she was growing up was a guy and he was tiny! like 4'6 they were always together but during highschool they kind of drifted apart so i hadnt seen him in a while. Well i was at school last year some random guy starts talking to me and he seemed so familiar. I asked him if i knew him and he said its me ****** and i was like oh my goodness! he was 6'2!! he was one of the best players on our football team and got a football scholarship. trust me youll grow :)
  • Question:-Too Short???
    do you think that these shorts are too short???

    Answer:-I think they are too short...they may attract attention from somebody you'd rather not meet. You seem too nice a girl for those.
  • Question:-How short is too short for a winter wedding?
    I'm going to my cousin's formal wedding next week and I'm having trouble deciding the length of the type of dress I want to wear. I'm 13 years old. Since it is in the winter, I'm planning to wear black tights underneath. The wedding will be indoors, so climate doesn't matter. However, knee length dresses make me look very weighed down and short. Would a dress that meets halfway of my thigh be too short? What do you think?
    I don't want to wear a dress that is either white or black. I'm thinking dark purple, red, or blue.

    Answer:-If your tights are opaque, you can get probably away with going a little shorter than you could with sheer or no tights. That said, halfway down your thighs doesn't sound too short. Just make sure you pick a length you feel comfortable sitting in so you don't have to worry about tugging at it all night!
  • Question:-How short is too short to engage in the act of physical love?
    I'm 4 foot 11 inches, and I engage in the act of physical love at least four times per day. My mother says that I am too short to engage in the act of physical love. What do you think?

    Bonus question: How tall are you and how often do you engage in the act of physical love?

    Answer:-If you call it 'the physical act of love', then your problem isnt your height....
  • Question:-How short is too short for a skirt in an office environment?
    I realize a micro-mini is too short, but a freiend of mine says proper business skirt length is no higher than the knee. It is my first office job. I have lots of cute mid-thigh length skirts that I would like to wear.

    Answer:-For an office environment, your skirt should not be shorter than two inches above your knees.

    SInce you are going to start working there, wear more conservative and longer skirts. If you wear those mid-thigh skirts when you start, you will be sending the wrong messages.

    Once you start working there, look at the skirt length of other women in the office. If they are wearing skirts that are mid-thigh length, then wait until you are well established, and if its ok, wear those mid-thigh skirts you have, but wear pantyhose or tights to make your outfit more office appropriate.
  • Question:-How short is too short when it comes to wearing short shorts?
    We're just going for a casual dinner/movie tonight. I plan on doing a more modest top with short white shorts. The inseam is only about 1.5" Is that too short? If it helps, I'm a smidge under 5' so I have short legs-nothing's hanging out. Thank you!

    Answer:-That's not the question... The question should be how short should your shorts be depending on your size? I think if you're really skinny then they can be worn as short as you want because you dont have to worry about showing anything. But if you a big big gurl than the answer is: You shouldnt be wearing short shorts period. hahahahaha But to be honest with you, as long as you're leaving something to the imagination then you're good. Enjoy your date..... Im sure he'll like you in your shorts. Just be very comfortable and confident. GOOD LUCK GURL
  • Question:-How do you know when shorts are too short?
    My general rule of thumb is when you mistake said shorts for a tanga, but I'm thinking there might be a better way to say when they're too short.

    How short is too short?

    Answer:-When you bend over, if your cheeks are showing..too short.
  • Question:-How short is too short for a shirt over leggings?
    I have a cute top that comes just under my butt--is that too short to wear with leggings?

    The outfit is supposed to look like Edie Sedgwick's style for one of the Homecoming Week days.

    Answer:-That perfect, anything that goes at least midway down your butt works!
    If you have a shorter shirt, put longer layering tanks underneath.
  • Question:-What is the longest type of short story, but too short to be a novel?
    I want to write a short story, but the idea is too short for a novel, but I want it to be pretty long. Isn't called a memoir or something? To make it pretty decent, I'd need around 30-50 pages.

    Answer:-i think it's called a novella... "little novel"

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